Monday, 30 July 2012

How the holy fuckin shite does one start a blog?

I guess this is as good a way to start as any, am ah right ken?  One has to prioritize, the manosphere of all things.

The Manosphere is akin to that Brian Eno quote about The Velvet Underground, the one that inspired that small minority of people to pick up a guitar, drums and rise like a phoenix, or burn up in the process. This blog, is predominantly in the same vain; a small piece of the jigsaw; with no great aim behind it, nothing more is the self realization that something, even if it is intangible, is utterly and unequivocally WRONG. That the relationsphips between men and women don't work like this. That the neoclassical school of economics thought is logically fallacious. That, to quote Mark E Smith, "there is no culture, and in some ways "I've never been better in my life"  Basically, being a procrastinating sleazefuck is the idea here, abhorring the posh cunt palace around him, let us see how far we can push this.

I'm at the daybreak of my twenties, soon to be fresh out of uni. I'm no game virtuoso admittedly, no Roissy or Roosh, so to see that stuff, try elsewhere. I am just here, (honestly) to add to the fabric so to speak. The Manosphere, right now, has the potential to be an impressive movement, but it has to be taken higher, improved on, tinkered with and extended.

Finally, even though the ethos of this thing, is uh...not QUITE there, there be a focus on things Irish, be it Irish news, topics, whathaveyeson. The idea is for the Manosphere to almost have a sort of hub and spoke network thing going on, where something can coalesce and get going. Or something.

Lets's see what we can do with this.