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Are Modern Day Videogames Awful and Useless Cunt Syndrome, does it exist? Two posts in one!

Stepan Trofimovich alert.

Today I did something I've been meaning to do for an awful long time. I sold my Playstation 3, traded in all my videogames, and with the money, I plan to buy a juicer, and maybe a V Neck or three. Pecuniary matters are important no doubt, but there's a lot of clutter, things need streamlining, and but so the console has to go. Fact is, as of right now, I'd rather do a hundred and one different things that play videogames. Becoming proficient at MMA, or being the deft little hand at a Fender, both have always been dreams of mine. But, one of the reasons for the console ditch is a simple hedonistic blast the dopamine one. Videogames are simply not fun anymore. The industry has developed in such a way that all we see is something that is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Playing video-games these days is like joining in the great canorous Leap Forward, Idiocracy fucking Mach II with footballs in the groin. Oh my.



Deus Ex is my favorite game ever, and probably the only videogame I would consider playing again. A FPS/RPG, and set in a dystopian future, the game encompasses everything that was great about the medium, while throwing in a couple of more goodies into the mix. Choice. The game thrives on it. Whether you want to be a ruthless gunslinger, a stealthy in the shadows motherfucker, or a jack of all trades master of none type, the game allowed for it. Decisions that seemed pretty menial at the time, have massive repercussions hours later. Morseo, the game had a deep, dark, heavy plot that remained morally grey through. The ending of the game itself was a triumph, allowing you to change the course of the whole world, and not to sound like a nerd, (hey, it was profound for my 15 year old self) presented this idea well. You're a Libertarian? How about destroying the hub of all electronic communication and driving the world into a new Dark Age, so people will have (the manosphere wet dream ending) ultimate freedom? Does the idea of a human/AI benevolent dictatorship interest you, or should you run with a tried and tested Conspiracy? When you find yourself mulling over a piece of art this meticulously, you know you've something really exceptional. Deus Ex was one of those games. It was far from perfect, suffering from out of date graphics even at the time of release, over twelve years ago, and a clunky combat system, but with titles like this, Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2 and a handful of others, it felt like games were moving on beyond just being mere escapism on a disc.

So what happened? Well, the sequel happened, and lo and behold, things turned to shit. Video games went into a new epoch where the PUBLISHERS dictated the DEVELOPERS. You can't risk innovation when this happens, and when you have 20 fucking million in the pocket and you've got punters to bow down to, the experiment failing has far bigger consequences. Metal Gear Solid 2'sai free well mindfuckery becomes a dumbed down 60s game with shit camera angles for the prequel. Silent Hill 2's unreliable narration leads to sequels which are essentially just blast those zombies which run like Usain Bolt ad nauseum. First person shooters are the worst, in particular the Halo games, and its influence on the Uncharted series, which is a particularly awful series, if I do say so myself. The Uncharted games are "modern classics", in the same way that Deus Ex was, but the decline in what is a classic is evident, even in a timespan as short as this. James-g compared a Taxi Driver conversation, to the psuedo "oh he be smart" Christopher Nolan bullshit in this great article. Uncharted 2, to start, has an awful fifth rate Indiana Jones rip off plot. It's main character is an annoying wise cracking idiot adventure guy caricature, and the script is beyond woeful. The game features two modern video-game tropes which I utterly despise as well; a two weapon only system (which is not fun because the weapons feel like pea shooters) and a regenerating health system (the problem with this is that with no way to use weapons strategically, there is no incentive to explore, and no incentive for developers to design good levels, so the game gets boring quickly). The level design is so poor; utterly shite game design ensures that navigational clues are given out a couple of minutes after the completion of a task, just so it doesn't get too challenging. Poorly incorporated stealth segments follow. Mindless set-piece full of pointless explosions, predictable on rail shooting segments, riot grrl moments, dressed up in pretty graphics and a mellifluous score that would make Michael Bay feel proud. All of this is the order of the day. Finish your popcorn first, but remember, this is what art is these days!



Maybe I'm just getting old. But there's something about videogame playing that is just intrinsically depressing. In my more loser days, I would walk into a room and see my mate, sit down on a couch and crack open a beer. Usually we played those older Call of Duty games, with the volume turned up and the lights on. Anyhow, there's a bit where both of us are playing away, and this effeminate sounding Canadian kid with a lisp is shouting FUCK YEAH over and over and I just keep asking (as I imagine most people were), big epiphany moment that feels so shit and is really cliched to talk about and is not really that all fascinating, but really, is this it, is that all there is to it and is this all I'm allowed? Is this what being young is all about? My grandfather was all over Canada in his heyday, and now, here I am, sixteen, drinking beer, smoking pot and getting a skinny fat belly? These games, they're my fucking Toronto pit digging. Extensive game playing is just the modern way to forget that we are spineless, quiescent, because, as you say Freud and fathers with your Worthless English Literature degree, I say we are envious of their adventure and their chivalry. That we are guys with guns who can save the world from itself. I see us, me, you and I see people in cubicles with grey faces and cowlicks, fake laughter and sexual oblivion, doped up on digital violence and satiated by porn. Slave morality. The fact that I could write a post like that, analyzing a fucking videogame, is one that really intrinsically bothers me. I find that with novels as well. Novels that deal with man booker prize tits who write about how people should be, instead of that ugly, visceral side that dominates day to day existence.


Here's a list of stuff which shows what videogames do to your brain...


The problem is that no one fucking told me or you, any of this. Not one thing. No one told me anything, and what they did tell me, it's been all completely wrong. You also didn't get any guidance, that push, get up and go, because, get up and go is whatever you want it to be. Fuck. It's been a year, and I've made an enormous amount of changes and am really proud of myself to do so, but it's fucking exhausting to find out that you are completely wrong again and again about certain, once truths and not in a constructive way, rather an iron bar, "this is reality accept it!" kind of way. This red pill stuff makes you feel a bit isolated, if I can be completely honest. It also pisses you off, and makes you distrust society on a deeper level. In fact, I wonder does it make it, the collapse of values worse? You have knowledge that can really help you out, can help out society at large, but you stop caring and just walk away with it yourself, not because you're this "oh I know shit arent I great !" guy, but because your trust in other people's knowledge is lost, because no one knows what in god's name is going on. You feel useless as a result. Along with Roosh Syndrome, I think a lot of Manosphere readers have what is called "Feel like Useless Cunt Must Improve Oneself" syndrome. Because the aforementioned makes them feel really vulnerable, they reflect on their own position in life, and often realize how helpless they are and how things are just there in the light. The only way to fight it is to become a Renaissance Man. To have actual, tangible skills. To do this, you need to remove all distractions, you need to sharpen your focus. That is why you need to ditch the fucking video games.

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  1. Damn.. well said.
    There's none so blind as those who refuse to see, and it's depressing when people don't want to see for themselves, just taking everything on face-value or because society at large tells them what to believe.
    Becoming a Renaissance man is the way.