Thursday, 23 August 2012

How And Why To Give Up Pornography


In a previous post, I suggested that pornography’s recognition as an addiction and something that is bad for young men today, will be stilted by the religious connotations, ie saying masturbation to porn is bad makes you look like a bible thumping religious zealot. I’ve gone 50 plus days without spanking it, and the benefits have been, well...absolutely stunning. No porn, no masturbation gives you benefits in the same way that good game, or another ten pounds of muscle does. You want to be one of those spineless turds wanking off to shemale porn, or failing to get an erection, or succumbing to more and more, increasingly addictive porn? No. Then give the stuff up. Benefits include:

1: Increased sex drive. There seems to be a myth that masturbation increases your testosterone. Fuck that shit. I’ve never been hornier, more aggressive. Combine that with a ketogenic diet, lifting, supplementing, and you’re some kind of monster. This leads to…

2: Women definitely find you more attractive. For the first time in my life, I’ve had women approaching me. Now, granted, one of them was fourteen years old wearing a tank top, but even so, this is progress. Women meanwhile are smiling more at me, ioi’s, or are trying to push their way into my vicinity. I’m not necessarily sure if there is some pheromone thing going on here, or if I’m noticing signals for the first time ever, or even if it’s because you’re surrounded by a bunch of dickless wonders and you’re Lord fucking Bryon in comparison, but it’s definitely there.

3: Deeper voice. These days, I sound like Barry White, sexy fucking beast that I am.

4: More motivation. When you’ve got a tank full, your motivation really is at its zenith. Workouts are better. The incentive to write is there. You don’t want to sit around playing shitty videogames. You want to go out there, be the best person you can be. This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view, after all, who wants to do shit, after blowing your muck?
5: Better sex. Is there anything more satisfying than erupting on a sweet lassie’s tits?

6: Better sleep. Good sleep is one of the cornerstones of a robust body and mind. No brainer really.

7: You save time. That time spanking it, is now won back. Chat up birds, read books, whatever the hell you want.

8: Dreams. You’ll get wet dreams again. But if that doesn’t bother you, you might enjoy colourful, lucid psychedelic dreams where you ride bicycles and…fuck it.

9: You’ll look better. My skin is clearer, the black shades under the eyes have gone. Now, one can definitely attribute this to the better sleep part, but even so. For those guys that have thinning hair, I’ve even stumbled across a few accounts of people who said their hair thickened up after abstaining from masturbation. Fuark.

10: Bigger package. You care, you know you do! 

11: Intense gym workouts. Pent up, a lack of binging, means you're going to attack those weights. I've broken out of my bench press plateau, and I attribute it to not looking at porn.

So, if you’re sold yet (and I’ll post accounts of people who have benefitted from this), I’ll list out some tips on how to not succumb. But first:

1: This is a very hard thing to do. You’re fucking around with dopamine, brain circuitry and the prefrontal cortex. Big shit basically. There is a good chance, that this will be the hardest thing to give up

2: Because of that, you shouldn’t feel bad, if you do fuck up. There are a few studies out there which show that people, who feel bad for failing, end up falling off the wagon more and more as time goes on.  Just shrug it off and move on.

Now, the tips.

1: Install K9 on your computer. Make the password something you won’t be able to remember. The disadvantage is that you can easily uninstall it, but, that takes time, and by the time you do so, you’ll come to your senses pretty damn quickly.

2: If you have a laptop, use it in a place where people can walk in at any moment.  Obviously, you don’t want your mum walking in on you doing the deed…

3: When you wake up in the morning, get up immediately. If you have morning wood, then get the hell out of bed. Otherwise you’ll edge, and the fuckupery goes up. Get your arse into a cold shower and get to work.

4: Get rid of any wanking material. Get rid of wanking tissues, magazines, lubricant, even something as innocuous as a Sears catalogue magazine can prove to be your downfall.

5: Have a lassie that likes fucking. If you're too drained, you're less likely to wank.

6: Purchase and use magnesium oil. Magnesium oil strengthens the parts of your brain that are related to decision making and willpower. The stronger this is, the less likely you'll give into temptation.

7: Be healthy, and don't get too drunk. How many fucking times dinae mess up cause I was feeling fucking barry after a bit of drink? Same for food. Eat clean, avoid sugary shit, and throw in a bit of the old high intensity exercise.

Now, a heads up on what will happen, when you give up porn.

1: The first week and the third week are the worst. For the former, expect cravings and mood swings. For the latter, expect a so called "flatline period", where depression, no sex drive and no morning wood are the norm. You'll be tempted to see if it's still working, but don't buy it, tell your brain to fuck right off ken. Eventually, you'll break through, the sun bursting through the clouds, with a giant fucking, bitch slaying 10 inch jimmy.

2: For some reason, I started craving sugar, junk food more. But don't give into that either.

3: The younger you are, the longer it takes you to reboot, get your brain rewired back to where it was. The timespan we're talking about here? About three to five months. Sounds like a lot, but when you get past that, pinned to the bed three week span, you'll be amazed, (a), how little you think about wanking, (b) how much you'll be going after women more and (c), how much easier it gets.

You're better than all of this. Give up porn, increase your chances with women, good luck, and I'll see all of you on the other side...


  1. I tried that and made it 4 and half weeks. I'm working on it again and it's hard.

    1. It can be very difficult for some men. The brain can use porn as a crutch and use it much like the way the brain would use a drug. Quitting porn and masturbation can be a difficult challenge but it can be done.

      Maybe try or for helpful strategies and activities to help you quit.

      As this post shows the benefits are great and life changing. It is well worth the effort.

    2. Three things every man should do.

      Lift weights.
      Learn game.
      Give up porn.

    3. "I tried that and made it 4 and half weeks. I'm working on it again and it's hard."

      Whats hard?

  2. I'm still here lol, but it took me literally about ten attempts over the space of about half a year to do so. It is enormously difficult to give up, and this is coming from someone who has tried pretty much everything at this stage.

    You'll get it eventually though. The longer you go, the more rebooted your brain becomes and the easier it gets.

  3. Replies
    1. Go without porn and masturbation for just one week. Try it out. There's literally thousands of accounts online. Google is your friend.

    2. Love your blog, Mah Hero! Yeah baby it can be done. Check out my blog at dontrewardbadbehaviour com, written from the partner of a porn addict's pov... I think you'll like it ;-) Meanwhile, keep up the good work and enjoy the return of your wood for a real girl ;-p

  4. no fapping without porn either?

    1. Yeah, no fapping without porn, although I was sleepin with a lassie for a bit of it.

  5. never wank again?
    guess thatll motivate guys to get laid
    gonna miss porn

  6. how long till you get a bigger package from not wanking?and by how much?

  7. Brah, talk about it. Is it because guys are coy.

  8. I would like to add my website to the mix.

    It is at

    I have more strategies and activities to heal your brain so you can quit porn for good!

  9. I've been trying for so long now. Almost gone a week with my 5th attempt, but I'm fairly certain this time it's gonna work. Already I can feel the benifits, I can hold conversations with women and I feel so... Alive!! I just wanna go out there and do shit! The confidence Ive gotten lately is just amazing! Already I've been invited to a party and I've hardly talked to the host!! What the fucks up with that!? But it doesn't come with the downfall. The constant needs to jack it and sleepless nights trying to hold back the fantasies. I feel really depressed and lonely sometimes, but I get over it really quickly. Going without wanking really fixes my life up. I used to go red in the face talking to any girl. I could keep a conversation alright, I wasn't scared or anything, but I couldn't help blushing!! But every time I stop it never happens. This shits perfection man, or atleast it will be. I know this has been long but I can't express my feelings towards this. My energy levels have gone up, I can't stop training, schools a breeze and the women are falling at my feet (not really but at lease I can talk to them). It may be hard, but I know that once I get passed a month then the worst will be over and my life will begin for real.

    1. If yous make the 90 days, according to Gary Wilson anyway, then your brains (or 3-5 months anyway) your brain is pretty much back toos normal, no porn fucking it up. The stuff is difficult to give up but if you do, the rewards are there for all the see ken. Awesome comment and good look with it, I hope yous succeed.

  10. Your an inspiration Francis. Love the tips you gave.

  11. Damn i have to type it again. I tried to quit ejaclation alltogether 6 years ago, i managed to resist for 2 days at a time, then 4,8 etc...until i reached about 1 accidental ejac a month. I can watch porn and com without even touching my ck..
    My goal is to just abstain indefinitely. Great sex with wife. Good to be off this addiction.

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