Monday, 27 August 2012

Irish Property Tax and Enjoying the Decline!

It doesn't take a genius to know that the Sunday Independent is a shambolic attempt at being a newspaper. A grim smile, a sly little chuckle, as one skims the paper, picking up on the various problems in the articles themselves. Sunday's issue in patricular was a larf, with columns about 40 year old women being better than 20 year old women at raising kids, and well known Irish TD Pat Rabbitte being the "most attuned to the feminist argument". O fucking lae.

Long story short, the government are planning to introduce a new value based property tax in December's budget. The big huff and puff is that Dubliners (remember, this paper is dominated by tools from Dublin 4) will on average have to pay more tax, the average four bed semi detatched house in Dublin, 897 euro, compared to a midlands house of 375.

Former Dublin Lord Major Andrew Montague says: " why should we pay even more than people who are costing more?"

Well, see here's the problem. We are talking about average figures here. The writers don't seem to understand this. You are more than likely not going to pay 897 euro, if you live in Dublin. Remember, the average figure is brought up because of all the posh cunt palaces in Foxrock, Blackrock, Goatstown, Killeney etc. No one has sympathy for some middle class plight Dubliner anyway. If you're living in one of those places, fuck it, you're a d4 cunt, roysh, and you'll be able to afford it anyway. Not to mention that the paper is full of these guys. So stop presenting this this as "Dubliners will have to pay more because they live in Dublin and they will have to pay more" argument. It's the actual property of the house, not the unreliable average one and it makes sense, even if the idea of the tax is ludicrous. Plus, Andrew Lyons probably hasn't been in Connacht recently, where the infrastructure is simply dire.

Second, as rightly said in the article by Ronald Lyons, if the tax is based on the actual property of the house, then the upkeep and surrounding area of the house is now problematic. The value of a house is due to a plethora of factors. Surrounding area, and quality of the actual house itself. Why is this a big problem?

Well, if there is something done to increase the value of the house, would people actually want to take part in it, if it means being taxed for it? An example is making your home energy efficent, or building a place of employment near by, where you can't work for/already have a job. Why bother, when you'll have to pay more in tax anyway?

The government have to realise something with the property market, and it is extremely important. First, my generation is the next in line to buy houses. But, a lot less of us actually want to buy houses. Why? We see that it is a lie. We see that 128,416 houses in this country are in fucking ARREARS. We see that most bankers and economists are utterly clueless to the actual system, and the piss poor manner the banks have gone about dealing with debt. We see that being in debt sucks. But most of all, we can't afford to do any of this, even if we wanted to. This will mean that demand for houses in general will fall further, and people will either move back in with their parents, or go into rented accomodation, which will be in a poorer state because who wants to pay a value based property tax? God, living with your parents in your late twenties is great, isn't it? All those women queueing up to my door and all the time spent on videogames and porn! As people my age get back on the boat to Australia or something , incompetent government and all can do shit, and all ah can sae is Enjoy. The. Decline!

P.S, about 40 percent of people still haven't paid the 100 euro household charge. Good times ahead!

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