Friday, 24 August 2012

Michael D Higgins video.

Not really much to say here. I'm not particularly right or left wing, but this thing irritates the shit out of me, and I actually have a bit of respect for Higgins, over say Beta Enda Kenny and his fat fucking wife, or the cunts you see in New Labour. Presenting the right wing as "whipping up fear", because tea parties are evil and they eat children, rather than say, just being objectively wrong on something. Why can't people do that? Beautiful shaming language here by the left. Meanwhile, we have sycophantic "I Love Obama" comments, even though Barack Obama might well be one of the worst presidents in the state's history.

Besides, Higgins is partially wrong. Even though I agree with him about healthcare, not everybody wants it, and that's their decision to make. Is it right to be forced to pay for it Mr Higgins?

Edit:  People suck.


  1. I love how he thinks he's qualified to comment on the Tea Party (formed in 2009) based on a visit to the U.S. he made decades ago.

    1. To be fair to him, I find that with a lot of older people, so taking their advice is simply something to be careful about. He did a lot of good as a td in his heyday, but recently, he's just been playing the non socialists are twats card, ad nauseum, see the whole presidential campaign.

      You get fucking sick of the Mickey D hero shite though.