Friday, 17 August 2012

The Passion of Dave Futrelle

They're easy to spot, even in a crowded place. Whether it is the endomorphic frame, the poorly fitting clothes, the non conformist conformist dyed hair, or the rolls of flab, wearing those "this is not a feminist" t-shirts, the mangina is someone and something to be pitied, shamed. They are not taken seriously, their glaringly obvious attempts to get a girl to pity them, to open up (the mangina dream is to get a chick to say, woowwww..."swoon", you're not like all the other men I met! Then...SCORE) is like the whiff of a bar fart coming your way. We abhor these people, manginas, wimps, third class writers, people insecure in their sexuality, blatantly dishonest people, but useful idiots, despite the stench, can come in handy, even for a bit of banter/and or cannon fodder. Enter David Futrelle, the stage is now yours.


Father Ted is a popular sitcom that ran during the mid to late nineties. It was a superb piece of work, interweaving satire, capricious Irish humor and just general weird and funny shit into 23 excellent episodes. I have many favorites, but the one, in terms of a message, that stuck with me the most is the episode "The Passion of St Tibulus". In this episode, the two main characters, Ted and Dougal, are made protest a film that nobody really cares about, the jist being that the film offends the church's sensibilities. So, Ted and Dougal do this, but they do such a bad job at protesting the film, that it soon becomes Craggy Island's highest grossing movie. It's also incredibly funny, but the point, no publicity is really bad publicity. Or, an extension of this, having fucking Ted Crilly and Dougal MaGuire on your team, is not the best way to prove a point or an argument.

David Futrelle, for all his masquerading as the great anti misogynist crusader, is a fucking idiot. He is a poor writer from a prose point of view. He is intellectually dishonest, going as far to misrepresent somebody like Roosh as a rapist, or fabrications about people who made supposed death threats,when they actually didn't. Don't know about you, but portraying somebody as a rapist when they're not, is worse, more extreme than 99 percent of the worst White Nationalist material on the manosphere. What will we do with you David? More examples of manboobery and intellectual dishonesty? How about turning something like rape into a fucking political issue? How about when debating with someone, he argues using evidence proving his own point wrong, and storms out like a fucking pussy? Or the incessant spamming of somebody else's blog? The inability to differentiate a simple picture to make a simple point, from a substantial stock of evidence? Snark attack as always. When trying to debunk a manosphere point, he either goes down the whole  "holy fuck, I can't believe that somebody said that. Evil" route, or he (sarcasm alert), simply misunderstands what the person is saying. And why does Dave pick out random users off Reddit as examples half the time? I want to see Dave reply to The Misandry Bubble, or look at why the manosphere actually exists in the first place. Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

So, we have our useful idiot. Watch the videos that Dave has up. The voices of the women, their barely disguised vehemence towards him, this is ultimately the cherry on the cake. They don't like him, the very existence of Futrelle is enough to question is there a God. Uhh...yeah, good point Dave! You sure showed those evil misogynists! Well done, and have a cookie. Here's a cat to have sex with.

Why does this website even exist by the way? Is it a way to make money? Does David see himself as the next Martin Luther King for the wimmenz? Or is he the stunt guy for the new Michael Moore documentary? Either way, between all of the points above, between the faq, where you can find many a freudian slip* (if you believe in that sort of thing) and between the rambling piles of shit from feminists and butch cassidy dykes, that are either ad hom attacks, or random tirades on cake and looking good (powergirl tm) despite the evil social conventions that stop men from liking fatties, you find it impossible to take seriously. You laugh, and laugh again, click on the links, and you're presented with a wealth of information. The manosphere, I hit the jackpot! Finally, I don't feel like a twat anymore. Poor Dave Futrelle. Doing more harm than good I think. Maybe something will come of the website, and you'll get the curvy woman of your dreams, but as young men figure out what they want to do with their lives, and use game to improve it, all Dave can do is shout, "Down with this sort of thing!" from his little dark corner of the internet, where femcunts and his mother's basement coalesce into a beautiful, gallant, reality. If only Dave knew, he is doing nothing more than charging at windmalls. If only he knew, that his incompetence means that the people that need convincing the most (men), are just going to ignore the cunt and motor on. Hey, even Sam and Frodo needed Gollum to climb Mount Doom, didn't they?

*This always interested me:

Q) Are you a pussy-begging mangina?
A) Do you even know what you sound like when you say things like that?

But you're not answering your own question Dave.  You fat fucking arsehole you.


  1. Come on Francis. Tell us how you really feel.

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