Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Two and a Half Men Problem


Ian Ironwood, writer of theredpillroom, has a post on young men and potential fatherhood up. It’s a good read, and as of such, this post is a response to it.

Do I want to be a father? Does the idea, of pint sized Francis Begbies kicking a football around the place, kicking the shite out of each other, give me much pleasure? The answer is, a simple, I really don’t know. Even if I did want to be one, the alternative, the Captain Capitalism/Charlie Harper road, is not only becoming more and more appealing, spiritually satiating, it is flat out, far less strenuous a lifestyle to pursue.

This is because:

1: A man needs little to survive. Give him food, shelter, beer, gratutiously violent video games, a gym membership to a non shitty gym and a nubile woman  or two and he’s good to go. A modern salary in a STEM discipline means a man can save up an enormous amount of money and go his own way with it. Whether he wants to balk in the light of the gibbous moon, climbing the Andes, or sitting in his study teaching himself philosophy, money gives him that freedom, the power to walk away, or to live a more lavish lifestyle.

2: The divorce rates. It’s one thing losing half of your earnings to a vitriolic ex-wife who did it after frequenting her women’s council parties, but it’s another thing altogether, to screw up your own children in the process. Divorce is the Lucifer and Beelzebub level of fucking up a child. Fucking up little Francis Begbie Junior is something I really could not find myself doing, no matter how much of a benny he ends up being so it doesn’t happen. Think Alan Harper.

3: Women’s preferences. It says a lot, when in 21st Century Ireland, a woman can be actually be criticised by her friends for her love of conjugal relations. The 22 year old getting married to someone ten years older, gets the whole “chauvinistic arsehole, kitchen bitch” harangue from her “curvy” friends, who then proceeds to down a quick succession of champagne mojitos while spitting out logorrheic bullshit on Ellen’s wardrobe. The Irish woman doth not want to put on that white dress in her prime. She wants to have fun in her twenties, before trying to settle down, when her looks (and even personality) have long passed the inflexion point. I've no problem with people doing that per sae. I just don't want the mother of my kids doing that.

4: Women today. Take rising obesity levels (second fattest nation in Europe ahoy!) Take the exponential increase in the westernisation of the beloved green Isle. Take feminism. Take the fact that average Irish woman is either a stunner, or a gaunt faced, man jawed thing, with the proclivity of getting a big painting brush and covering her face with orange mush, until the Irish man is surrounded by hordes of oompa loompas with type two diabeties. Take the fact that the amount of lassies out there that don't know how to use a fucking cooker (taking the kid to Macedies a hoy, and the endgame is childhood obesity), and, yes ok, I know that talking about the ins and out of the Austrian School of Economics will bore most people to death, which is why I DONT, but guys enjoy friendly, fun, conversations, not passive aggressive bullshit, on how one girl screwed over another. In short, the question Ian asks should be turned on its head. It's not does a young man want to be a father or not. It's more, why do so FEW women want to become decent mothers...Even though Mr. Ironwood has an excellent idea, of what the fuck is going on out there, most people don't. Vetting women, doesn't really work cause the vast majority fail miserably. Because, digression here, you should be picky. Very picky. Remember, you're the catch.

5: I really fucking hate kids. The only thing I hate more than kids, is cats. Loud boisterous shites. Granted, there's a real fucking game changer when they're yours, but even so. No kid deserves a twat for a dad, who doesn't like them.

6: Love, and poor role models. One of the few non bullshit things in the world. But how long does it last, how long does the woo of the woman, the transfixed gaze, the locking of the eyes actually hold on for, and how perturbated by it are you? When you get older, and when you have children, the love seems to transfer itself from your partner to kid, there is that. And some people fucking get it. You see some people who still really have each other, who have love goggles, so to speak. But those are the lucky ones. I'm not big headed enough to say that I'm good enough to be in that top 10 percent, but by lifting weights, eating a ketogenic diet, working hard, and whatnot, I'm trying to be the best person I can be. Alas...the image of two dessicated fuckers, grunting agressively to each other, being, bored, disliking each other, well it's a bit of a mess isn't it?

8: The future. Perhaps I've been desensitized by the gloom and doom porn of the manosphere, but there is an important question one has to ask. Is it a good idea to bring a kid into a world like that?I mean, this isn't two hundred years ago where I could put a kid in a steel mine, so he can make me some money.

9: The itch. What are the chances of getting a swinger wife who likes women? Or a wife who doesn't mind you absconding with a comare?

But then, you get some meaningful responses like:

1: Personality is not something concrete, it is intangible and fluid. What you think in five years time, will not be the same as now.

2: Well, he's yours inne?: Yeah. It gives meaning to an emotionally autistic cohort.

I get the impression that for most men, 70 percent of so, they really don't know, even before the kid comes, and the ones with a decent wife/life structure, end up loving it, while for the other kind, it's considerably more difficult. In other words, it just happens. Choose carefully, I guess is the name of the game.

In the meanwhile, I'll be in the pub.

P.S Two and a Half Men is a bit shite, but it fits the post. Plus, it's like the male version of Sex and The City. I think most twenty somethings wouldn't mind a day in Charlie Harper's shoes.

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