Friday, 10 August 2012

What do Richard Dawkins and lesbian porn have in common?


There is nothing more despicable on earth, than a militant atheist. You know the type of person. The one, who advocates rational thinking and science, yet ignores the ugly, gaunt faced reality of human nature. The person who says that religion suppresses free thought, yet tries to shut free thought down on their own by using shaming language. You’re a misogynist. That means, you have this innate hatred of women. Therefore, those opinions of yours don’t count, cause lo and behold, even complaining about the fact that fiat puntos are shite cars, that loses all credibility, being the Machiavellian despotic cunthammer woman hating knobjockey. But, despite all the bullshit that comes from atheists, statists, they may have done some serious damage in relation to the Millenials. Perhaps I am talking through my hole, but goddamn it, Jack Daniels is a fine way to blog.

Ireland knows religion all too well. Between 1940 and 1972, the McQuiad years, the church had a vice like grip on the country. From the banning of books, to the low marriage rates and the high celibacy rates (this stretches back as far as the Irish Famine, perhaps for another post), sexuality was repressed, and synonymous with religion. Masturbation was frowned on, a wonderful book, Diarmad Ferriter’s “Occasions of Sin” documents this extremely well, a memorable comment of a young girl saying, it was “the bad thing, the ultimate sin”. With this link between the church and masturbation, it was only inevitable that when atheists became more prevalent, one of the first things that they would say is that, it is natural, and it’s good for you, and the greatest danger of all to come, the logically fallacious conclusion that porn and masturbation work off each other naturally, in other words, porn is ok because it is merely a different kind of masturbation.

The result, utterly incomprehensible damage, and one of the most important social developments of the past decade. There are a number of things every young man should do, in my opinion. Learn game. Eat clean. Lift weights. And porn, cutting that shit completely out of your life. Whatever age you are, cutting out porn is one of the most beneficial things you can do to your life. Thanks to secularism, to say porn is bad for you will mean for some reason we have the religious connotation, ie, only nutty Christians think it is bad for you. There’s another reason why all of this is disturbing. Take a look at these reboot accounts. Notice a common trend? “I was shy, I was introverted”, etc. Now, the question to ask here, is that, is porn making people shy and anti social, or is it exacerbating these traits in people who were already shy and anti-social? Obviously, nobody here has the temerity to say shyness and introversion are the same thing. The latter is quite normal. The other one makes it harder to participate in society. 

So, how does porn work? The shortest summary possible:

The part of our brain, the reward circuit, is driven by a chemical called dopamine.

Dopamine is what motivates us to do important shit.

The massive dopamine squirt from looking at porn, leads to less d2 receptors. This means, that the brain is less sensitive to dopamine. Your brain being less sensitive to dopamine, means all that cool fun shit, that makes like worth living, is not as fun as it used to be. Perpetual anhedonia. Find the map, but still don't know anything about the location.

Meanwhile, a molecule called DeltaFosB, accumulates in our brain.  What this does is encourage bingeing, (evolutionary speaking, you take the “sex” as it comes) and guess what, you’re back on xvideos longer and longer, that vicious cycle gets bigger and bigger and time goes on, so more novelty is needed. Fucking horrifying shite, as some heterosexual people have even started looking at gay porn for the novelty, and for the dopamine blast. 

Is it becoming better known? Not really sure. Bloggers, Roosh, Mojo and Ferd wrote about this stuff before, with Roissy highlighting the infamous sexbot in acerbic style, the item/issue on the list that will really shake up the disparate sexual market place for the tentative beta male. Would it matter if everyone knew anyway? Maybe it would be the same as being fat, eg, I would be horrified if I was starting to get a beer belly, yet all you have to do is look outside your window to see that there are an awful lot of people who just dinnae give a fuck. Maybe, when the words “erectile dysfunction” and “I’m only thirty”, are used in the same sentence, will there be a change. Or not. I think that porn is a massive game changer, and in the case of Japan, might even be one of the big reasons for falling fertility rates there. And, you’re not a religious weirdo for hating this shite. 

Seriously, who does that coquettish ride Russian bird want to go home with? You, the guy who has his shit together, or the person who blows his muck over bbw porn, his dignity dissipated, and his cadaverous face, illuminated by the pale glow of the computer monitor, sighs, and sighs again, before tying up all dead ends, turning off the lights and saying to his brain, that valedictory remark: “well tomorrow, is indeed another day…”

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