Sunday, 5 August 2012

What Happens When One of Your Mates sends you a Link to Roissy’s Blog…

What the hell am I reading?



It's ok.

You’re fucking telling me, that after all the work I put into my STEM degree, all the calculus, matrix algebra, extreme value theory bullshit that one has to plough through, that you’re left getting acquiesced with your right hand,  and leaving you with lassies that don’t want anything to do with you? While the 80 iq biker bennies are getting laid left right and centre. But she had brains. She’s too nice to do that. Fucking lass could recite pi to 20000 places!

Too bad.

That's how women work. Neither right or wrong, it just is.


But, you’re fucking telling me, that after been told that saturated fat is detrimental towards one’s health, will give me a heart attack, that high total cholesterol is bad for you, and how I need fiber, I get sick, paramount brain fog, depression, skinny fatness? Then there’s the paleo/primal diet,  and suddenly, I’m reinvigorated. What the hell is going on?

You’re fucking telling me, that tight game and confidence, muscles, good dress and lifestyle, will make me extremely attractive to the opposite sex, ensuring I need very little money to survive? That’s great! Four months of work a year, here I come!


But those are for the lucky ones. You’re fucking telling me, that in order to get a job, I DON’T have to traverse through 3 years of grade inflated shite, where I could be doing something useful and spiritually fulfilling, where I don’t have to listen to this moonpig beure feminist type with a manly moustache voice, discussing the feminist critique of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Then, I probably won’t be able to get a job in the first place, considering youth employment in Eire is now 40 percent? Thanks mate. My school counsellor just told me, do what you enjoy. He didn’t tell me that work is boring, but it can be heroic as well. Oh, and I like money.

You’re fucking telling me, I don’t have to get married, that having children is not a brilliant idea because I don’t want my own flesh and blood screwed up by divorce, that I shouldn’t tolerate chicks who let themselves go, or chicks of poor moral fibre, and I shouldn’t be shamed for doing so?

You’re fucking telling me, that so long as I have a little bit of cop on, stay in shape etc, I can be at my peak when I’m 30, that I have around 5-15 years more in the SMP than the average lass does?

You’re fucking telling me, that porn and masturbation make you languorous and dopey? That the former might be contributing to low fertility rates, premature ageing, and ED found in a plethora of users? I thought people who swore off the stuff are religious nutjobs!

You’re fucking telling me, that neoclassical economics is bullshit that the monetary policies that Obama is implementing have failed numerous times throughout history, those concepts such as perfect competition/supply and demand/is-lm models are wrong, and will drive this recession deeper into the ground?

Well, I guess the incentive to be a hardworking, conformist member of society is not in my interest anymore.

So, I can either use this information, to put myself in a position of power and pursue a life of self-reliance. Or, the shite option, I can, say, I dinnae give a shite, and go on many a dopamine binge, cause Begbie just went and fucken ordid the new WORLD OF WORCRAFTE VIDEOGAME and just downloaded the lonely lezzers collection! Either way, I’m fucking OFF!
Projected Mayhem. Who's in?

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