Thursday, 2 August 2012

What the Manosphere needs to do. Part One.

As any good salesman will tell you, it’s all in the technique, the flick of the wrist, the setup. How you aim to sell and present your ideas. To do this, we must look at the cohort who will benefit most from the cornucopia of knowledge that is the Manosphere.

The people who benefit the most are: (ie. Those who will apply the knowledge, women won’t do this):

Not a dumb cunt
So, with that established, we have to understand, what does this sample like?

Lassies. Nublie, coquettish lassies. Lassies with tight asses, long hair, beautiful legs. Lassies that are kind, friendly, fun. Lassies that alleviate the banausic to the point of tedium, day to day drudgery of modern life. I love women. And, despite the plethora of claims by the hordes of butterfaced femcunts, most men do as well. They, like what is feminine in women, masculine in men, and dislike the alternatives.

This is why, if the manosphere is to grow and expand, it has to ditch the MRM and the MRA’s.

Why? Because they’re fucking wimps. They are nothing more than a group of whingers, whiners, whose incessant bitchtittie bullshit is laden with ironies, ad hominems and Wicker Man sized strawmen. Take (even the name fucking pisses me off, implying that I am helpless and NEED a voice, fuckssake) for example. Blogger Matt Forney has done an impeccable job of dismantling Paul Elam’s arguments, so there isn’t really THAT much more to add here. Having said that, the childish “bigot” corner of the website, this actually made me laugh. Despite not understating what the word bigot actually means, it is the equivalent of the feminist shaming language, small penis boy, you hate women, blah blah blah. Fuck it; I feel DIRTY typing avoiceformen into google, the serum testosterone in my body dropping, after I skim comment after comment. Ultimately, the MRA will never succeed, because it is inherently feminine in its approach to argumentation and structure. This is what they have to understand. Feminine aspects in men, accentuated by MRA shit, are like Frankenstein’s creature, uncanny, and this is what repels the average man. No one wants a moment. They want to triumph through their own actions. If the MRA are to succeed, they must stop playing the victim card, and either change the focus from women to something else (there is something intrinsically, biologically nauesating about a male suffrage movement), or you celebrate being a man. You encourage one to better yourself, to be strong, to have a personality that you are proud of, to walk away, the single greatest tool a man has. You are not a wimp. You were not put on this earth to sit around and whine. You were put to search, create, triumph, destroy, fail miserably, fail better, and succeed all over again. 

The MRM is a byproduct of fifty years of bullshit. The Manosphere, is at heart, what we used to know, and indeed do know, but fear castigates us, life itself cannot be spoken about, so it must be passed ultimately into dead silence. 

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