Saturday, 4 August 2012

What the Manosphere needs to do. Part Three.

Twas just another night out, getting a bit of drink on, before moving onto the inevitable sausage fest that is, Dublin nightlife. The bar, the local we frequent, a rustic little gaf with a big plasma screen fucker stuck on the wall, was playing highlights of the day’s Olympic action. Fucking barry shit, it had to be said.

So anyways, conversations ebb and flow off each other, and we get talking to this old hirsute gentleman who amicably joins us for a few scoops. Turns out he knows one of the fellas’s old man, and we just get to know what the deal is. The conversation ends up about conspiracy theories. 

“Dem frenchies. And the germans. They want to make us all little Hitlers, a united nations of Germany. We gave up our sovereignty for a bunch, of bankers, banksters, and arseholes! Soon, the world will be under the control of those big rich fuckers. One bank, one people, kissing the arses of Germans. Jesus Christ.”

Conspiracy theories are funny things. People enjoy them, partially, because they appeal to the average person’s solipsism. It’s the ultimate “dya wanna heare a secret Begbie boy” line, the whole idea of just being IN on something, that is what makes it so appealing. Having said that, when they translate into the day to day, if somebody says that “9/11 was a conspiracy” or whatnot, the statement soon becomes pernicious, and often there is one hell of a dead silence. No one wants to be labelled a Jim Corr quadrospaz, so they stay away from this frame of mind. In fact, I would go as far to say that the idea of the conspiracy, is an extension of political correctness, and leftism. What better way to shame somebody to call someone a conspiracy nut, an image which conjures up morbidly obese bearded types with tin foil hats and man titty training tops
There are lot of manosphere sites which go down this route. I’m not saying that things aren’t fucking bullshit, they are. I’m not denying these are dark times, they are. I’m not saying that we SHOULDN’T be concerned about nanny state intervention, we most definitely should. The problem here is, the sheeple 1984 Winston soma, drizzle, dark Zeitgeist diversity overlord stuff chases people away. Obama’s (probably) not part of some malevolent government conspiracy. He’s just a twat with a predilection for bullshit neoclassical government policies. The human mind is stubborn; specialization leads to inchoation a lot of the time. Insanity will occur over and over again, it is a natural part of what and who we are.  But, just like people down like MRA’s and WN’s, they don’t like conspiracy nuts.   

If you have an example of some egregious policy to favour women, and proceed to explain, dissect the logic behind it,  then doing so on its own, and how to solve the problem, that be gravy and all. The issue here is that, you say it’s “due to the Marxist incentive of the government to destabilize the nuclear family” (which, maybe, but I very much doubt) and the CONSPIRACY ARSEHOLE light goes off, and reading and something potentially evocative stops. Second, the solipsism point, calling people sheeple and ovine tits. That’s the easy way out. It proceeds to shut down thought in its own way, because instead of you, trying to correct this fallacious logic, you just think, M of Truth, and you feel good about yourself for being enlightened, so to speak. I understand the poolside approach to say, Roissy, but what I don’t understand, is the almost glee that one has from seeing someone that has not, taken the red pill. *
Maybe, I’m not expressing my thoughts very well. This way might be better.

Blog post one:
1: Makes an argument
2: Makes reference to statistics
3: Conclusion
Reader thinks: Wow, that was interesting (eg, MisandryBubble)

Blog post two:
1: Makes an argument
2: Makes a reference to Winston Smith
3: Conclusion
Reader thinks: Oh no, not one of them….

So, in conclusion, stay away from the conspiracy stuff. Occam’s razor and all that jazz.
P.S I’m starting to think that this post should have been renamed, things about the manosphere that are just fucking loopy. 

*I abhor the phrase red/blue pill. That’s for another post though.

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