Friday, 3 August 2012

What the Manosphere needs to do. Part Two.

Leftism irritates me in a lot of ways. The inherit smugness, the classification of people and ideals as something homogenous, strikes at the heart, and is in dearth of something that Captain Capitalism called “The Reality Principle”. An example of The Reality Principle is the idea, erroneous one of course, that the direction of my dick points in, is somehow distorted by the ubiquitous gender shame, forced upon us by the evil patriarchy. You would like a fatty if your mates didn’t shout Mary prolapsio Harney at her, right? Yeah, of course. Trying to decipher reality is easier said than done, but covering the whole thing with a flaky veneer of feel good, isms, is like trying to cover a burned limb with a band aid. One of the more important things about the manosphere, is that it allows one to PURSUE that so called Reality Principle, whether it is through economics, health related issues, psychology, and so on. 

Unfortunately, this robust paradigm, the idea of, finding out how the world works, for some, is interpreted by others, as “because we want to figure out what the fuck is going on here, we can say what we want, and because of this, we can press our OWN bullshit, under this guise”, and that’s where white nationalism and neo nazi shit comes in. Look, it’s a truth about black people committing disproportionately more crimes than whites in the U.S, and other unpleasant truths as well, but that truth does not mean you push something like white nationalism, an ideal closer to Marxism if anything, to the front. When we try and put square pegs in circular holes, you chip away at the sides, so the fucking thing fits. In other words, you stick some poor fuckers against the wall and you pull the trigger…

Now, one of the reasons, we don’t talk about this stuff, is because we don’t want to accept that the last few decades have not work, and these issues are just outright unpleasant to put out there in the auditorium. Most of all, if a man starts seeing results with women due to game, he’ll take the dive more easily, and improve his life.  Wheras the white nationalists? Dude, no one takes them seriously. The Family Guy/South Park “ghosts!” stuff? Talking about race in a rational way is something that should undoubtedly be pursued, but these cartoony gobshites, should not be associated with. The blogs of the manosphere, if wanting to improve the lives of many, against the vociferous hordes of hungry hungry sexless blobs, must get the game stuff down first. Even though In Mala Fide was a great blog when it was up, and Ferd’s approach to blogging was anfractuous and nihilistic, (not necessarily advocating white nationalism) it was overrun with this kind of material. Talking about Ferd’s blog is reserved for another post. 

So, to summarize so far, the manosphere in order to become a viable compendium of thought, must disassociate itself from the gratuitous racism of white nationalists, and the effeminate victimisation of the MRA. More to follow, when I get around to it.


  1. Your comment at my blog about how white nationalism is essentially another form of Marxism was bang-on. Somehow I didn't see this before. I will be writing a follow-up post soon.

    1. It's a step too far in the other direction. I don't think Ryu's totalitatian plan is either desirable (morally and whatnot), plausible, or even remotely productive. Although it needs to be discussed. I want nothing to do with those guys. The sphere needs more posts on this,defo.