Sunday, 12 August 2012

Women and STEM, a response to Free Northerner.

Free Northerner has a written a post on STEM students and nerdish tendencies. The hypothesis is the following: There is a greater predominance of men and women in STEM disciplines because men have a predisposition towards being nerds than women do. A well written post, but one I have to respectfully disagree with, given my own enrollment in a STEM course, but for the sake of being anonymous, I won’t list which one.

First, the fact that men dislike maths. This is not particularly widespread in STEM as you think, in fact an awful lot of us do, if not the majority of us, actually enjoy maths. Men love to know the minutiae of systems, and how to implement them, work on them, expand on them. Sure, it’s not like studying matrices is the equivalent of doing coke off a hot lassie’s backside, but there is a general satisfaction to be found in the, a-ha I get this figuring out of a problem. But, maths is of course, difficult. The real work is done at home, buried under a pile of equations and theorems while your mates getting BA’s, are off getting barry down in St Andrews Lane. This requires not necessarily an introverted personality, but an ability to focus, maximise one’s time, a particular wiring that women in general tend not to have and something which must come at the expense of other things. Remember, women tend to care more, if something works, rather than how, certainly an impediment for a STEM field. Next, for those who are in a STEM, for those who dislike maths, an awful lot of them, despise the alternative, like a fat bastard despises exercise. Essays on William Shakespeare, the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, is something that most STEM majors find even more asinine than mathematics, so we’re now stuck between a rock and a hard place. So they pick the lesser of two evils, so to speak.

Second, female nerds. I don’t think you can say they are similar to males, for the sole reason that being female is a game changer, in how people respond to you. Example, in my year, the male to female ratio is about 85 15. With this distribution, even the ugliest women get (and there are a lot, believe me) an enormous amount of attention. An ugly hideous woman gets beta orbiters, compliments on her cheese roll flab, and a social life and company, also helped out by the fact that (a) the 15 percenters tend to be more amicable with each other and (b) even the most socially retarded woman is often more competent than her male counterpart. Remember, it can be hard to make friends in a class of 100 people, especially if your people skills are rusty. The ugly hideous man meanwhile, gets socially ostracised, (female nerds still want the alpha, this is key) and ends up with Dungeons and Dragons to fill his time.  This is exacerbated by the predilection of a man to make projects, design and create, search and destroy. So, in this way, comparing the two is like comparing chocolate and cheese. Nerdy activities often come from necessity, loneliness, general introversion, which female nerds won’t have to put up with as much. Have no friends? World of Warcraft will allow you to fill nearly any hole in your life! So, even if the lassies, even if they were wired the same way, (which they aren’t) are not going to fall into this pattern.  Free’s quote:

You go to any improvisational theatre group, there’s tons of women, women like theatre. Women also like Tolkien, and fantasy in general for that matter. So, why don’t they like D&D?
Because there is a social contingent here, which they are more likely to have, as shown earlier. Not to mention, the reason there are more women in the life sciences end, is because women tend to go towards the people side of things, this field is seen as less nerdy, and finally, the life sciences have this more than the cold austere physics equation.  Also, because, I’d imagine, finally, the view people take on the female nerd. If she’s hot, has a good personality, I couldn’t care. For male nerds, we get Comic Book Guy and The Big Bang Theory. Women don't find much Alpha in the pot bellied level 806 D&D player. This is also important, because a guy who says he likes math, comes across as a nerd, so he would be more likely to just say “eh, slright I guess!” The vast majority of women dislike maths, and those that do like it, are allowed to say it. A greater amount of guys like maths, but if they say it, say I like Math? Go listen to Dream Theater, you fucking faggot. Different view altogether. 

Free is absolutely correct to point out though, that feminism’s sexism tirade in this regard is bullshit. Take it from me, the few women here are not only welcomed enormously, but worshipped like fucking goddesses. In its most extreme form we see Queen Beeism; an ugly chick acting like a slut, for the attention of the university’s most socially retarded bunch of people, if your university has them, see societies, ninjitsu classes etc.  Remember, geeks don’t think like the rest of us either. The geek doesn’t want a feminine chick. The geeks want that girl who is like them, to share their same interests, so they don’t have to step out of that enclosed little room of theirs. A woman just like me! Fucking A! 

There is, one more reason for skewed male/female ratios , and it is a sinister one. I’ve heard this many a time too. Free Northerner said that STEM people tend to be some little bit aspergerey. I agree with this. But this extends to women as well. An awful lot of STEMer’s think like this.

STEM = lots of money therefore lots of money equals being attractive to women, and being able to compensate for who I am…
If only they knew…then they don't find out, and end up on porn...

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