Saturday, 1 September 2012

All in the Game Bro!

WF Price writes an article on PUAs. Mojo and AfOR respond. This post, my response, is going to be broken into two parts. Part One will consist on my own personal views of the game and how I intend to play it. Part Two will be more macro in nature.

So with that, let's get to it.

First, relationships. I'm a highly introverted (Neanderthal skull, if you buy in anything Koanic Soul and Texas Arcane say, I'm still sceptical) person. I've always managed to fumble through a lot of social occasions, subscribing to basic etiquette by essentially getting the other person to talk about themselves a lot, with me nary saying a word. I've always had very few friendships, but the ones I had were strong, very strong "bury the body of the guy you just brutally murdered" ones and have lasted for years or are still there. Like pretty much everyone here, I've seen other people, family, parents of friends in marriages of all shapes and sizes. Good marriages, shitty ones, and ones where the people are still into each other, still infatuated with each other, even after such a long duration of time. Funny enough, the older the person is, the more they fit into column three. Wonder why that is?

So, being a person who has always enjoyed a handful of strong friendships over a myriad of superficial ones, I want and have always wanted an intense close relationship with one person. I've seen it happen, I've seen it not only work, but work brilliantly with other people, and even though marriage and kids can be banusaic, monotonous and downright irritating, over the long term you have that levelling off, that rigidity.This is not a new topic, Soren Kierkeegard talked about this in Either/Or, the hedonistic lifestyle being a poor choice. Why? Well hedonism is self defeating. If you're only into the physical, because the sensual becomes the physical inevitably. It bleeds into it.

This is the pathway I'm taking regardless.

About three weeks ago my mate was having a few lassies over for drinks before heading out to a club. I was cooking a bit of meat, about to finish and head out, when this lassie comes over tae meh.

"howye Francis, ye comin aout withus er wha?"

I pretend not to hear her. She then tries to get my attention by putting her arm round my waist.

"Is tha meait yer fryin?"


"Fookin hell Francis, all man abou de house! Sure how manie of us kan cook?"

"Naw..." shouts somebody from the room aside.

"Cookin? Not a CHANCE!"

Everybody breaks into laughter, and I continue stirring my meat stew in silence.

Hedonism leads to a hollow feeling, anhedonia with women. The joys of raising children, the attraction, the little in jokes, all of it gone. But the flipside?

A ridiculously high divorce rate, flipping a coin and watching all your plans go down the drain. Ruining your children. Losing much of your material wealth. Risks are risks obviously. But what about women today? Game is a great skill to have, a life changing one even, but garbage is still garbage, and entering a relationship with a woman who exacerbates things by being unstable, is fucked up on ten cocks, SSRI's and riot grrl attitude and can't even cook, is never, ever going to work out for you in the way you want it to. Even if you avoid the divorce, the papers, all that shite, will/can you have a satisfying marriage with a vacuous block of wood? As I said earlier, the quality of marriages is falling as well, so there's that to take into consideration.

Ladies, I've made my choice. Hedonism is one thing and has its problems, but being trapped in a piss poor marriage, having no money to work on hobbies/self development and being fucked by the divorce courts is another thing altogether. One feeling is bad, the other, is the Great White Shark.  If you are an awful person, don't expect me to stick around. If you are fat, don't expect me to notice you. If you're a decent person, expect the cold hard truth which is the following:

I don't want kids, because no matter how much I like you NOW, there's still a part of me that worries about you fucking them up, not to mention the law is completely in your hands. At least, if we're unhappy, I will stay if we have children, because once you have a kid, it's no longer all about you, it's now them. I don't even know how they're going to work out with the world the way it is, now. Plus, I dislike them, although expect that to change if they're your own. Hmm.

I will not get married, and if, in the highly unlikely chance that you are the one or whatever, you will be signing a prenup a mile long.

I will not be living in the same room as you, more than likely.

If you are comfortable with that, then feel free to stay around and enter a sort of relationship with me. I won't lie to you, you will know the rules. Or feel free to walk, get the things you want from somebody else. I won't stop you. The latter is why I wouldn't consider myself a PUA by the way.

Goodbye Judge Vilhelm and society. Hello pub time!

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