Tuesday, 4 September 2012



Barack Obama the narcissist.

The sad thing is, if you walk around a modern day university campus, you will see this kind of bullshit day in, day out. Satire and reality, a fine line.

Reminds me of that "I'm taking this thing to Mexico" joke in The Simpsons (when it was funny), but there's some great advice here all the same.

Economists don't know a goddamn thing. Neither do governments.

Matt Forney has a new side blog on anthropology and Neanderthal stuff. Danger and Play has a new blog on juicing.  

Speaking of D&P, here's a post on muscle density for dummies. 

Have you seen the documentary The Century of The Self? If not, watch it, but read this first.

The unofficial Manifesto for the whole goddamn Manosphere.

Quick question. If the taking up space thing as a problem, can I have a pop at the fat girls that clog up the buses?

Probably the best way of finding out the personality of a lassie in one clean swoop. One of Roissy's best ever posts.

Loyalty? What does that word mean?

The three big problems with debating.

It's the economy stupid!

Carpe diem!

Excellent review of the year's best album.

Congrats to Bill for quitting his job.

MRM. All apart of the plan...

I've already posted about my choice to go poolside. This post, poor victim wimminz and all, makes me want to buy ten pairs of trunks and a six pack of yer coldest German beer.  

Bonus: Is this guy the youngest manosphere blogger? 

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