Friday, 7 September 2012


Hi ho hi ho it's back to uni we go...
Posting for the past month has been frequent and plentiful, mainly due to the buckets of time I've had and coming down with a bit of the old joy. I don't know what my time will be like, but posting will become more sporadic. By how much, I'm not sure yet, but as much as I really enjoy this writing this blog, and as much as wee fucken mentalist Francis Begbie feels like he's a part of SOMETHING BIG, something seminal, there are priorities, like GPA and whatnot. Not to mention that I haven't a bloody clue where this blog is going to go. It was originally going to be a conglomeration of stuff, book/music reviews, game, repudiating neoclassical economic fallacies, philosophy explanations, health etc, but it seems to have become more gamey than I intended. This is understandable, being the age I am, but even so, that might change. I'll try for three posts a week, with a linkage one tossed in beside of that.

Sides that, stay tuned laddies and lassies! We've got a long way tae go yet. 

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  1. Looking forward to future posts. Have fun at uni.