Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Apostate

Numbers rule over us all. The law of averages, distributions, cause and effect. The Reality Principle making you its bitch, time and time again. The numbers rarely make for pretty reading. Which brings to the question, how many people can become players? The Futurist, in his magnum opus "The Misandry Bubble" makes the statement that "80% of men have no intellectual capacity to grasp and master the Venusian Arts". The question is, is The Futurist right?

Let's do some maths.If we're talking IQ, your normal distribution, 20 percent is roughly .84 of a standard deviation above the norm, unless the statistics book I have is a gammy one. Therefore, if the average IQ is 100, and one standard deviation equals = 15 X .84 is 112.6, to round up, the top 20 percent of men have an IQ of at the very least, 113. So, with a margin of error of however much, (obvious disclaimer, this was all done in my head, and there's no real world data), we have to ask ourselves the question. Is this correct? Do you have to be this smart to comprehend game?

Now, suppose this is actually correct. Suppose you need this IQ or thereabouts, to understand and master this shit, put it to good use. What then?

Well, you have to put up being on your own. Unless you've got an alpha mentor that is to correct you, confide in or to mimic. Or, hanging around with a good crew who wont act passive aggressively or fuck up your attempts to get where you want to be. Loser breeds loser. Thanks to emasculated men, baby boomers, and whatnot, what was once guaranteed is now gone. 

So, a percentage of that twenty percent has been eaten up, crushed under the pressure. 

What about your family? "Eh sure Francis, why aren't yous gettin married?" Girls yeh know? Lassie calls you a misogynist, and you ask is this fucking worth it? One big fiasco, and you're evaluating yourself in the mirror. Shame, for trying to be a player. 

Less guys are left standing now. Jobs are harder to find? Money makes it easier to improve your game. Hard to game lassies when yer on the dole, out of work. Even less guys left standing. Natural introverts are drained talking to people, and introversion and IQ STRONGLY correlate. High failure rate from approaches and they give up, the bubble contracts. You need some success to march on. Hypergamy pirulates society.

Fat chicks. The armies of darkness, the hungry hungry hippo Ben and Jerry's conglomeration. Gaming Polish lassies that will be nice to you, actually be flattered, is one thing. But who wants to get with a fatso? More people are not in the game anymore, it seems. The attraction pool will be sinking and the game needs to be tighter. 

Serum testosterone has been dropping in men for the past 30 years. Below 600? That's a very faggy looking caveman.

Time management. 24 hours in a day, how will you spend yours? What will you have to toss on the fire, opportunity cost, to get up to scratch in the game department? But my exam on abstract algebra is tomorrow! But I have to finish these TPS reports! Game needs a little bit of practice at the very least. Another soldier bites the dust! 

Porn is more intense than it's ever been. Video-games give you a safe, confined adrenaline thrill. I'll get out there when I finish my game of Call of Duty! Fuck me, this isn't a battle, it's a massacre!

And that's just the players. What about people that enter relationships?

You're in a relationship with a lassie you don't like, but who you're with cause you need your hole. No more lassie, no more hole. You don't take that jump, you're playing it safe, you're petrified, it might offend her after all.

You're a bespectacled white knight toilet bowel who loves Simone De Beauvoir and cuntflaps which reek of catnip and cheesie poofs, but god gave you enough of a brain to understand key components of Marxist theory, the opium of the intellectual spastics. You think we're all women hating shites anyway. Seriously, you can fuck right off.

You're in a relationship with somebody who is so broken, so messed up, than game ends up piercing the armor, but not the flesh. It's exhausting trying to keep it up, so you end up throwing in the towel. 

You read it, and you think it's just crazy, you think YOU are going crazy.

You're in a relationship, you back down from your frame, are rewarded with sex, and think game is bullshit, or, my lassie isn't like that, that she's special. Newsflash. She isn't, and neither are you. 

You're dead inside. 

What, in percentage terms, does that leave? 1 percent?

Will game have an impact? Guess we'll see as time elapses. Personally, I disagree with The Futurist, I think someone of average intelligence (and lower) can understand game extremely well, but all the other stuff?

Being a gamer is hard, but seriously, what the bloody fuck do you have you to lose? Would you have it any other way?

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