Friday, 21 September 2012

The Big Bang Theory's Happy Ending

Everyone here on the manosphere is a player, a Don Juan, in this, the strangest, most inspiring of theatres, built entirely on a structure of binary code and digital delusions. For every alpha bad boy on this side of the Internet, there is the drifting Omega, the hapless Beta, the dude which is satiated on pipe dreams and surfing tides of internet copulation. This post is written for people like me; ex nerds trying to get their shit together and not trying to drown in the petty existentialism of it all in the process. Ex nerds which are trying to break out and engage in a bit of danger and play. But first of all, you have to ask yourself, are you a Leonard, or are you a Sheldon?

I pick this example because well, The Big Bang Theory is well known, I actually really enjoy it, and it encapsulates what I'm trying to say perfectly. The Leonards of this world are nerds who know something is up. They knew, that everything that they've been told is rotten deadwood. They are unhappy with their position in life, and strive for something better, more pertinent, yet they don't know how exactly to achieve these goals, only having a rudimentary grasp of the situation. But suddenly, as the sun breaks through the clouds, and when the pretty lies perish, when reality hits them, the veneer of short term pleasure is once again reapplied by the company of their nerdy mates.

In the 21st Century, a fascinating trend is arising where there is a greater number of alphas due to game and being able to capitalise on hypergamy, and an even greater number of omega males due to entertainment, a feminised society and falling testosterone levels. These dark mancaves are springing up left, right and centre, obscured by clouds of amusing yourself to death. The Leonards are stuck trying to get out. The Sheldons are either completely oblivious, or more erroneously, they don't want you to succeed. They want you in their despicable nerdy pits beside them, they don't want or even seek the best for you. They cannot be saved. The growing omega male trend is an important one, as whether you like it or not, the guys in this block, causation of course must be taken into account, comprise one of the most important segments of society, the engineers, the physics majors, the computer scientists. Lose them, and the whole wall comes down. And that is exactly what is happening.

If you are a nerd, my advice to you is simple. It is advice that is both painful and problematic, and will cause you to be very lonely in the short term. It might cause you to act out, lash out at the world around.  It is advice that might cause you to hit the bottle, or get off on a bit of the old Bob Hope, or whathaveyouson. You will lonely an awful lot of the time. But, for the sapling to grow into an oak, it needs to be done.

You have to walk away, with your hands up in the air.

Your friends? Still playing videogames all the time? Fucking ditch them. Delete their phone number. Take them off your facebook page. Delete your 4Chan account. Ignore them. Don't even nod when you see them on the street. They never existed. Were you bullied as a kid? Do the same thing. Don't keep in contact with anyone that you associate with your weakness, living in emotional squalor. This is for the future, this is for you. This will be both liberating and terrifying. You are now clean, a blank slate, to fill in with the things you want to do. You have reset yourself. Fuck it, get your name changed if you have to. One of the big problems of the manosphere is that a lot of blogs tend to depict this as something that is quite easy. It isn't, not even remotely. That is another cringeworthy part of the MRM by the way. They want it to be easy, or, they want to change how men are, how they should be, but instead they opt for the quitter's road. God bless us, everyone.

And why should you do this you ask? Because times are getting rough and tough like leather. Because the tails are not as flat as they used to be. Because the development of a healthy society demands that long term satisfaction found in relationships and achieving goals tasks and projects, takes prominence over short term spurts of pleasure. That is why nerdy activities are so despicable. They are confounding the long term pleasures with the short term through dull, transient media, eg task solving in World of Warcraft. The soul is NOT a smithy, James Joyce was wrong, and Foster Wallace was right. If you happen to spot any Leonards out there by the way, give them a push at least for me. If they pull, you've got a new best friend. If you don't, then that's their problem.

Do it right now, and do it in one swoop. Like Machiveilli said, if you're going to do something bad, do it in one lot, rather than spread it out. Don't make this gradual. Trust me.

I'm about to join a self defence club for the first time. I'm going to start spending a lot more money on food to bulk up. When my degree is done, I am going to dance myself clean all over again, and leave the country and carve my future out there, somewhere. I have a project that is perpetual. As for Eire? It is the sow that eats its own farrow. It is under the nail of Herr Germans and has four idiotic parties with deeply flawed political and economic policies. The culture is being westernised at an alarming rate. I'll patch in and try to make things better sure. It just seems that day after day, what the hell is worth saving? Are we here? The Big Bang Theory's Happy Ending.

So walk the fuck away. Your future self will thank you in spades.


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