Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Cardinal Rule of Game

When I arose from my alcohol fueled rampage on Thursday night, I couldn't help but ruminate on the American, the computer science nerd, my fumbling floundering partner in crime.

Men who are poor with women and who subsequently fall into a relationship end up grasping, tripping over themselves, fearing that valedictory remark, attaching themselves to it like a leech to the unsuspecting victim's hind leg. Suddenly, the sexual frustration of yesteryear has been replaced by a tap, with refreshing, transparent liquid that will quench any thirst, but the problem is, with the tap, is that one is not entirely sure what will come out of it, and how much of it will be available to that person in the first place. So the man fears that he will be cut off forever. That he will be put back in that oasis with the other Marvin Von Vinkle fuckbats, that he will be forever pulling his beans while all his mates get suited up and wedding bells with svelte lassies pirouetting in dazzling whites ring forth for evermore.

If you want a one on one relationship, or if you want to tear through lassies like the last days of Rome, that is entirely up to you, (even though I think you should aim for the first one, just not put up with ANY bullshit) fucken ain't your bishop am I. But, what Game does, is that it gives you that piece of mind, pure fucken zen. Completeness. You might be say, in a relationship with a beautiful amazing lassie, but you're not remotely worried about that tap running out; because you know deep down that if yous were to break it off for good, then with a small bit of work and a stroke of luck on the side, you would have a woman of her caliber, if not better in no time at all. Paradoxically as well, it means your relationship will be even stronger with her, because you will be less clingy, more carefree, more aloof, more fulfilled. This, should be the goal of game. Monogamous relationships or budding Lord Byrons both have their place, but that piece of mind, that freedom, that ability to walk away and remake your self, is an awesome skill to have. This also extends to financial circumstances. You really, don't have to work as hard anymore, when you're shit eating grinning every wee fucker that passes you on the street. Your wife adores you! And you gave her a pack of skittles for her birthday! Fucking A.

Good social skills, health, a small bit of cash and the ability to game women to a level where you know you won't enter any severe dry spells. Have these four in abundance, and you will as Charlie Sheen said: "win" at life.  Everything else comes after.

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