Monday, 17 September 2012

Two Brilliant No Bullshit Ways That You Can Improve Your Social Skills Without Lifting a Finger And Other Stuff Thats Really Interesting!

Out of the many words, jargon, slang that can be found in the English language, there is but one word that if mentioned, will be like sweet nectar from the flower in bloom to its recipient. The word is powerful, strong. It is, above all else, something you should strive to remember when meeting a person.

That word is the person's name.

Try it. The next time you see a mate that you know, don't just say "Howya" or "What's the craic?". When somebody approaches you, say "Howya Francis!" or "What the craic Francis?". This is so fucking easy to do, and yet, I see nae of yous cunts doing it. The person's name. Get it and use it well. Once you have it in your grasp, pepper it throughout the conversation. Sporadically of course, you don't want to come across as a socially stilted spastic, but again, once a conversation starts, no one mentions the name ever again, even if it's one of those long rambly Seinfeld ones. Don't do this. For groups, the same thing applies. Say out everyone's name individually, and when you're doing so, attempt to greet them differently, be it with a change in the tone of your voice, or a slightly different facial expression. "Lads, howyas!" suddenly turns into "Deco, Francis, Sickie, howyes!" Say this slowly as well. Deep voice. All dat alpha shite. Make your introduction count. The crack of a rifle is saying that person's name.

I tried this for two weeks; contrasting not using somebody's name with using it. The results? Well it wasn't like people feel into a perpetual stupor with wee Francis, and you're far away from being a cheese eating stink monkey Talleyrand type, but it does give people a little bit of a buzz, which certainly helps in the long run. Use it. Bonus points as well if the person in question is a foreign lad, and you're literally the only person he knows who can say his name properly.

The second tip for improving your social skills is called The Benjamin Franklin Effect. In a nutshell, the idea is that, if you get someone to do something for you, they will like you more and will try and grant you more and more favors as time goes on. Why? Because they feel appreciated, they will feel like they matter to them, whether this is the case or not is another story altogether. A classic example is having a flatmate/relative/girlfriend etc going out to purchase groceries, as you Americans would say. They ask you as they're heading out the door, "can I get you anything?" and you say (because you're being altruistic and don't want to trouble them) that you're fine. In fact, next time that happens, tell them you want a bottle of water, or a pack of gum, or a Top Gear magazine. Ask for something. Again, like the name thing, it won't make you a social pariah or anything, but it's stuff like this which will add up in the end. This works the other way as well. An example of this would be a where you give a straight up order (depending on the context, this can be overly brash) or, by asking someone for something, like getting you a book, (again, obvious disclaimer, you should in no way be that guy who just leeches off others for his own gain) can work too. I think yous can all work out the context for these tools, being the budding Casanovas that we're striving towards. Godspeed cunts.

In other news:

Paul Elam withdraws from The Manosphere.

Let me just put it this way. If ONE guy who travels the world and writes travel guides,and if ONE guy who chases tail in DC, can outdo a whole group of people in a professionally run website, then you're in big trouble. I think his post is quite puerile to be honest. What a gay little club.
I'd love to see a South Park episode with the MRM in it.

I really want a lifestyle like this.

Kate Middleton is a stupid cunt. Oh, boo hoo fucking hoo, someone sees you topless. Yeah, because the press are not around the fucking royal family, even if it is beta chump Harry and his attractive, but for the prince's wife, actually looks like a mog. Common sense lassie. This is all just filler btw, another twenty minutes till lectures.

Saw an episode of Anger Management. Lousy stuff, but has that "this will really be successful" vibe to it. Guess it beats another Aston Kutcher romp.

Evidence of the decline: From a prominent highly regarded UCD economists to his students: Don't bother reading von Mises, crazy republican gold standard rubbish!


Type economists are idiots into Google

Gary Wilson of actually linked this awesome blog to his website. Coming close to the full ninety days now. Anyway, cheers for sending a LOAD of traffic my way, mate. 

Oh, and for the past while, I've been full swing into a ketogenic diet, juicing and messing around in a mad scientist-e way Tim Ferriss style. Important stuff on it coming soon.


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