Sunday, 28 October 2012

Trainspotters Born Slippy (Advice for Teenager Readers in The Manosphere)

I feel like an old fiend with white hair and rickety bones writing this post, even though I've only been officially, not a teenager for a little bit over two years. But it needs to be said, especially when one is trying to wash out the bitter aftertaste of hipster twat.

Fucking Ruby Sparks. 

Teenagers suck in my opinion. They're usually boring wannabe iconoclasts, obnoxious bellends with little squirrel brains, myself included. However, as Schopenhauer put it "Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is 28". So if you're a turd now, you've got a bit more time.

This is not a post ripping on you guys though. This is a post from someone who is about four/five years older than you and has looked back at his teenage years and regretted them, wishing he spent more time being proactive, and less time smoking hash and playing Final Fantasy 7. This, is my humble advice from an Omega fuckup. Stuff that I would do if I was a teenager again, and stuff that I'm trying to do now to catch up. 

First, your future. You probably have no idea what you want to be. That's perfectly fine of course, I still have no idea what I want to be either, but what I do know,  is that skills rule and make the world go round. Learning stuff like maths and science is absolutely, utterly essential, and should be your utmost priority in school. The jobs correlated with maths and science are more plentiful. They are better paid. They have lower unemployment rates. They are in short, your ticket out of here. Matrices, basic t square hypothesis testing, calculus, logs, complex numbers. All of these will crop up time and time again, so get your arse on the Khan Academy and practise some problem sets if your teacher is fucking shit. Make sure you master them, and do so as early as possible. The longer you let this shit slide, the harder it is to catch up. Work your arse off at school. Have a side business to earn a little bit of income. For example, I give out grinds for money. If that is not possible, then learn a trade, or even join the military and blow something up. Don't, for the love of fuck, go it half assed and study English or Law or some bullshit. You'll come out the other end, asking yourself now what, and living back home with the old pair, surfing the net for a non-existent job. The Baby Boomers do all this "do what you feeelll" shit. Don't listen to them. They have no idea what's going on at the frontline.

Second, lift weights. Game takes practise time and experience, and if you are socially inept, you will get a legup. Looks will allow you a bigger margin of error, and as a corollary to this, this leg up in looks will make you better socially. Finally, can anyone of yous ever think of the muscular kid who was bullied? Neither can I. A good diet is the backbone to this. Paleo/Ketogenic/Atkins hybrid thing. I'll do a post on diet later, but there's plenty of good stuff out there. It really isn't rocket science.

Third, you must learn game. The single greatest confidence booster to a young man is fucking a hot lassie doggy style. Again, you've more than likely come across the Roissy/Roosh/Rollo triumvirate if you're floating around here, and more asides, but I cannot stress this enough. You need to master the Venusian Arts. Meet lassies. Pull them. Dump them. Spank them on the ass. Have experiences.

Fourth, read good books, and listen to good music. Metal and classical music are the greatest of genres. Don't listen to wussified shit like Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, The Microphones or some effeminate singer songwriter singing about some lassie who screwed him over. Don't read crap from Man Booker Prize writers. Avoid writers who try and write how people should be. Avoid Colm Toibin, Julian Barnes, Ian MacEwan, Will Self.  Read the works of Aristotle, Nietszche, Kant, Proust, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, Homer, Kafka, Bolano, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Lord Byron, Dostoevsky, Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, James Joyce, Hunter S Thompson, Irvine Welsh, Hayek, Kierkegaard. Don't read criticism, people like Harold Bloom pollute and distort the meanings, the feelings, the ideas of truly great works. Unfortunately I'm a complete dilletante when it comes to philosophy, but the fiction part I can account for. The men I listed were far smarter and more cognisant of human nature and all its idiosyncrasies, than both you and I ever will be. Reading them will help you become the well rounded person you want to be. 

Fifth, if your mates are losers, ditch them. Loser breeds loser. They will drag you down. 

Sixth, you must have a project. Your body, your novel, your maths proof, your repudiation of all the shit that's been flung your way. Never give up. Get ready to bleed, and to bleed hard. Never, ever allow your love of life to be diluted by mindless entertainment and videoporn. 

Seventh, our parents have almost single handily destroyed the world. It will be up to us, you and me, my generation, to rebuild it, or let it all burn down. There are many reasons for the young to be frustrated of course, but you have the knowledge, you have the ideas, the drive. You have what it takes to be a good man, rather than being good at being a man. One of yous out there is a genius and a worldchanger. You have the internet. You have power.

Saturday, 27 October 2012



We don't hate feminism because we hate women. We hate it because it is economically unsustainable.

The Red Pill is not one thing, it is many things. One works off the other.

Women like masculine men, and men like feminine women. Are you keeping up your end of the bargain?

Married. Buried. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

I can vouch for this, as any of yous can. Irish girls are really bad for this. No one likes clowns.

Jamie Lewis reflects on middle age. Conclusion? Life is better than ever. 

Care to explain this, Mr Krugman?

Aurini has a new book out. A comprehensive review will be coming soon enough, but suffice to say, it's very very good, and well worth a purchase.

Why Ben Bernanke is destroying America.

Do you realise, that everyone you know, someday, will die?

The Baby Boomers aren't worth it.

The liberal's tiny amygdala.

Hormones affect how women will vote. 

The decline and fall of Barack Obama.

How Matt Forney got his shite together.

Brilliant, no bullshit advice that actually works!

I myself have gone from skinny as shit, to right now, Tyler Durden skinny as shit but lean. Vox is correct. Women do treat you differently with a bit of muscle on you.

But not ALL WOMEN are like that!

Haha, I had a good laugh with this.

IQ is important.

Political correctness and vasectomies all rolled into one happy package!

Why you should give up porn, part 56i56u569u76u7. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

So What's Up With Asexuality?


Fleshy, doughy, flabby faced Fenian with a predilection for packets of cookie dough. I'm in with the freaks, don't ask how I got here, and trying to make myself scarce, post-haste. This week there's been all this gender equality bullshit doing the rounds. Shit that one tends to associate with U.S.A has permeated campus life here. Walk in her shoes, guys. Wear bras and high heels. Be supportive. Be kind. Be caring. You're white, heterosexual and worse than Hitler after all. This cunt talks like a speedtrain and is downing cans of diet coke like tap water.

"being asexual isvery...hardforme...becausepeople dont...understandthepersecutionwe...people come under"

Few things about all of this. Does asexuality exist? Probably does. But, the funny thing is I look at this guy, and he's not exactly the epitome of masculinity is he. He's obese, with myself wagering the fiend is in the 30s when it comes to the old BMI. He's vertically challenged, to coin a politically correct term. He's got one of those voices that sounds like somebody forgot to turn the helium gas valve all the fucking way. He's fucking effeminate and faggy. I watch as he exposes his palm to me as he wraps his thin, transparent lips around a herbal cigarette. His hair has been styled in a way to make him look like that mad fella Gok Wan. Only, this isn't an annoying lad feeling the hamsters of middle aged fatties with tasty, succulent hamster whole lies. He's a man, and he's twenty-one and he just mentioned the words cigender three times in the conversation. I'm sure his parents are bewildered to know that, out of every time a man fucking million sperm...and of all the fucking shysters to reach the promised had to be the Das Kapital reading one.

How bout that?

Asexuality isn't normal, and saying it is is quite simply, fucking madness. To not possess the most primal of human urges is a symptom of something seriously wrong physiology wise. It's also a term that is no doubt, vastly, vastly oversubscribed to. This guy for example, is a low testosterone male, simple as. If he was to eat a healthy diet, get lifting weights, have a hot Polish lassie wearing Ann Summers lingerie pirouetting around his room, then I'd like to see where his asexuality goes. I suspect that with many asexuals they prefer to play the victim. They feel overly sorry for themselves, as a result of trying to cope with failure after failure after subsequent sexual failure. Just like the kid who is insecure about his intelligence doesn't bother studying for a test because he can't bear to come to the conclusion that he is a slow witted philistine, the asexual sees his failure with women, and puts a tag on it, to console himself for his petty dick clenching. This is what I was thinking, as I was forced to hear his story of pain and terror and persecution for being asexual, from the "real freaks, the bullies" as he would call them. Huh. Having no sex drive at that age is incredibly messed up. Civilisations, mathematics was built on this lust for booty. Yet, we all celebrate being different, being unique, not having a fucking sex drive. The asexual was narcissistic, spoilt, often bringing the conversation back to him, on his sexuality, and Foucault and all this fucking na na na na leader shit.Some arts course shit that he was doing. PHD in colonial bullshit. Did my head in. Low sex drive + feeling sorry for yourself does not equal being an asexual.

But of course, we need a value for beta one, don't we? Modern women clearly exacerbate this quite serious problem. They do it in that the hot ones, the ones you see on billboards and all that? They accentuate the idea that everyone out there is fucking like rabbits. When you're not allowed in the treehouse of copulation, loserdom, hopelessness and depression quickly pirulate body and soul. Thus, you binge out on Judd Apatow movies and bullshit like Ruby Sparks. Thus, the fucking asexuality tag. Second, the looks of women. Even a 21 year old with a vociferous sexual appetite will find it hard to get a boner for a Jabba the Hut butterfaced lassie. What is there to get turned on by, when the tail to be found in Omega Male circles looks like Maggie Thatcher? You can't even pull Countess Cheesecake. That's got to be a kick in the balls.

Finally, one should be wary of the viciousness of the asexual when it comes to arguing. These guys will threaten to kill you, fill your kitbag with shite, and other fun things. Hell hath no fury like an asexual scorned. If you actually are asexual, get yourselves off the couch and lift some weights, you sad sacks of seagull shite, or get to a fucking doctor. The canary in the goldmine and all that. Societies cant function when everyone is engaging in games of who is the bigger victim after all. Charade you are, manosphere.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Francis Begbie Ramblings 2


U.S voters, guess what are the chances of your vote being the deciding one? One in 60 million. A good argument against voting if there ever was one.

Facebook can be depressing sometimes. It's not just a day by day portrait of woman's ephemeral beauty and the inevitable decline, but it shows the same for men as well. Not many of us are going to end up like George Clooney. Are twenty year olds supposed to be getting fat and pudgy, going bald and grey? Is this natural? Kinda grim to be honest.

2012 has been an incredibly bizarre year for music. Bands which should be well past it, are churning out some of their very best material. Swans, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Converge for fucks sake. Even Neurosis and Burzum's new releases, while not top tier, are still highly enjoyable albums.

I've gone 100+ days without porn. Post coming soon on this. Needless to say, the old brain is back to black.

The 48 Laws of Power is an exceptional book, which you should consider purchasing.

Is Plato a piece of shit? The Theory of Forms is literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

Fucking football team falling apart at the seams. Trapatoni knows he has the FAI (the best football organisation in Merrion Square) by the balls. If he stays, big fucking salary. If he goes, big fucking payoff. Yet another reason to hate the Germans.

South Park was at its best when there were sexual harassment pandas and boxing matches between Jesus and Satan. Now it's an annoying, preachy, condescending piece of trash designed to appeal to "recalcitrant" white SWPL types. I'm not watching it anymore. Fuck it.

I think one topic that isn't touched on enough in the manosphere is the one of social skills. Game without ordinary social skills to back them up, is like trying to learn quaternions without knowing what a complex number is. Anyone have any good blogs? You can always improve on social skills. Or is it like Konaic Soul/Kingdom of Introversion blog say, that your ability to do so is limited?

Interesting fact. Single mothers in Ireland have gone up by 50 percent in the past ten years. Enjoying the decline, as you do.

Anyone believe that something, really big, really nasty, a big Black Swan, is coming our way in the next while, essentially before the year is up? Probably me being ever the cynicist.

I've started taking Krill Oil, and man oh man, the stuff is like fish oil on steroids. It's a bit more pricey, but the opportunity cost is worth it methinks.

Everyone here should visit 4chan at least once and take a look at the /b/ board. This is where the Omega male comes to live and die. This is also worth a blog post. The amount of anger, frustration, hate, from the users is fucking intense.

In Mala Fide is back! And no hentai shite anymore!

Why is it that people lie, yet they assume that others are always telling the truth?

Yet another sign of the decline? Walking in a public park and seeing groups of kids kicking a football around, while their grubby looking parents are sharing cans of Dutch Gold, right there on the grass, pissed out of their heads Happy times.

What Richard Did is a great movie. There's no posh cunt D4 stuff in it, it's just very honest, funny in places and quite sad as well. What makes it different from the book is that Richard is a more sympathetic character. 

What happened to OneStdv and Mangans? I used to read those blogs quite a bit, but now it's all been made private. Pray tell.

I've been up to my arse in work and study and other shenanigans. But rest assured, The Smithy will be back running in (somewhat) full capacity come next week. Thanks for yer patience lads and lassie.

Friday, 19 October 2012

On Nostalgia

It's damp, and cold. Don't forget about the cold. We're in a car, buzzing down these worn down rural roads in the Irish countryside. We pass by a rustic looking pub with a thatched roof. The setting sun makes the mountains behind us look like a slumbering giant. I'm in the car with my dad, chatting away. Radio 1 is on again.

"Around here like?"

"Just over there, beyond de Bothar dere"

A birfucation in the road. We turn left, the bay to our right, the water eaten up by the sea rock incisors. We stop briefly to let another car pass us.

"We would walk this road. Big backs of apples over our shoulders. Seven, eight, nine we was."

"This was Declan yeah?"

"Ah yeah, sore ah was only fooken fryends wi him cause he had fucking Abbey Road on the player..."


We motor on.

"Sure, it must have been fierce hard walking around on roads like this in this kind of weather. You'd be drowned and all."

"You'd think so, but yous ed be used tae et. I mean, we used tae nic apples from trees at all hours. And I mean, all hours."

"How late was late?"

"Well, it was unusual for us tae be home fore one yeh no?"

"So what, you'd be walken round all dese rural streets and the town itself, midnight plus, at the ages eight or nine? And no one would care?"

"That's de way the worelde was bac den Francis. Everybody knew everybody. Everybody watched out for everybody. Even the tra-velers were a good bunch of lads"

"No kicking the shite out of each other no?"

"No, like, very friendy people. We gave them wat theys needed and then they headed onwards."



"Nothen. Just tryen toos imagine that today".

For the whole of my life, I've been taught that history has been this traumatic, sad and bloody, tumultuous sequence of events where men of great affluence and stature beat women and made black people into slaves, that the world has never been better, that we are the most fortunate generation in the history of humankind. I'm in no way trying to deny the plethora of violent events, suffering etc, but talking to my Dad in the car that night really intrigued me. In a recent youtube video, user graaaaaagh started getting into the meanings of words, in the case of nostalgia, how the word's meaning has metamorphosed from home sickness to time sickness. Go watch it, it's excellent. But, there's another aspect of what the g-lad said, that I'd like to build up on. First, time sickness nostalgia is, or at the very least can be, a vicarious experience. My childhood wasn't a bad one, but it was a contained one, it was a rubber stamped, approved, don't take candy from strangers one, not to the fault of either of my parents, who are both great people whom I owe a lot to.This idea of time sickness nostalgia is transferable. My grandfather, before he passed on, is another example of this. The man, that crazy bastard, went on adventures and did things that would make Marco Polo blush. Again, this was not Grampa Simpson an onion tied to my belt shite. This, was getting mixed up in fights and triumphs, ups and downs that would leave their imprint long into the future, and continue to do so. Not only was this time sickness nostalgic related for him as he recalled his story in the hometown (only now surrounded by opulent Swiss tourists with lavish country homes), it was for me as well. Our generation has no struggles, no triumphs, and any potential mountain we have to climb has either been altered for us, (hooray, everybody's a winner!) or it has become forbidden to cross and is fuelled by Lexapro, because we, we are all the same, we are all equal, we are all made of stars after all. I miss, yearn for a time I never had, back in an epoch that might not have ever existed in the first place.

This might have been exacerbated by the fact that I don't really have any homesickness nostalgia. I never felt apart of the community in the first place, never a part of their rugby teams, or the people, or their ideals, or even being Irish. What does being Irish even entail anymore? To expand on the graaaaaagh's point even more, I believe that more and more people don't have this homesickness anymore. So what happens? They substitute it with the shared, borrowed, timesickness one. They have to establish a connection. They hear about the wonderful time their parents had (and yet, they don't have their own nostalgia of a hometown) and they get mad that they never experienced that, this reason to feel a part of something. They live in a fantasy land of their own (or somebody else's) creation. That's why so many people play the fantasy on the internet. Homesickness implies attachment, so a fake persona implies a reinvention, something to get attached to. But this is a big fucking problem.

You can build on an idea, obviously. Example, if you are homesick about a town, you can take the good qualities out of it and incorporate it somewhere. Now, people only have themselves as their own reference points, trapped in their own heads, everything is nothing more than relative. They have no ground for this time sickness, because they never had actual nostalgia. This is why leftism can triumph, because of the lack of day to day joys to feel nostalgic about, one constructs impossible ideologies, uses time sickness nostalgia that is in itself impossible, that circumvents reality, that is progressive. That the answer to make communities again is to make everyone the same, square pegs in circular hones, even though this is of course, impossible and frightening in its own way.

A lot has changed in the past 50 years.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Drinkin Like A Mad Bastard

"Give me somthin dat wil get me fucked rite up rite! I don't have much on me like!"

"Yer bloody moorder Franco, anybody ever tell yous dat?"

I turn to the bartender, a skinny, curly haired man polishing a glass.

"I'll have eh Jack Dannys please, nothing else in it"

And soon, a great conflagration was now in effect, boulders tumbled from the sky. People were burned. I had an epiphany, a mellifluous golden one, a moment at that very time, as you mad fellas Americans would say. Drinking beer and stout and all of that is perfectly well and good, but the most badass alcoholic beverages in the world are whiskey, scotch, vodka and wine. Now, fear not young drinker, I'm still not one that is averse from getting rightly twisted now and again, but these days, I'ma trying tae stay classy, by asking for the shot of whisky or scotch, rather than the full on pint of plain.

But, incredibly enough, I've noticed some real, practical advantages to going the way of the Bond. The first, is the fact that I don't have to piss as much, if at all. In a crowded pub, pushing people to the side, sliding inbetween big fat fucken basters like Indiana Jones traversing an ancient temple, a series of dissonant squalls "sorry" "cuse meh" "sorry like"I want to get through" and then finally, at the end of this great odyssey,  some hirsuite guy in the jacks starts pissing in MY urinal, MY territory because he's so fucking imbibed? Nah like. Not happening anymore. Not putting up with anymore shite. Less toilet trips. Less bullshit. End. Finito. The second reason is the good old beer shield one. I try to avoid this as much as possible, (and you should too, if you know what's good for you) but it is considerably more difficult when people are formicating left, right and centre around the place. This gets even more difficult in the midst of drunken couples, piroutetting around the floor shamelessly, like chickens with their heads cut off. You have to take a massive slug from your pint as well, to make it stop spilling all over some poor tinker's son, in the first place as well. Which is annoying, because you get through drink quicker that way. You wanna savour that buzz, know what I mean ken? With whiskey meanwhile, holding the glass down at your side is considerably easier, and a lot less cumbersome. Third, spilling drinks. It's a lot harder to spill whiskey, and even if you manage to do so, you'll get a little drop on you at the very most. Compare that to being soaked head to toe with Heiniken beer after your oafish, clumsy American friend dumps a tray of beer over your head. Such a beautiful tragedy. a divine comedy, could have been avoided, if he just fucking stuck to Jack Daniels.

Third, it saves you buckets of time. Ever wake up to the putrid stench of cold chips and cans of Dutch Gold aroind yer bed? Ever cycle down to the bottle bank with a big plastic bag o shite? All that time, all that space, is yours, when you're drinking from a whiskey bottle. Good for the time, good for soul. Fourth, if you're not intae dat Mystery peacocking bull, as any normal cunt may feel, then simply drink whiskey like tapwater. I've had girls talk to me, start conversations with me, because I'm the mad hatter drinking doon whiskey, whereas everyone else is raising their glasses in the air, proclaiming their unrequited love to a voluptuous lassie, or to Arthur Guinness, who tends not to hear them very well, because he's been dead for nearly three hundred years.  Fifth, it tastes nicer, when you get used to it.

Sixth. If you want to sing along to a Pogues tune, the stuff makes you more authentic:
Seventh, I don't get hangovers from the stuff. Eight: it looks cool. Ninth: As for decline of the west due to feminism and all that jazz? Fuck that. All you have to do is walk into fucking Doyles and see pudgy twentysomething year olds with Stewie Griffin t-shirts having "a bud". That, is the epitome of a lost people. More fucken Don Draper from you, less pudgy twat, in my opinion. And all you have to to, is point the glass back and swallow.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Mark Minter Layeth The Smackdown!

Wow, that's one hell of a tirade. Heads up to Mark Minter. I tried to contact him, but unfortunately the link in his name is a dead one. Adding to the "we are angry about shit" compendium, week that it has been. This migh be the most disturbing one of all. A great read, but you might need to grab a beer for this one.

I don’t even have to read the comments. All of you have it wrong. 

Abso-fucking-lutely wrong. 

You are all crying and bitching and wanting to set back the clock and you need to get the fuck over it. Better that government is married to bitches than you. Let me go through this logic for you real fucking slow so that you all can start to get it.

Being married is a stupid life for a man. Actually being a father is a also stupid life for a man the way it is done in America today. You do the most stupid and mind numbing shit in both of those roles. There are better ways to spend your life than as a husband and a father in 2012 America. Being a married father is an insipid, mind numbing, idiotic existence. You are a slave. 

You live in a rigid schedule with a bitch that is never happy, that never has enough, is never satisfied, that is a cunt and a fucking idiot. She gets fat. She dresses like a man. Sex with her is a drag monotonous drag boring drag stupid drag. 

You have never ending stress and financial pressure and you must compromise your very soul in order to bring home the money that parasitic bitch and children demand from you. And they could not give a fuck about you. Everything is oriented towards her and them. Nothing is oriented towards you. Women have acres and acres of products for them and their children. Men have a aisle of shit over in the corner of stores. 

Given the way women are, and the way most of you are, your odds of being in a marriage forever and not getting a divorce is about zilch.point.shit. 0.0000%. Enough zeros? Any of you that are married are probably on the way to divorce if you are not divorced already. Any of you that do get married surely will be divorced. 

A man must avoid marriage, whether you are alpha as fuck or beta as a hell. 

If you are an alpha then marriage is perfect waste of what you are. All alphas, real alphas, chafe under the yoke of marriage. They cannot be monogamous and why should they be? And, once you say “I do”, then you begin a slow march towards to loss of alpha qualities. If you think you can read Athol Kay and avoid this, you are kidding yourself. 

If you are beta, then you will get fucked over in a marriage. Unless you earn in the top 20% of income, or in reality, the top 10% and your wife is not so attractive that she doesn’t has men throwing offers at her, then you will most likely get shafted. This outcome is one of the most written about topics in the Red Pill blogs. 

Men must learn game. What is so fucking hard about this idea? Men need to accept that the way the world is and the way it is going makes learning Game the most important skill that any man can have, more than calculus, than computer skills, than knowledge of tools. Game. Get it? Game. The reason for game is more than pick up lines, it is about avoiding OneItis. Game is a lifestyle that will save your ass and save you needless slavery and pain. 

Things are going to get worse in the future. Nothing can set back the clock. Women will get bitchier. Women will get fatter. In 30 years, 50% of women will be fucking obese. Not fat. OfuckingBese beasts. What few women that are attractive are going to get even shittier, flakier, bitchier, more choice addicted, bigger attention whores than even today. To fuck any of them you will have to have game. They will be besieged by hordes of men from 16 to 60. 

This reality of the social and sexual power that single women have is trickling down through women to girls. Yesterday there was a big press release about the drop in teen pregnancy, as well as a drop in every other age bracket other than bitches that are running up against the wall., 35+ Analysts were surprised that even teen pregnancy dropped. They rationalized that the other drops in births in age brackets other than teens were due to economic reasons, but teen pregnancy is by accident and inadvertent. But for whatever reason, teen girls are going to lengths to insure they don’t get pregnant and fuck up the next 20 years of being “Classy and Fabulous” and short circuiting the brilliant career of attention whoring in front of them. They are getting a clue of the power of that pussy. The word is passing down that there is a real up side to being an attention whore. And having a baby is the biggest downer in that possibility more than any other factor. 

There is chemical tendency in your fucking male body towards development of dopamine when you fuck a woman. She is like heroin and she will addict you and give you OneItis. This is another of the big Red Pill tenets, maybe the most important of all of them. The scarcity model creates OneItis in you. 

The only way to vaccinate yourself from OneItis is FourItis. 

If you have 4 women in a soft harem and you are spinning plates then you can walk away from a women when she tries to put that choke hold on you and drag you into the slavery of marriage.
Any plain looking woman with a pussy that isn’t an obese pig or over 45 is going to be able to throw her husband away and have some other guy there ready to jump right in there. Your wife is going have men sabotaging you at work, at the gym, anywhere she goes. No matter how much Athol Kay you read, eventually all this back-stabbing and offers from other men and women is going to take its toll. You will get divorce raped if you are stupid enough to marry.

You cannot marry. You have to spin plates. 

It will be enormously easier to have bitches to spin as plates if all of them are not married. It is better for you if every fucking woman is single and is a slut than it would be if almost all were married. It will be so much easier for you to spin plates if there are plates to be spun. Even if that women sits home 29 nights a month, that 1 night that she steps out to shake that ass, then she is looking for dick and the motherfucker with game is the one that is going to be the one she chooses.You cannot worry about “society” or “the economy” or “the future” or “the deficit” or the “growth of entitlements”. 

You need to worry about you. You. You. Fuck everything else. Fuck tomorrow. Fuck the deficit. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the economy. Do what is best for you. And appreciate that by letting those bitches get what they want from government and not marrying, then that works in your favor, you, your favor, you, the typical reader of this blog. 

Go back to the original narrative about where “Alpha” came from, the Toba eruption that lead to 1000 years of Arctic winter and the number of bonding pairs reduced to less than 1000 over the whole world. Alpha had the Dark Triad of personality traits and this enabled him to survive, to get through, and women went with him because he was a survivor. 

You have to have that same selfish self-interest. You can’t worry about what’s best for kids, or bankers, or job growth, or household formation, or any of that shit. Worry about you.

You cannot worry about the deficit or free markets or any economic shit that might come about because more and more benefits are given out to women in substitution of husbands. It won’t fall apart today and when it does fall apart you will be dead. If you are truly as narcissistic and as Machiavellian as you should be then you should not use any other filter than is a thing good for you. Feminism is good for you. It is freeing you from the stupidity of being some bitch’s husband. You get to live as a free man. It allows women to stay single so you can fuck them. Whatever negatives it has brought into society is trivial compared to the benefit of you not marrying anymore. 

You need to be happy that it is happening. Even if it raises your taxes by 10%, or even 20%, it is still better than being married. If you marry, that bitch will take 80% from you while you are married and then take 40% in child support when she divorces you. If you marry, you are a slave.
It is said that marriage is the last resort of a bachelor. It is also said that a man marries because he is tired. Tired of dating. Tired of the bullshit the AFC goes through. 

Think back to 1985. When a man got to be 28 and just entering into his peak in SMV then he starts receiving “Marriage signals”. His friends start dropping off into marriage, one at a time. Women that he is with start pressuring him. They would dump him if he didn’t agree to commit to marriage. When a guy was 35 and wasn’t married then he was effectively alone in a world of married people.
It’s not that way anymore. 

Dalrock is adamant that women are the ones eschewing marriage and not men. So every woman that decides not to marry, then that is one more man that gets to live free, free of the financial tyranny, free of the emotional bullshit, free of the monotony and the boredom, free of the abuse that women heap on men during marriage.

The more men that are single then that begins to create market opportunities for men, more things that single men like, more clubs, more video games, more topless bars, more cars and products designed specifically for men, more housing options for single men. Options That are intended for only Single men and not married men that are making decisions with the filter of having a wife and family as the determining factor in their decisions. 

I’ll give a very stretched connection. I have no data to support it other Event A happened and Event B happened. But I feel they are related.

The number of women that have the US government census status of “Never Been Married” has increased by 33% since 2000. 48% of women 25-30 have this status today, an increase of 16 percentage points since 2000 from 32% to 48%. For every one of those women that are not married, there is a man that is not married. So that means that the number of men that have “Never Been Married” has increased also. They are referred to as the Puearchy. It has grown considerably and is attracting the attention of pundits with this “Man Up” shaming bullshit. 

Now, look at the growth in the amount of college football today compared to 2000. There is much more. Look at the size of the TV contracts that have recently been signed. Do you fucking think married men are sitting around watching college football all day on Saturday? No, those guys are being dragged around malls, kids sports and kids social events. But if you are single, this development is a fucking bonanza for you. 

I read an article the other on how new Marketing strategies are emerging to actually tap this emerging market. Prior advertising oriented to men had some shaming factor in it. You should buy life insurance so your wife can have money when you die. You should buy our tires to keep from killing your kids. You should drink our beer, wear our clothes, our cologne so that women will want you. Some advertising is now actually appealing to motives that their product directly benefits you, the single man. 

More unmarried men means a better life and more options for unmarried men. Real choices that are for you and not choices that you would make in sacrifice for some woman and her children. More of your friends stay unmarried. You have more options now. 

So to sum, marriage is not for you, you, particularly, as a reader of this blog. You need to spin plates. You need women to avoid marriage because government allows them to feel the sense of security that they need to stay single. You want more men to be single and not get married so you have better and more market opportunities available that are designed for you, the single man. You want more women to be single and to be sluts. Because the more single women sluts there are, then more options for plate spinning that you have available to you. 

The more plates you spin, the less susceptible to Oneitis you are, and the more you avoid marriage. If you don’t marry then the effects of feminism, of divorce rape, of custody battles will have less effect on you. If there are more available single sluts then you get more pussy. It is in your benefit if no woman ever ever wants to marry ever again. 

You need to embrace feminism and stop throwing rocks at it. OK, changes have occurred. I have been run over by many of them as much as anybody. Work in corporations suck now. They have fucked up a lot of shit for men. But the big picture is that they are freeing men from a truly stupid life and allowing them to live free in a meaningful form. 

I don’t have to work a soul busting corporate job anymore to pay for some bitch that took 80% of the money that I made to spend on horseshit. I don’t have to sit in a fucking cube anymore surrounded by dweebs. I don’t have to sit in boring meetings and listen to bitches drone on. I do what I want. I eat what I want. I go where I want. I travel where I want. I work or don’t work when I want. I am now less lonely than I was because she went to sleep early and I was down in the living room watching the fucking stupid History Channel or reading one of 1000 books I read while I was married. I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder at what I do, what I spend, where I go, who I talk to. I don’t have anyone whipping me, abusing me, screaming at me, manipulating me to do what she wants me to do.
Because of feminism, I am fucking free. I am no longer a husband living that boring stupid life, and I no longer have to work in a stupid corporation to get the money to pay for the life that bitch constructed. I am no longer a slave. 

The reality is Women’s Liberation means Men’s Liberation. Let them go their fucking way. Let them be single moms. Let them work the stupid jobs that this economy is producing in those Femcentric companies. 

Better Obama is their husband than me. And you. The monetary price you would pay is worth the freedom that you will get.Stop fighting it and see it for what it is.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

7.62 Millimetre: Full Metal Jacket

 " fucking respite for us..." Mark E Smith

Is there any place that is emotionally, spiritually salubrious, satiating for the average twenty something these days? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Ireland's in a pretty dire place now, the famous Joyce quote of the "sow that eats her own farrow" quote is even more pertinent than ever before. We now a foreign debt figure per person in the six figure range. We have ten percent of those with mortgages in arrears. We have widespread emigration. Two in five people are overweight. The women are catty, boring, empty headed, westernized, homely fatties. But, what irritates me the most, is the lack of fucking responsibility any one of you cunts are taking. You pieces of shit, you fucking dumbasses. You blame the omg EVIL bankers, the nefarious cunts in Brussels, the odoriferous dealings with Anglo Irish, and Sean Quinn and everything else, while still vegetating in front of absolute garbage like The X Factor and Celebrity Banisteoir and The Voice, while tuning in to braindead gobshite Vincent Brown every night at eleven. Yet, you are the biggest problem here. Hey there fuckface!


It's everyone's fucking fault, so stop acting so puerile. It's your fault you were fucking stupid enough to take out a massive 8000000 euro mortgage when your salary was sixty thousand. It's the universities fault for hiring phoney economists, lecturing in universities like UCD and Trinity, polluting student's minds with Keynesian horseshit, and then going WHAT THE FUCK we didn't see any of this coming when they got jobs in Anglo Irish Bank (with paltry reserve ratios of less than 1 percent and a solvency problem a junior accountant could have spotted). What about that major credit card debt you built up by buying garbage you didn't need? Oh, but that's ok, we can remortgage something. Single mothers, you're next, a fucking sixth plague of Egypt on society. You are selfishly screwing up the state, so that your bastard spawn can cause sheer bloody mayhem for people (you are not special) at large, while decent hard working people have to pay for it out of their own taxes. Fuck you too. You expect council houses, welfare. For what? Being selfish fucking whores? The correlation with single mothers and their sons doing time being as high as it is? Yeah, you play with fire, you're going to get burned. Fuck it. You complain about them "immigrants who took our jobs derpady derp", because you decided to take lucrative jobs in office buildings which consisted of selling property to each other, stealing money off others that wasn't yours, not creating wealth, when they took the more stable stuff, the useful jobs, and they worked for it. Boohoo. To the women, you complain about there being no good men, yet you're getting married at the age of 32 when your cunts are like pepperoni after riding the carousal, your mediocre kids will tragically end up with Down Syndrome, and you acted spitefully, jealously, abrasively, when I told you about my Polish girlfriend and how we walked around St Stephens Green for the day, holding hands and laughing. Kind, feminine, fun, able to have a reasonably abtruse conversation with her. You're just shit, you're not fit for a blowie round the back of Andrew's Lane. You can't even use a fucking frying pan, you can't even cook, for christs sake, maybe that's why you're like Boss Hog these days?  Last Thursday, I saw an Irish girl piss in the middle of the street. This nonsense is common, believe it or not. Guess what, you're a dumbass too as today, you spent half your time ranting about, how like totally (because Dubliners are kalifornicationized nowt) this creep came on to you in a bar, and you were like, HELLO I'm a seven (you're not, you're a fucking four), and I was bored to death with your simple mindedness.

Then you, you counselors, you teachers, you told us how we HAD to go to university and major in dumbass liberal arts degrees and it would all be gravy. Then, you made me see members of my own family sitting on their arses with nothing tae do, or getting stuff abroad because they had that sweet fucking lie told to them for four years. And you, the parents of us, the Boomers, you fed us all that liberal shit of "do what you feel is good. " And you're still doing it, you certainty capitalized off the Croke Park agreement didn't you? Smiling all the way to retirement, all those exotic countries to visit! Say, how was Tunisia? How's retiring at the ages of 50 and 55? Hooray. Hear the cry of the Irish man with a smirk saying I'll be working till 75. Heh. Old bollocks made a funny. Wait till we stop paying, then you'll wonder where your heart attack medicine went, you prick. My fellow students are worse too. Student union in corrupt endeavors. Check.  Baby Boomer brainwashing. Cheeeck! Because what we need is MORE equality! More decadence! More cultural marxism! More dialectical materialism! More man booker prize crap about the malevolent male! That's the answer! Get talking to a fucking UCD or Trinners Sinn Feiner right, (well, don't) and they're all bloody Marxists who sing from the same "hymn" sheet of blahblahcanttaxyourwayoutofarecessioncapitalismblows" and but so; there's no centralization of goddamn thought here.

There is absolutely NO way of expressing an alt-right view in this country without being labelled a hater or a neo nazi, or a white nationalist, even if you're fucking Ralph on the Island of the Flies. To the effeminate men bowing down to the wimmenz, I see that daily as well, shut up and stop doing what you're doing, I get sick looking at you. Skinny fatties with high pitched stutters, to you I say, you make me ill looking at yous.  Oh, hi, meet my fairy faggot friend, and we have to hear another Gok Wan impersonator! Say what you will about arrogant Dublin 4 Blackrock rugby players, but at least some of those guys embody something, some form of masculinity, even if has been corrupted. And the radio, fucking you Niall Boylan with two fingers. You present the same issues about the poor homosexual community (because it is obviously incredibly important) and bitch on about how religion is a form of child abuse and it's evil cause you read Richard Dawkins, misunderstanding everything, graa!

Oh, and Enda Kenny's wife is really fucking fat.

There are two ways to approach nihilism in my view. You can either get sucked into the abyss and end up like one of those /b/tards. You can destroy history. Or, you embrace/become the Ubensmench. You create your own values, you become your own person, but this of course is pretty goddamn hard. This is counteracting boredom at its most brutal. This is The Pale King. Lately I've been thinking about doing a Matt Forney, more and more. Just leaving. No word, no thoughts, just go. Ireland's messed up right now anyway. Work is not fulfilling, lesbianized as graaagh put it. But then it's not that simple. One needs cash, moolah. So I'll play along. For now. Remember, I'm just like you, right?I look just like you. I talk like you. I'll smile when we pass on the street. You think that I'm normal! Heh. I'll just blend right in with that crowd and tell everyone exactly what they want to hear. We are drifters, outsiders, the omega.

Then after all is said and done, I'm out, enjoying the decline and all that cometh...And if Project Mayhem occurs, unless we haven't been completely imbibed by porn and videogames, I'll be away somewhere, playing the fiddle, a good woman in one hand, a drink in the other.  Just don't come crying to me. You, you all had your chances.

And you blew it. You grasshole.