Wednesday, 3 October 2012

7.62 Millimetre: Full Metal Jacket

 " fucking respite for us..." Mark E Smith

Is there any place that is emotionally, spiritually salubrious, satiating for the average twenty something these days? Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Ireland's in a pretty dire place now, the famous Joyce quote of the "sow that eats her own farrow" quote is even more pertinent than ever before. We now a foreign debt figure per person in the six figure range. We have ten percent of those with mortgages in arrears. We have widespread emigration. Two in five people are overweight. The women are catty, boring, empty headed, westernized, homely fatties. But, what irritates me the most, is the lack of fucking responsibility any one of you cunts are taking. You pieces of shit, you fucking dumbasses. You blame the omg EVIL bankers, the nefarious cunts in Brussels, the odoriferous dealings with Anglo Irish, and Sean Quinn and everything else, while still vegetating in front of absolute garbage like The X Factor and Celebrity Banisteoir and The Voice, while tuning in to braindead gobshite Vincent Brown every night at eleven. Yet, you are the biggest problem here. Hey there fuckface!


It's everyone's fucking fault, so stop acting so puerile. It's your fault you were fucking stupid enough to take out a massive 8000000 euro mortgage when your salary was sixty thousand. It's the universities fault for hiring phoney economists, lecturing in universities like UCD and Trinity, polluting student's minds with Keynesian horseshit, and then going WHAT THE FUCK we didn't see any of this coming when they got jobs in Anglo Irish Bank (with paltry reserve ratios of less than 1 percent and a solvency problem a junior accountant could have spotted). What about that major credit card debt you built up by buying garbage you didn't need? Oh, but that's ok, we can remortgage something. Single mothers, you're next, a fucking sixth plague of Egypt on society. You are selfishly screwing up the state, so that your bastard spawn can cause sheer bloody mayhem for people (you are not special) at large, while decent hard working people have to pay for it out of their own taxes. Fuck you too. You expect council houses, welfare. For what? Being selfish fucking whores? The correlation with single mothers and their sons doing time being as high as it is? Yeah, you play with fire, you're going to get burned. Fuck it. You complain about them "immigrants who took our jobs derpady derp", because you decided to take lucrative jobs in office buildings which consisted of selling property to each other, stealing money off others that wasn't yours, not creating wealth, when they took the more stable stuff, the useful jobs, and they worked for it. Boohoo. To the women, you complain about there being no good men, yet you're getting married at the age of 32 when your cunts are like pepperoni after riding the carousal, your mediocre kids will tragically end up with Down Syndrome, and you acted spitefully, jealously, abrasively, when I told you about my Polish girlfriend and how we walked around St Stephens Green for the day, holding hands and laughing. Kind, feminine, fun, able to have a reasonably abtruse conversation with her. You're just shit, you're not fit for a blowie round the back of Andrew's Lane. You can't even use a fucking frying pan, you can't even cook, for christs sake, maybe that's why you're like Boss Hog these days?  Last Thursday, I saw an Irish girl piss in the middle of the street. This nonsense is common, believe it or not. Guess what, you're a dumbass too as today, you spent half your time ranting about, how like totally (because Dubliners are kalifornicationized nowt) this creep came on to you in a bar, and you were like, HELLO I'm a seven (you're not, you're a fucking four), and I was bored to death with your simple mindedness.

Then you, you counselors, you teachers, you told us how we HAD to go to university and major in dumbass liberal arts degrees and it would all be gravy. Then, you made me see members of my own family sitting on their arses with nothing tae do, or getting stuff abroad because they had that sweet fucking lie told to them for four years. And you, the parents of us, the Boomers, you fed us all that liberal shit of "do what you feel is good. " And you're still doing it, you certainty capitalized off the Croke Park agreement didn't you? Smiling all the way to retirement, all those exotic countries to visit! Say, how was Tunisia? How's retiring at the ages of 50 and 55? Hooray. Hear the cry of the Irish man with a smirk saying I'll be working till 75. Heh. Old bollocks made a funny. Wait till we stop paying, then you'll wonder where your heart attack medicine went, you prick. My fellow students are worse too. Student union in corrupt endeavors. Check.  Baby Boomer brainwashing. Cheeeck! Because what we need is MORE equality! More decadence! More cultural marxism! More dialectical materialism! More man booker prize crap about the malevolent male! That's the answer! Get talking to a fucking UCD or Trinners Sinn Feiner right, (well, don't) and they're all bloody Marxists who sing from the same "hymn" sheet of blahblahcanttaxyourwayoutofarecessioncapitalismblows" and but so; there's no centralization of goddamn thought here.

There is absolutely NO way of expressing an alt-right view in this country without being labelled a hater or a neo nazi, or a white nationalist, even if you're fucking Ralph on the Island of the Flies. To the effeminate men bowing down to the wimmenz, I see that daily as well, shut up and stop doing what you're doing, I get sick looking at you. Skinny fatties with high pitched stutters, to you I say, you make me ill looking at yous.  Oh, hi, meet my fairy faggot friend, and we have to hear another Gok Wan impersonator! Say what you will about arrogant Dublin 4 Blackrock rugby players, but at least some of those guys embody something, some form of masculinity, even if has been corrupted. And the radio, fucking you Niall Boylan with two fingers. You present the same issues about the poor homosexual community (because it is obviously incredibly important) and bitch on about how religion is a form of child abuse and it's evil cause you read Richard Dawkins, misunderstanding everything, graa!

Oh, and Enda Kenny's wife is really fucking fat.

There are two ways to approach nihilism in my view. You can either get sucked into the abyss and end up like one of those /b/tards. You can destroy history. Or, you embrace/become the Ubensmench. You create your own values, you become your own person, but this of course is pretty goddamn hard. This is counteracting boredom at its most brutal. This is The Pale King. Lately I've been thinking about doing a Matt Forney, more and more. Just leaving. No word, no thoughts, just go. Ireland's messed up right now anyway. Work is not fulfilling, lesbianized as graaagh put it. But then it's not that simple. One needs cash, moolah. So I'll play along. For now. Remember, I'm just like you, right?I look just like you. I talk like you. I'll smile when we pass on the street. You think that I'm normal! Heh. I'll just blend right in with that crowd and tell everyone exactly what they want to hear. We are drifters, outsiders, the omega.

Then after all is said and done, I'm out, enjoying the decline and all that cometh...And if Project Mayhem occurs, unless we haven't been completely imbibed by porn and videogames, I'll be away somewhere, playing the fiddle, a good woman in one hand, a drink in the other.  Just don't come crying to me. You, you all had your chances.

And you blew it. You grasshole. 


  1. Ireland has been suffer

  2. Our German overlords handed our asses to us on a platter yesterday in de footie.

    Just keeps getting better.

  3. thanks for sharing.

    1. No bother, and I hope yous continue to comment here.