Saturday, 20 October 2012

Francis Begbie Ramblings 2


U.S voters, guess what are the chances of your vote being the deciding one? One in 60 million. A good argument against voting if there ever was one.

Facebook can be depressing sometimes. It's not just a day by day portrait of woman's ephemeral beauty and the inevitable decline, but it shows the same for men as well. Not many of us are going to end up like George Clooney. Are twenty year olds supposed to be getting fat and pudgy, going bald and grey? Is this natural? Kinda grim to be honest.

2012 has been an incredibly bizarre year for music. Bands which should be well past it, are churning out some of their very best material. Swans, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Converge for fucks sake. Even Neurosis and Burzum's new releases, while not top tier, are still highly enjoyable albums.

I've gone 100+ days without porn. Post coming soon on this. Needless to say, the old brain is back to black.

The 48 Laws of Power is an exceptional book, which you should consider purchasing.

Is Plato a piece of shit? The Theory of Forms is literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

Fucking football team falling apart at the seams. Trapatoni knows he has the FAI (the best football organisation in Merrion Square) by the balls. If he stays, big fucking salary. If he goes, big fucking payoff. Yet another reason to hate the Germans.

South Park was at its best when there were sexual harassment pandas and boxing matches between Jesus and Satan. Now it's an annoying, preachy, condescending piece of trash designed to appeal to "recalcitrant" white SWPL types. I'm not watching it anymore. Fuck it.

I think one topic that isn't touched on enough in the manosphere is the one of social skills. Game without ordinary social skills to back them up, is like trying to learn quaternions without knowing what a complex number is. Anyone have any good blogs? You can always improve on social skills. Or is it like Konaic Soul/Kingdom of Introversion blog say, that your ability to do so is limited?

Interesting fact. Single mothers in Ireland have gone up by 50 percent in the past ten years. Enjoying the decline, as you do.

Anyone believe that something, really big, really nasty, a big Black Swan, is coming our way in the next while, essentially before the year is up? Probably me being ever the cynicist.

I've started taking Krill Oil, and man oh man, the stuff is like fish oil on steroids. It's a bit more pricey, but the opportunity cost is worth it methinks.

Everyone here should visit 4chan at least once and take a look at the /b/ board. This is where the Omega male comes to live and die. This is also worth a blog post. The amount of anger, frustration, hate, from the users is fucking intense.

In Mala Fide is back! And no hentai shite anymore!

Why is it that people lie, yet they assume that others are always telling the truth?

Yet another sign of the decline? Walking in a public park and seeing groups of kids kicking a football around, while their grubby looking parents are sharing cans of Dutch Gold, right there on the grass, pissed out of their heads Happy times.

What Richard Did is a great movie. There's no posh cunt D4 stuff in it, it's just very honest, funny in places and quite sad as well. What makes it different from the book is that Richard is a more sympathetic character. 

What happened to OneStdv and Mangans? I used to read those blogs quite a bit, but now it's all been made private. Pray tell.

I've been up to my arse in work and study and other shenanigans. But rest assured, The Smithy will be back running in (somewhat) full capacity come next week. Thanks for yer patience lads and lassie.

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