Friday, 5 October 2012

Mark Minter Layeth The Smackdown!

Wow, that's one hell of a tirade. Heads up to Mark Minter. I tried to contact him, but unfortunately the link in his name is a dead one. Adding to the "we are angry about shit" compendium, week that it has been. This migh be the most disturbing one of all. A great read, but you might need to grab a beer for this one.

I don’t even have to read the comments. All of you have it wrong. 

Abso-fucking-lutely wrong. 

You are all crying and bitching and wanting to set back the clock and you need to get the fuck over it. Better that government is married to bitches than you. Let me go through this logic for you real fucking slow so that you all can start to get it.

Being married is a stupid life for a man. Actually being a father is a also stupid life for a man the way it is done in America today. You do the most stupid and mind numbing shit in both of those roles. There are better ways to spend your life than as a husband and a father in 2012 America. Being a married father is an insipid, mind numbing, idiotic existence. You are a slave. 

You live in a rigid schedule with a bitch that is never happy, that never has enough, is never satisfied, that is a cunt and a fucking idiot. She gets fat. She dresses like a man. Sex with her is a drag monotonous drag boring drag stupid drag. 

You have never ending stress and financial pressure and you must compromise your very soul in order to bring home the money that parasitic bitch and children demand from you. And they could not give a fuck about you. Everything is oriented towards her and them. Nothing is oriented towards you. Women have acres and acres of products for them and their children. Men have a aisle of shit over in the corner of stores. 

Given the way women are, and the way most of you are, your odds of being in a marriage forever and not getting a divorce is about zilch.point.shit. 0.0000%. Enough zeros? Any of you that are married are probably on the way to divorce if you are not divorced already. Any of you that do get married surely will be divorced. 

A man must avoid marriage, whether you are alpha as fuck or beta as a hell. 

If you are an alpha then marriage is perfect waste of what you are. All alphas, real alphas, chafe under the yoke of marriage. They cannot be monogamous and why should they be? And, once you say “I do”, then you begin a slow march towards to loss of alpha qualities. If you think you can read Athol Kay and avoid this, you are kidding yourself. 

If you are beta, then you will get fucked over in a marriage. Unless you earn in the top 20% of income, or in reality, the top 10% and your wife is not so attractive that she doesn’t has men throwing offers at her, then you will most likely get shafted. This outcome is one of the most written about topics in the Red Pill blogs. 

Men must learn game. What is so fucking hard about this idea? Men need to accept that the way the world is and the way it is going makes learning Game the most important skill that any man can have, more than calculus, than computer skills, than knowledge of tools. Game. Get it? Game. The reason for game is more than pick up lines, it is about avoiding OneItis. Game is a lifestyle that will save your ass and save you needless slavery and pain. 

Things are going to get worse in the future. Nothing can set back the clock. Women will get bitchier. Women will get fatter. In 30 years, 50% of women will be fucking obese. Not fat. OfuckingBese beasts. What few women that are attractive are going to get even shittier, flakier, bitchier, more choice addicted, bigger attention whores than even today. To fuck any of them you will have to have game. They will be besieged by hordes of men from 16 to 60. 

This reality of the social and sexual power that single women have is trickling down through women to girls. Yesterday there was a big press release about the drop in teen pregnancy, as well as a drop in every other age bracket other than bitches that are running up against the wall., 35+ Analysts were surprised that even teen pregnancy dropped. They rationalized that the other drops in births in age brackets other than teens were due to economic reasons, but teen pregnancy is by accident and inadvertent. But for whatever reason, teen girls are going to lengths to insure they don’t get pregnant and fuck up the next 20 years of being “Classy and Fabulous” and short circuiting the brilliant career of attention whoring in front of them. They are getting a clue of the power of that pussy. The word is passing down that there is a real up side to being an attention whore. And having a baby is the biggest downer in that possibility more than any other factor. 

There is chemical tendency in your fucking male body towards development of dopamine when you fuck a woman. She is like heroin and she will addict you and give you OneItis. This is another of the big Red Pill tenets, maybe the most important of all of them. The scarcity model creates OneItis in you. 

The only way to vaccinate yourself from OneItis is FourItis. 

If you have 4 women in a soft harem and you are spinning plates then you can walk away from a women when she tries to put that choke hold on you and drag you into the slavery of marriage.
Any plain looking woman with a pussy that isn’t an obese pig or over 45 is going to be able to throw her husband away and have some other guy there ready to jump right in there. Your wife is going have men sabotaging you at work, at the gym, anywhere she goes. No matter how much Athol Kay you read, eventually all this back-stabbing and offers from other men and women is going to take its toll. You will get divorce raped if you are stupid enough to marry.

You cannot marry. You have to spin plates. 

It will be enormously easier to have bitches to spin as plates if all of them are not married. It is better for you if every fucking woman is single and is a slut than it would be if almost all were married. It will be so much easier for you to spin plates if there are plates to be spun. Even if that women sits home 29 nights a month, that 1 night that she steps out to shake that ass, then she is looking for dick and the motherfucker with game is the one that is going to be the one she chooses.You cannot worry about “society” or “the economy” or “the future” or “the deficit” or the “growth of entitlements”. 

You need to worry about you. You. You. Fuck everything else. Fuck tomorrow. Fuck the deficit. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the economy. Do what is best for you. And appreciate that by letting those bitches get what they want from government and not marrying, then that works in your favor, you, your favor, you, the typical reader of this blog. 

Go back to the original narrative about where “Alpha” came from, the Toba eruption that lead to 1000 years of Arctic winter and the number of bonding pairs reduced to less than 1000 over the whole world. Alpha had the Dark Triad of personality traits and this enabled him to survive, to get through, and women went with him because he was a survivor. 

You have to have that same selfish self-interest. You can’t worry about what’s best for kids, or bankers, or job growth, or household formation, or any of that shit. Worry about you.

You cannot worry about the deficit or free markets or any economic shit that might come about because more and more benefits are given out to women in substitution of husbands. It won’t fall apart today and when it does fall apart you will be dead. If you are truly as narcissistic and as Machiavellian as you should be then you should not use any other filter than is a thing good for you. Feminism is good for you. It is freeing you from the stupidity of being some bitch’s husband. You get to live as a free man. It allows women to stay single so you can fuck them. Whatever negatives it has brought into society is trivial compared to the benefit of you not marrying anymore. 

You need to be happy that it is happening. Even if it raises your taxes by 10%, or even 20%, it is still better than being married. If you marry, that bitch will take 80% from you while you are married and then take 40% in child support when she divorces you. If you marry, you are a slave.
It is said that marriage is the last resort of a bachelor. It is also said that a man marries because he is tired. Tired of dating. Tired of the bullshit the AFC goes through. 

Think back to 1985. When a man got to be 28 and just entering into his peak in SMV then he starts receiving “Marriage signals”. His friends start dropping off into marriage, one at a time. Women that he is with start pressuring him. They would dump him if he didn’t agree to commit to marriage. When a guy was 35 and wasn’t married then he was effectively alone in a world of married people.
It’s not that way anymore. 

Dalrock is adamant that women are the ones eschewing marriage and not men. So every woman that decides not to marry, then that is one more man that gets to live free, free of the financial tyranny, free of the emotional bullshit, free of the monotony and the boredom, free of the abuse that women heap on men during marriage.

The more men that are single then that begins to create market opportunities for men, more things that single men like, more clubs, more video games, more topless bars, more cars and products designed specifically for men, more housing options for single men. Options That are intended for only Single men and not married men that are making decisions with the filter of having a wife and family as the determining factor in their decisions. 

I’ll give a very stretched connection. I have no data to support it other Event A happened and Event B happened. But I feel they are related.

The number of women that have the US government census status of “Never Been Married” has increased by 33% since 2000. 48% of women 25-30 have this status today, an increase of 16 percentage points since 2000 from 32% to 48%. For every one of those women that are not married, there is a man that is not married. So that means that the number of men that have “Never Been Married” has increased also. They are referred to as the Puearchy. It has grown considerably and is attracting the attention of pundits with this “Man Up” shaming bullshit. 

Now, look at the growth in the amount of college football today compared to 2000. There is much more. Look at the size of the TV contracts that have recently been signed. Do you fucking think married men are sitting around watching college football all day on Saturday? No, those guys are being dragged around malls, kids sports and kids social events. But if you are single, this development is a fucking bonanza for you. 

I read an article the other on how new Marketing strategies are emerging to actually tap this emerging market. Prior advertising oriented to men had some shaming factor in it. You should buy life insurance so your wife can have money when you die. You should buy our tires to keep from killing your kids. You should drink our beer, wear our clothes, our cologne so that women will want you. Some advertising is now actually appealing to motives that their product directly benefits you, the single man. 

More unmarried men means a better life and more options for unmarried men. Real choices that are for you and not choices that you would make in sacrifice for some woman and her children. More of your friends stay unmarried. You have more options now. 

So to sum, marriage is not for you, you, particularly, as a reader of this blog. You need to spin plates. You need women to avoid marriage because government allows them to feel the sense of security that they need to stay single. You want more men to be single and not get married so you have better and more market opportunities available that are designed for you, the single man. You want more women to be single and to be sluts. Because the more single women sluts there are, then more options for plate spinning that you have available to you. 

The more plates you spin, the less susceptible to Oneitis you are, and the more you avoid marriage. If you don’t marry then the effects of feminism, of divorce rape, of custody battles will have less effect on you. If there are more available single sluts then you get more pussy. It is in your benefit if no woman ever ever wants to marry ever again. 

You need to embrace feminism and stop throwing rocks at it. OK, changes have occurred. I have been run over by many of them as much as anybody. Work in corporations suck now. They have fucked up a lot of shit for men. But the big picture is that they are freeing men from a truly stupid life and allowing them to live free in a meaningful form. 

I don’t have to work a soul busting corporate job anymore to pay for some bitch that took 80% of the money that I made to spend on horseshit. I don’t have to sit in a fucking cube anymore surrounded by dweebs. I don’t have to sit in boring meetings and listen to bitches drone on. I do what I want. I eat what I want. I go where I want. I travel where I want. I work or don’t work when I want. I am now less lonely than I was because she went to sleep early and I was down in the living room watching the fucking stupid History Channel or reading one of 1000 books I read while I was married. I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder at what I do, what I spend, where I go, who I talk to. I don’t have anyone whipping me, abusing me, screaming at me, manipulating me to do what she wants me to do.
Because of feminism, I am fucking free. I am no longer a husband living that boring stupid life, and I no longer have to work in a stupid corporation to get the money to pay for the life that bitch constructed. I am no longer a slave. 

The reality is Women’s Liberation means Men’s Liberation. Let them go their fucking way. Let them be single moms. Let them work the stupid jobs that this economy is producing in those Femcentric companies. 

Better Obama is their husband than me. And you. The monetary price you would pay is worth the freedom that you will get.Stop fighting it and see it for what it is.


  1. sounds like he needs therapy. no wonder he's angry.. he's oozing beta.

    1. On this blog, we believe a rant now and again is ok, and things might be shite, and times might be dark, but overall you should stop whining, get off your backside, and do something for yourself, become someone you can be proud of.

  2. Not beta and I don't therapy. Just telling it like it is. You are a fool to marry. Learn Game. Pump them. Dump them.

    The point of the original post to which I commented was about how you could use Game to keep a relationship going.

    It is a totally foolish idea.

    1. Now we know; extremely beta.

  3. Agree half ways.

    For game, a slut is still a slut. For a good lassie, well, that's another story.

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