Sunday, 28 October 2012

Trainspotters Born Slippy (Advice for Teenager Readers in The Manosphere)

I feel like an old fiend with white hair and rickety bones writing this post, even though I've only been officially, not a teenager for a little bit over two years. But it needs to be said, especially when one is trying to wash out the bitter aftertaste of hipster twat.

Fucking Ruby Sparks. 

Teenagers suck in my opinion. They're usually boring wannabe iconoclasts, obnoxious bellends with little squirrel brains, myself included. However, as Schopenhauer put it "Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is 28". So if you're a turd now, you've got a bit more time.

This is not a post ripping on you guys though. This is a post from someone who is about four/five years older than you and has looked back at his teenage years and regretted them, wishing he spent more time being proactive, and less time smoking hash and playing Final Fantasy 7. This, is my humble advice from an Omega fuckup. Stuff that I would do if I was a teenager again, and stuff that I'm trying to do now to catch up. 

First, your future. You probably have no idea what you want to be. That's perfectly fine of course, I still have no idea what I want to be either, but what I do know,  is that skills rule and make the world go round. Learning stuff like maths and science is absolutely, utterly essential, and should be your utmost priority in school. The jobs correlated with maths and science are more plentiful. They are better paid. They have lower unemployment rates. They are in short, your ticket out of here. Matrices, basic t square hypothesis testing, calculus, logs, complex numbers. All of these will crop up time and time again, so get your arse on the Khan Academy and practise some problem sets if your teacher is fucking shit. Make sure you master them, and do so as early as possible. The longer you let this shit slide, the harder it is to catch up. Work your arse off at school. Have a side business to earn a little bit of income. For example, I give out grinds for money. If that is not possible, then learn a trade, or even join the military and blow something up. Don't, for the love of fuck, go it half assed and study English or Law or some bullshit. You'll come out the other end, asking yourself now what, and living back home with the old pair, surfing the net for a non-existent job. The Baby Boomers do all this "do what you feeelll" shit. Don't listen to them. They have no idea what's going on at the frontline.

Second, lift weights. Game takes practise time and experience, and if you are socially inept, you will get a legup. Looks will allow you a bigger margin of error, and as a corollary to this, this leg up in looks will make you better socially. Finally, can anyone of yous ever think of the muscular kid who was bullied? Neither can I. A good diet is the backbone to this. Paleo/Ketogenic/Atkins hybrid thing. I'll do a post on diet later, but there's plenty of good stuff out there. It really isn't rocket science.

Third, you must learn game. The single greatest confidence booster to a young man is fucking a hot lassie doggy style. Again, you've more than likely come across the Roissy/Roosh/Rollo triumvirate if you're floating around here, and more asides, but I cannot stress this enough. You need to master the Venusian Arts. Meet lassies. Pull them. Dump them. Spank them on the ass. Have experiences.

Fourth, read good books, and listen to good music. Metal and classical music are the greatest of genres. Don't listen to wussified shit like Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, The Microphones or some effeminate singer songwriter singing about some lassie who screwed him over. Don't read crap from Man Booker Prize writers. Avoid writers who try and write how people should be. Avoid Colm Toibin, Julian Barnes, Ian MacEwan, Will Self.  Read the works of Aristotle, Nietszche, Kant, Proust, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, Homer, Kafka, Bolano, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Lord Byron, Dostoevsky, Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, James Joyce, Hunter S Thompson, Irvine Welsh, Hayek, Kierkegaard. Don't read criticism, people like Harold Bloom pollute and distort the meanings, the feelings, the ideas of truly great works. Unfortunately I'm a complete dilletante when it comes to philosophy, but the fiction part I can account for. The men I listed were far smarter and more cognisant of human nature and all its idiosyncrasies, than both you and I ever will be. Reading them will help you become the well rounded person you want to be. 

Fifth, if your mates are losers, ditch them. Loser breeds loser. They will drag you down. 

Sixth, you must have a project. Your body, your novel, your maths proof, your repudiation of all the shit that's been flung your way. Never give up. Get ready to bleed, and to bleed hard. Never, ever allow your love of life to be diluted by mindless entertainment and videoporn. 

Seventh, our parents have almost single handily destroyed the world. It will be up to us, you and me, my generation, to rebuild it, or let it all burn down. There are many reasons for the young to be frustrated of course, but you have the knowledge, you have the ideas, the drive. You have what it takes to be a good man, rather than being good at being a man. One of yous out there is a genius and a worldchanger. You have the internet. You have power.

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