Thursday, 29 November 2012

Morning Bell

"Once a week usually. I tend to take them to zoo, or to cinema. I go to Cineworld in Parnell Street, umm...most of the time. I go to the, um? Centra nearby and get some popcorn in there because the cinema stuff is very...very expensive yes. 

*takes a drink from his pint*

"They enjoy the movie. My daughter... Bianca is good girl. I love her. She, was, um funny, she, in movie room, ok, points to screen and say (holding up hands) "I don't lwike the scwary monstwer" and everyone in movie laugh. She looks like her mother."


"Hows she doing at home like?"

"Well, she not, umm so bad. Her marks in school, not so good, but she gets umm, on well with other boys and girls. It's my older son that is cold with me."

"In what way?"

"Well my wife, she tell him things. He's old enough to..umm understand. Nearly adult. He is fourteen."

*takes a drink from his pint*

"She tells him I chase other women. That I am loose. She tells him I am after others. She tell them I...umm, bad man."

"All the women that fucked us over, eh?Heh! Let me get my calender out! Tuesdays still free! Tuesday! TUESDAY"

"Hehe yes. Francis. Have you woman to ruin life on Friday?"

"Yeah, and she's even worse than that fucking Man City/Real Madrid referee."

"That wasn't even penalty! That was child, tapping other child on back"

"Fucking threw away my bleedin money with it toos "


"Arseways! The whole thing!"

"My son likes football. He was probably watching it."

*takes a big slug from his pint*

"In fact, I try and surprise him. I go to shop, and um, buy him these nice football boots. He is, umm, defender. I've seen him at games."

*takes a small mouthful of beer this time*

"So I get in car, ok, and put the boots in the back. I put my keys in ignition and drive to, umm, the house. I walk up with bag, and I ring the door."


"I see someone moving through the glass and I make out my son. He comes to door and opens it. I say hi."

*takes a big slug from his pint*



"He just stare at me. With these big, sad blue moon eyes. I don't know."

"You dont know?"

"He has gotten bigger. He is skinny, umm.. but big. I am not looking down on him by much anymore."


"I say to my boy then. I say, good, you are here. I want to talk to you. I know things have been tough between you and your mother recently. So I get you present. Football boots."

"What kind of boots were they?"

"The one's that Tevez wears. Tevez is my son's favorite player."

"Ah right"

"But then he look at me with these sad puppy dog eyes Francis."

"And then what?"


"Sorry, don't mean to be de nosy cunt like."



"He close door on my face."

*takes a slug from pint"

"I work in catering. I tell everyone your age, all students like you. Don't marry. Don't have them. Bad. My kids? They hate me now. Yet they miss me."


"That does not mean I regret having kids. They are my life. And I hate children. Fat smelly things."


" I regret, (takes a drink from pint) not taking life by balls you know. And here I am, shit man. She got new boyfriend."

"Cut the kids in half right?"



"So I stand there. Like fool. Holding boots limp in hand. I can't even lock, sorry knock again. It is...umm too much. I hear umm...cartoons coming from tv. My daughter. Then I go back to car and fall asleep. She is just like other kids. Few kids I know growing up at home have divorced parents. They Now, the norm."


"I fucked up Francis."


"Mate, don't be so hard on yourself. No one knew this was going to happen."

"Thing is. I sort of did. Even when I go out with her for first time. Something off about her. Can't put finger on it."

"But I remember how we went kayaking together."


"That was fun."


"She was beautiful."



"So, umm, I go to store tomorrow actually. I plan to buy karate gear."

"Whys that?"

"There are many fights ahead Francis. Now moreso than ever, you can't rely on people to help you. I need defence. I get fucked over by state."


"I cannot trust them anymore."


"I also want my son and daughter to admire me. To say, here is John and he is my father. Which I don't think they do."


"Then I plan to climb mountain, umm later on. Brandon in Kerry. Big mountain. Biggest in Ireland."



"The view will be beautiful and I will take it all in. Then, I will be me again."



"Wish you way more luck mate."


"Thank you."


"One more for the road so?"




"Ah go on sure."

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Great Books For Men



No, but let's be serious for a moment. One of the greatest things about the Manosphere is the fact that it encourages one to be auto didactic.Useful, lasting advice on how to make your way through a mad as a hatter world.

Introducing the Great Books For Men list.

Here's how shits going to go down. This post is essentially a giant fuck off list of book recommendations, dedicated to a plethora of fields. What kind of stuff? Whatever the bloody fuck you want, son! Whether it is history, science, philosophy, game, literature, anthropology, etc, the Great Books For Men post (link at the top of the page) will list out books that are genuinely great in their field. If the book is good enough to add to a subheading, I will subsequently do so. If you have any recommendations, send them in or comment down below. Obviously, I have only so much time on my hands, but hopefully, this, over the next while, will evolve into a detailed, useful and comprehensive list.

So, here's a few lists.

Books to improve your health:
Good Calories/Bad Calories (or The Diet Delusion): Gary Taubes.
Why We Get Fat:  Gary Taubes
The Paleo Solution: Robb Wolf
Body of a Spartan: Victor Pride
The 4 Hour Body: Tim Ferriss

Books to improve your understanding of economics:
Debunking Economics: Steve Keen
The Road to Serfdom: Freddie Von Hayek
The Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness: Nicolas Nassim Taleb
The Wealth of Nations: Adam Smith
An Introduction to Austrian Economics: Thomas C Taylor

Books to improve your day to day social skills:
How to Win Friends and Influence People: Dale Carnegie
The 48 Laws of Power: Robert Greene
The Art of Seduction: Robert Greene
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion: Robert B Cialdini 

Books of philosophy:
Ethics: Aristotle
Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Nietzsche
Benjamin Franklin's autobiography
Tractus: Wittgenstein
The Prince: Machiavelli
Essays: Schopenhauer
Propaganda: Edward Bernays
Meditations: Marcus Aurelius
Antifragile: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Birth of Tragedy: Nietzsche  The Irrational Atheist:Theodore Bale
The Way of Men: Jack Donovan
Decline of the West: Oswald Spengler

Literature which are brilliant examples of game/anti game:
Don Juan: Lord Byron
A Streetcar Named Desire: Tennessee Williams
The Unbearable Lightness of Being: Milan Kundera
Macbeth: William Shakespeare
Villette: Bronte
Ulysses: James Joyce
The Canterbury Tales (Wife of Bath): Chaucer
The Seducer's Diary: Kierkegaard

Brilliant fiction/Red Pill fiction:
Don Quixote: Cervantes
Journey To The Centre of the Night: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Infinite Jest/The Pale King: David Foster Wallace
Collected Works of William Shakespeare
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Hunter S Thompson
Blood Meredian: Cormac McCarthy
In Search of Lost Time: Marcel Proust
2666: Roberto Bolano
The Unbearable Lightness of Being: Milan Kundera
A Confederacy of Dunces: John Kennedy Toole
Don Juan: Lord Byron
Hunger: Knut Hamsun
Ulysses: James Joyce
Moby Dick: Herman Melville 
Murphy: Samuel Beckett
The Third Policeman: Flann O Brian
The Brothers Karamazov: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Devils: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Sound and the Fury: William Faulkner
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Ken Kesey 

Thinking, Fast and Slow: Daniel Kahneman
Bad Pharma: Ben Goldacre
The Selfish Gene: Richard Dawkins
The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg

So stop playing video games you fucking pussy. You're better than that. Get the books out, free up some time, have a project. Become a Renaissance Man.

The list will be updated whenever I feel like it.

Friday, 23 November 2012

A Vindication of the Rights of the Beta Male


When you think you've read everything you need to read in the manosphere, every "slay dem bitch titties post", when you've swallowed every red pill, ruminated over every little cog and wheel and how the whole thing coalesces, you end up reading an astonishing, palatable post like this, that puts your faith back in the whole thing. It's a far cry from the Rockyesque triumph over adversity tale that is ubiquitous amidst the blogosphere here. On the contrary, it is a post that shows the dark, shitty, sad, underbelly of male celibacy. What makes the post all the more raw, is that people fallaciously assert that the sex deprived omega male ends up either in front of their computer playing Minecraft and eating salty, fatty crisps, completely obscured by clouds, or doing a James Watson or a Brevik and spraying bullets everywhere willy fucking nilly. They think in extremes, binary, all binary. They are not cognisant of the dark, dank quiet despair that comes with a life like this. Martin Amis called it power virginity. The feelings are such, that the cannot be spoken about, thus, they must be passed over into silence. It's not like the fucking movies is it? They fed us on little white lies, each more terrible and great than the last. There is one part of his post that really struck with me in particular:
I do my best to leave it in the past as these feelings will not help me move forward in life, or allow me to be happy. But the bitterness of having been put on that path that scarred me forever by a bunch of lying misguided nonsensical feminine/feminist talking points about men being more in touch with their feelings and women preferring ‘nice‘ qualities over brutish, decisive, dominant behavior.. well i don’t think it will ever fade with time.

I paid a heavy price for believing it.
An ancillary characteristic of manosphere writings, is the acknowledgement for constructive nihilism, that strive for Nietzsche's ubensmench. That you create your own values, your own morals, your eternal recurrence lol. But, societies do not function well with this dubious paradigm. We fucking need beta males. M3 in his past was the beta male archtype. Back three score years ago, he would have married a six, had the three kids say, contributed to society in a meaningful way, would have had a community. The third fucking planet. Not a bad life, it must be said. I always wonder, Nietszche, obsessed with Greek values and Homer, would have made of James Joyce's Ulysses, where Joyce literally took the values of Homer, the values of men, the way of men, and plugged them into the day to day goings on, a retelling of The Odyssey, but centred in early twentieth century Dublin? My point is that the beta male is to be celebrated, Leopald Bloom is to be celebrated, because that is society. The beta male exchanges work ideas, innovation, and productivity in exchange for women. This is the social contract, and it is brittle, weak. Tune in next time fuckos!

This is what it comes down to. This quiet despair which has no name, is creating a generation, my generation of permanently damaged men. This damage is never obvious, is subtle, often oblique, but often, almost always there. Hey, Johnny's asexual! I wonder why that is! Fucking Billy is listening to Arcade Fire and dressing like a transvestite's wet dream. He's got a fucking degree in Physics, and all he does is sit around playing Minecraft. Everything is ironic, and means nothing. Wiggers wearing bandannas and speaking like they be from the ghetto like. Brians feeling a bit down lately, here's Lexapro mate. That will sort you right out. On the precipe, there is always, hot, white anger. It comes in waves of falling down and breaking up. The loss of one's mind. One book that captures that vitoral well, is the book I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe. Flawed yes. Insightful, extremely. Slammed on release because none of the characters are involved in cultural marxism stereotypes, I wager. But anyway, I digress. One of the book's main characters, Adam, is a twenty year old virgin. He's a smart kid, but he has to work, delivering pizzas in a shitty minimum wage job, the victim of a dominating single mother. On one hand, he is rightfully angry. The likes of Jojo and degenerate Hoyt have access to respect, love, and pussy that Adam only ever dreams about, and are either serendipitous, or for Hoyt, ignore the rules, not play by them, and actually win out on life. But on the other hand, Adam is hard to sympathise with, because he's a piece of fucking shit. He's a jealous, narcissistic asshole who (even though his friends in the Millenials are fucking douches, like the Chinese feminist) is bitter towards the establishment, and is cowardly, milquetoast in the fact of conflict. A hundred years ago, societies had Leopald Bloom betas. Now they have bitter, angry beta nerds like Adam. But, we can see where this came from. Incelibacy not only creates damaged people, it creates people of truly questionable moral fibre, and abysmal character. The wrong beta male these days in the wrong place and you have 4 chan...

But, despite what cuntalicious the end of men writers tell you, it is beta men, who produce wealth and keep your society running. There needs to be a traditionalist manifesto in place. The nuclear family is the bedrock of civilisation and must be encouraged, because order>happiness, doesn't work the other way. Women need to be aware that their sexual value declines from about 25 onwards and a career is detrimental towards having a family. This is important. No one wants a situation where women are stoned in the streets for revealing a bit of cleavage, but they have to be aware of their own sexual value, and how their own spirituality is defined, for the most part, by the family itself, and not the pang in the heart of kitty cat empire and riding the carousel. Nothing lasts forever after all, the perpetual machine dinnae exist. The image of the family needs to be changed as well. The family is portrayed as dull, boring, oppressive, in the face of great adventurers and entrepreneurs. This needs to change. Boredom, everyday do tae doo needs to be cherished. Work needs to be changed, reformed as well. I have absolutely no problem being subjugated by a man of superior intellect. I have a problem when some pimply faced cunt from HR, forty iq points less than me gets me suspended from work because she overheard me saying to my friend, "betcha she's a fucking beast in bed." Yet, all the productivity of wealth, is ending up in the pockets of single mothers. This cannot last, and when the money dries up, the empowered woman will find herself legless. And will the Adams of this world cater for that? The ones who are damaged in the pussy pedestal way, will of course. The others, the ones who have crossed over to the dark side, will take much glee in their suffering. To conclude this point, a return to a patriarchy where both sexes have a comparative advantage should be the goal, not this men going their own way stuff. But that holds no advantages to the individual, so what happens now?

The Renaissance Man, the polymath.

Not that I'm advocating betadom, to clarify, far from it. The whole fucking thing is burning down, and I'm playing the fucking fiddle, fucking barry out on my end. I'm milking the system for what it is worth, and so should you. Betadom these days results in nothingness. Despair. No words/no thoughts. Being screwed, again and again. Imagine a foot, stamping down on the beta male sex drive, forever. As the pool of sexually attractive women evaporates due to obesity and as the few remaining number of women of good character drops precipitously due to EMPOWERMENT YEAH and being raised by damaged, maladroit parents, there will be a mad rush for the krill. You will need game, and, as the game is tough, you will need to become a comparative alpha, or you will rot. If you're like me, introverted nerd, you face a steeper learning curve, then so be it. Hypergamy is hypergamy. Don't be bitter. Civilisation might collapse sooner, but you're better off with a harem. Then you can take your share.

But moreso, this alt right sphere, these reactionary ideas, need to be taught, and need to be felt far and wide. They are growing in influence, but if the widespread, bland, left politics that dominate university campuses is still paramount, then we know that there is a long way to go. Knowing the dark side of human nature means we can alter the Leviathan to cater for this. Not this bastardised system we have right now, where we have a generation of sexually damaged young men. Inform people of these blogs. Game is the entrypoint, as I've talked about many a time before. The scars of rejection rarely heal. There is a lot of righteous anger heading out way. Sex is an essential human right and need, and pornography is merely an ersatz. You need love, touch or you'll shrivel and die. So bend the rules, take no shit and always stand your ground. You will express your points and you will not back down.

I wish you way more than luck. You're going to need it.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Until the Light Takes Us

Here at the epicentre of Francis Begbie/Smithy land, we have, on many an occasion, harangued on about the precipitous decline of the quality of the Irish lassie. But, there is much to be said about the ying, the male, the Irish lad. This post was originally going to be entitled In Defence of Irish Women, but that would have been loike, totally fucken beta.

One of the things I like, being the introverted guy that I am is grabbing a coffee somewhere, sitting down and watching people walk by. People formicating around bricked streets with bundles of groceries, parcels, kids in tow. Seeing these faces, weaving in and out of damp, drizzly weekday Irish weather. Sounds stalkerish, but for myself it's relaxing. You see someone of interest, you start creating a life story of them in your head and sip on your coffee. What goes on in your head, confabulations, the incessant and ineffable feeling of minutiae colliding, whizzing, pieces of information, pointless, excessive like sloppy carbohydrates, is too much and sometimes you need to live vicariously through someone else, stop yourself from fucking thinking about things, and killing yourself at least for a second on a Dublin City street corner.

So I'm there in Talbot Street (all my female readers are getting wet now cause they know where I drink coffee) and this pack of teenage wankers dressed in black and with colourings in their hair, enter my vicinity and queue up to get some fancy latte shit. And as they're chatting away, I overhear one of them (the boyfriend) chat to this bulldog of a (girlfriend) lassie. Poor thing. Butterfaced. Built like Pierce Brosnan's stereo. And get this right, the fucking boyfriend is talking like this:

"I ordore you Cothlin. You ore my sweet thing babes."

Caitlin (fuck the D4 accent) is there, with her face turned away, like shes in pain, like shes afraid of needles.In her eyes. She looks at me, grimaces, and then turns back to mr matchstick twat.

"Or de only woman for me Cothlin."

The cunt is back in orbit.

Gag.Splutter. Fuck.

Is this the kind of shite that lassies have to put up with? These effeminate, faggy, sanctimonious arseholes putting their arms around their shoulders like drunken Blackrock rugby players after a game with Wessers? Here's the thing, roysh. It's the most fucking obvious thing in the world, and was the case for 99.9 percent of human existence, or it was up until around fifty years ago, and if I said this to my grandfather, he would have laughed his hole off at me, but in theses decadent, post bollixed times, it's become a fucking polemic of all things.

Men should be masculine, not pussies. Women should be feminine, not fucking man eating empowered slutbags.

Jesus, I know she's a bit heavy and all, but if that's on offer, what do you do?

Maybe I'm being too hard on the kid though. Ireland's reached the stage where school fights end up with fucking rat a tat tat Ritalin being prescribed to twelve/thirteen year olds. Ever see a kid on this kind of stuff? Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Calm. Blue. Ocean. 

Graaaaaagh once said that language is power, and power is language. This is true, but a question stems from this. Did masculinity as a word, as concept, how long did it exist? Jack Donovan writes a book called The Way of Men. If you were to show someone three/four hundred years ago, tell them about this concept of masculinity, would they either ask, "what the fuck is masculinity" or would they say "yeah mate, we kind of know this!" or are both questions synonymous? Is it a sign of malignant rot that someone called Jack Donovan writes a book and it's fucking brilliant when it should be just fucking obvious to everyone? Masculinity should be like a a mathematical proof if anything. You are not special. You are an animal. You can put all this cigender horseshit on top, but that will never ever, cover over the dark, primal, violent parts of human nature. If you're giving out about the lack of feminine women, when you're a bitch tittied whiner haven a bud, is risible, a pugnacious act from a maladroit individual who is not even coming close to being good at being a man, forget about being a good man, through that out the car window altogether.  And acting like a man, not a fucking pussy, is the closest thing to fucking "happiness" (what does that word even mean anymore?) you can find. Violence, triumph, conflict, rough sex, dominating lassies, respect, The Way of Men and Burzum. That is you.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ron Paul's Swansong

Ok, so this isn't a Ron Paul wankathon, just warning yous in advance. There's this predilection of certain bloggers here, to kiss his arse and call it ice-cream. A number of his ideas/goals are extremely sensible though, might have actually done some good to people, but you fucking idiots voted in a shitty twat of a president and even shittier legislation that fucks up families. I'm re-posting his last speech on the house floor. A great speech from that rarest of politicians, the one that is actually not a complete fucking cunt. Enjoy!

This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor. At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period. My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today: promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty.

It was my opinion, that the course the U.S. embarked on in the latter part of the 20th Century would bring us a major financial crisis and engulf us in a foreign policy that would overextend us and undermine our national security.

To achieve the goals I sought, government would have had to shrink in size and scope, reduce spending, change the monetary system, and reject the unsustainable costs of policing the world and expanding the American Empire.

The problems seemed to be overwhelming and impossible to solve, yet from my view point, just following the constraints placed on the federal government by the Constitution would have been a good place to start.

How Much Did I Accomplish?

In many ways, according to conventional wisdom, my off-and-on career in Congress, from 1976 to 2012, accomplished very little. No named legislation, no named federal buildings or highways—thank goodness. In spite of my efforts, the government has grown exponentially, taxes remain excessive, and the prolific increase of incomprehensible regulations continues. Wars are constant and pursued without Congressional declaration, deficits rise to the sky, poverty is rampant and dependency on the federal government is now worse than any time in our history.

All this with minimal concerns for the deficits and unfunded liabilities that common sense tells us cannot go on much longer. A grand, but never mentioned, bipartisan agreement allows for the well-kept secret that keeps the spending going. One side doesn’t give up one penny on military spending, the other side doesn’t give up one penny on welfare spending, while both sides support the bailouts and subsidies for the banking and corporate elite. And the spending continues as the economy weakens and the downward spiral continues. As the government continues fiddling around, our liberties and our wealth burn in the flames of a foreign policy that makes us less safe.

The major stumbling block to real change in Washington is the total resistance to admitting that the country is broke. This has made compromising, just to agree to increase spending, inevitable since neither side has any intention of cutting spending.

The country and the Congress will remain divisive since there’s no “loot left to divvy up.”

Without this recognition the spenders in Washington will continue the march toward a fiscal cliff much bigger than the one anticipated this coming January.

I have thought a lot about why those of us who believe in liberty, as a solution, have done so poorly in convincing others of its benefits. If liberty is what we claim it is- the principle that protects all personal, social and economic decisions necessary for maximum prosperity and the best chance for peace- it should be an easy sell. Yet, history has shown that the masses have been quite receptive to the promises of authoritarians which are rarely if ever fulfilled.

Authoritarianism vs. Liberty

If authoritarianism leads to poverty and war and less freedom for all individuals and is controlled by rich special interests, the people should be begging for liberty. There certainly was a strong enough sentiment for more freedom at the time of our founding that motivated those who were willing to fight in the revolution against the powerful British government.

During my time in Congress the appetite for liberty has been quite weak; the understanding of its significance negligible. Yet the good news is that compared to 1976 when I first came to Congress, the desire for more freedom and less government in 2012 is much greater and growing, especially in grassroots America. Tens of thousands of teenagers and college age students are, with great enthusiasm, welcoming the message of liberty.

I have a few thoughts as to why the people of a country like ours, once the freest and most prosperous, allowed the conditions to deteriorate to the degree that they have.

Freedom, private property, and enforceable voluntary contracts, generate wealth. In our early history we were very much aware of this. But in the early part of the 20th century our politicians promoted the notion that the tax and monetary systems had to change if we were to involve ourselves in excessive domestic and military spending. That is why Congress gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax. The majority of Americans and many government officials agreed that sacrificing some liberty was necessary to carry out what some claimed to be “progressive” ideas. Pure democracy became acceptable.

They failed to recognized that what they were doing was exactly opposite of what the colonists were seeking when they broke away from the British.

Some complain that my arguments makes no sense, since great wealth and the standard of living improved for many Americans over the last 100 years, even with these new policies.

But the damage to the market economy, and the currency, has been insidious and steady. It took a long time to consume our wealth, destroy the currency and undermine productivity and get our financial obligations to a point of no return. Confidence sometimes lasts longer than deserved. Most of our wealth today depends on debt.

The wealth that we enjoyed and seemed to be endless, allowed concern for the principle of a free society to be neglected. As long as most people believed the material abundance would last forever, worrying about protecting a competitive productive economy and individual liberty seemed unnecessary.

The Age of Redistribution

This neglect ushered in an age of redistribution of wealth by government kowtowing to any and all special interests, except for those who just wanted to left alone. That is why today money in politics far surpasses money currently going into research and development and productive entrepreneurial efforts.

The material benefits became more important than the understanding and promoting the principles of liberty and a free market. It is good that material abundance is a result of liberty but if materialism is all that we care about, problems are guaranteed.

The crisis arrived because the illusion that wealth and prosperity would last forever has ended. Since it was based on debt and a pretense that debt can be papered over by an out-of-control fiat monetary system, it was doomed to fail. We have ended up with a system that doesn’t produce enough even to finance the debt and no fundamental understanding of why a free society is crucial to reversing these trends.

If this is not recognized, the recovery will linger for a long time. Bigger government, more spending, more debt, more poverty for the middle class, and a more intense scramble by the elite special interests will continue.

We Need an Intellectual Awakening

Without an intellectual awakening, the turning point will be driven by economic law. A dollar crisis will bring the current out-of-control system to its knees.

If it’s not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis we can expect a continuous and dangerous march toward corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties. Prosperity for a large middle class though will become an abstract dream.

This continuous move is no different than what we have seen in how our financial crisis of 2008 was handled. Congress first directed, with bipartisan support, bailouts for the wealthy. Then it was the Federal Reserve with its endless quantitative easing. If at first it doesn’t succeed try again; QE1, QE2, and QE3 and with no results we try QE indefinitely—that is until it too fails. There’s a cost to all of this and let me assure you delaying the payment is no longer an option. The rules of the market will extract its pound of flesh and it won’t be pretty.

The current crisis elicits a lot of pessimism. And the pessimism adds to less confidence in the future. The two feed on themselves, making our situation worse.

If the underlying cause of the crisis is not understood we cannot solve our problems. The issues of warfare, welfare, deficits, inflationism, corporatism, bailouts and authoritarianism cannot be ignored. By only expanding these policies we cannot expect good results.

Everyone claims support for freedom. But too often it’s for one’s own freedom and not for others. Too many believe that there must be limits on freedom. They argue that freedom must be directed and managed to achieve fairness and equality thus making it acceptable to curtail, through force, certain liberties.

Some decide what and whose freedoms are to be limited. These are the politicians whose goal in life is power. Their success depends on gaining support from special interests.

No More ‘isms’

The great news is the answer is not to be found in more “isms.” The answers are to be found in more liberty which cost so much less. Under these circumstances spending goes down, wealth production goes up, and the quality of life improves.

Just this recognition—especially if we move in this direction—increases optimism which in itself is beneficial. The follow through with sound policies are required which must be understood and supported by the people.

But there is good evidence that the generation coming of age at the present time is supportive of moving in the direction of more liberty and self-reliance. The more this change in direction and the solutions become known, the quicker will be the return of optimism.

Our job, for those of us who believe that a different system than the one that we have had for the last 100 years, has driven us to this unsustainable crisis, is to be more convincing that there is a wonderful, uncomplicated, and moral system that provides the answers. We had a taste of it in our early history. We need not give up on the notion of advancing this cause.

It worked, but we allowed our leaders to concentrate on the material abundance that freedom generates, while ignoring freedom itself. Now we have neither, but the door is open, out of necessity, for an answer. The answer available is based on the Constitution, individual liberty and prohibiting the use of government force to provide privileges and benefits to all special interests.

After over 100 years we face a society quite different from the one that was intended by the Founders. In many ways their efforts to protect future generations with the Constitution from this danger has failed. Skeptics, at the time the Constitution was written in 1787, warned us of today’s possible outcome. The insidious nature of the erosion of our liberties and the reassurance our great abundance gave us, allowed the process to evolve into the dangerous period in which we now live.

Dependency on Government Largesse

Today we face a dependency on government largesse for almost every need. Our liberties are restricted and government operates outside the rule of law, protecting and rewarding those who buy or coerce government into satisfying their demands. Here are a few examples:

•Undeclared wars are commonplace.

•Welfare for the rich and poor is considered an entitlement.

•The economy is overregulated, overtaxed and grossly distorted by a deeply flawed monetary system.

•Debt is growing exponentially.

•The Patriot Act and FISA legislation passed without much debate have resulted in a steady erosion of our 4th Amendment rights.

•Tragically our government engages in preemptive war, otherwise known as aggression, with no complaints from the American people.

•The drone warfare we are pursuing worldwide is destined to end badly for us as the hatred builds for innocent lives lost and the international laws flaunted. Once we are financially weakened and militarily challenged, there will be a lot resentment thrown our way.

•It’s now the law of the land that the military can arrest American citizens, hold them indefinitely, without charges or a trial.

•Rampant hostility toward free trade is supported by a large number in Washington.

•Supporters of sanctions, currency manipulation and WTO trade retaliation, call the true free traders “isolationists.”

•Sanctions are used to punish countries that don’t follow our orders.

•Bailouts and guarantees for all kinds of misbehavior are routine.

•Central economic planning through monetary policy, regulations and legislative mandates has been an acceptable policy.


Excessive government has created such a mess it prompts many questions:

•Why are sick people who use medical marijuana put in prison?

•Why does the federal government restrict the drinking of raw milk?

•Why can’t Americans manufacturer rope and other products from hemp?

•Why are Americans not allowed to use gold and silver as legal tender as mandated by the Constitution?

•Why is Germany concerned enough to consider repatriating their gold held by the FED for her in New York? Is it that the trust in the U.S. and dollar supremacy beginning to wane?

•Why do our political leaders believe it’s unnecessary to thoroughly audit our own gold?

•Why can’t Americans decide which type of light bulbs they can buy?

•Why is the TSA permitted to abuse the rights of any American traveling by air?

•Why should there be mandatory sentences—even up to life for crimes without victims—as our drug laws require?

•Why have we allowed the federal government to regulate commodes in our homes?

•Why is it political suicide for anyone to criticize AIPAC ?

•Why haven’t we given up on the drug war since it’s an obvious failure and violates the people’s rights? Has nobody noticed that the authorities can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons? How can making our entire society a prison solve the problem?

•Why do we sacrifice so much getting needlessly involved in border disputes and civil strife around the world and ignore the root cause of the most deadly border in the world-the one between Mexico and the US?

•Why does Congress willingly give up its prerogatives to the Executive Branch?

•Why does changing the party in power never change policy? Could it be that the views of both parties are essentially the same?

•Why did the big banks, the large corporations, and foreign banks and foreign central banks get bailed out in 2008 and the middle class lost their jobs and their homes?

•Why do so many in the government and the federal officials believe that creating money out of thin air creates wealth?

•Why do so many accept the deeply flawed principle that government bureaucrats and politicians can protect us from ourselves without totally destroying the principle of liberty?

•Why can’t people understand that war always destroys wealth and liberty?

•Why is there so little concern for the Executive Order that gives the President authority to establish a “kill list,” including American citizens, of those targeted for assassination?

•Why is patriotism thought to be blind loyalty to the government and the politicians who run it, rather than loyalty to the principles of liberty and support for the people? Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it’s wrong.

•Why is it is claimed that if people won’t or can’t take care of their own needs, that people in government can do it for them?

•Why did we ever give the government a safe haven for initiating violence against the people?

•Why do some members defend free markets, but not civil liberties?

•Why do some members defend civil liberties but not free markets? Aren’t they the same?

•Why don’t more defend both economic liberty and personal liberty?

•Why are there not more individuals who seek to intellectually influence others to bring about positive changes than those who seek power to force others to obey their commands?

•Why does the use of religion to support a social gospel and preemptive wars, both of which requires authoritarians to use violence, or the threat of violence, go unchallenged? Aggression and forced redistribution of wealth has nothing to do with the teachings of the world great religions.

•Why do we allow the government and the Federal Reserve to disseminate false information dealing with both economic and foreign policy?

•Why is democracy held in such high esteem when it’s the enemy of the minority and makes all rights relative to the dictates of the majority?

•Why should anyone be surprised that Congress has no credibility, since there’s such a disconnect between what politicians say and what they do?

•Is there any explanation for all the deception, the unhappiness, the fear of the future, the loss of confidence in our leaders, the distrust, the anger and frustration? Yes there is, and there’s a way to reverse these attitudes. The negative perceptions are logical and a consequence of bad policies bringing about our problems. Identification of the problems and recognizing the cause allow the proper changes to come easy.

Trust Yourself, Not the Government

Too many people have for too long placed too much confidence and trust in government and not enough in themselves. Fortunately, many are now becoming aware of the seriousness of the gross mistakes of the past several decades. The blame is shared by both political parties. Many Americans now are demanding to hear the plain truth of things and want the demagoguing to stop. Without this first step, solutions are impossible.

Seeking the truth and finding the answers in liberty and self-reliance promotes the optimism necessary for restoring prosperity. The task is not that difficult if politics doesn’t get in the way.

We have allowed ourselves to get into such a mess for various reasons.

Politicians deceive themselves as to how wealth is produced. Excessive confidence is placed in the judgment of politicians and bureaucrats. This replaces the confidence in a free society. Too many in high places of authority became convinced that only they, armed with arbitrary government power, can bring about fairness, while facilitating wealth production. This always proves to be a utopian dream and destroys wealth and liberty. It impoverishes the people and rewards the special interests who end up controlling both political parties.

It’s no surprise then that much of what goes on in Washington is driven by aggressive partisanship and power seeking, with philosophic differences being minor.

Economic Ignorance

Economic ignorance is commonplace. Keynesianism continues to thrive, although today it is facing healthy and enthusiastic rebuttals. Believers in military Keynesianism and domestic Keynesianism continue to desperately promote their failed policies, as the economy languishes in a deep slumber.

Supporters of all government edicts use humanitarian arguments to justify them.

Humanitarian arguments are always used to justify government mandates related to the economy, monetary policy, foreign policy, and personal liberty. This is on purpose to make it more difficult to challenge. But, initiating violence for humanitarian reasons is still violence. Good intentions are no excuse and are just as harmful as when people use force with bad intentions. The results are always negative.

The immoral use of force is the source of man’s political problems. Sadly, many religious groups, secular organizations, and psychopathic authoritarians endorse government initiated force to change the world. Even when the desired goals are well-intentioned—or especially when well-intentioned—the results are dismal. The good results sought never materialize. The new problems created require even more government force as a solution. The net result is institutionalizing government initiated violence and morally justifying it on humanitarian grounds.

This is the same fundamental reason our government uses force for invading other countries at will, central economic planning at home, and the regulation of personal liberty and habits of our citizens.

It is rather strange, that unless one has a criminal mind and no respect for other people and their property, no one claims it’s permissible to go into one’s neighbor’s house and tell them how to behave, what they can eat, smoke and drink or how to spend their money.

Yet, rarely is it asked why it is morally acceptable that a stranger with a badge and a gun can do the same thing in the name of law and order. Any resistance is met with brute force, fines, taxes, arrests, and even imprisonment. This is done more frequently every day without a proper search warrant.

No Government Monopoly over Initiating Violence

Restraining aggressive behavior is one thing, but legalizing a government monopoly for initiating aggression can only lead to exhausting liberty associated with chaos, anger and the breakdown of civil society. Permitting such authority and expecting saintly behavior from the bureaucrats and the politicians is a pipe dream. We now have a standing army of armed bureaucrats in the TSA, CIA, FBI, Fish and Wildlife, FEMA, IRS, Corp of Engineers, etc. numbering over 100,000. Citizens are guilty until proven innocent in the unconstitutional administrative courts.

Government in a free society should have no authority to meddle in social activities or the economic transactions of individuals. Nor should government meddle in the affairs of other nations. All things peaceful, even when controversial, should be permitted.

We must reject the notion of prior restraint in economic activity just we do in the area of free speech and religious liberty. But even in these areas government is starting to use a backdoor approach of political correctness to regulate speech-a dangerous trend. Since 9/11 monitoring speech on the internet is now a problem since warrants are no longer required.

The Proliferation of Federal Crimes

The Constitution established four federal crimes. Today the experts can’t even agree on how many federal crimes are now on the books—they number into the thousands. No one person can comprehend the enormity of the legal system—especially the tax code. Due to the ill-advised drug war and the endless federal expansion of the criminal code we have over 6 million people under correctional suspension, more than the Soviets ever had, and more than any other nation today, including China. I don’t understand the complacency of the Congress and the willingness to continue their obsession with passing more Federal laws. Mandatory sentencing laws associated with drug laws have compounded our prison problems.

The federal register is now 75,000 pages long and the tax code has 72,000 pages, and expands every year. When will the people start shouting, “enough is enough,” and demand Congress cease and desist.

Achieving Liberty

Liberty can only be achieved when government is denied the aggressive use of force. If one seeks liberty, a precise type of government is needed. To achieve it, more than lip service is required.

Two choices are available.

1. A government designed to protect liberty—a natural right—as its sole objective. The people are expected to care for themselves and reject the use of any force for interfering with another person’s liberty. Government is given a strictly limited authority to enforce contracts, property ownership, settle disputes, and defend against foreign aggression.

2. A government that pretends to protect liberty but is granted power to arbitrarily use force over the people and foreign nations. Though the grant of power many times is meant to be small and limited, it inevitably metastasizes into an omnipotent political cancer. This is the problem for which the world has suffered throughout the ages. Though meant to be limited it nevertheless is a 100% sacrifice of a principle that would-be-tyrants find irresistible. It is used vigorously—though incrementally and insidiously. Granting power to government officials always proves the adage that: “power corrupts.”

Once government gets a limited concession for the use of force to mold people habits and plan the economy, it causes a steady move toward tyrannical government. Only a revolutionary spirit can reverse the process and deny to the government this arbitrary use of aggression. There’s no in-between. Sacrificing a little liberty for imaginary safety always ends badly.

Today’s mess is a result of Americans accepting option #2, even though the Founders attempted to give us Option #1.

The results are not good. As our liberties have been eroded our wealth has been consumed. The wealth we see today is based on debt and a foolish willingness on the part of foreigners to take our dollars for goods and services. They then loan them back to us to perpetuate our debt system. It’s amazing that it has worked for this long but the impasse in Washington, in solving our problems indicate that many are starting to understand the seriousness of the world -wide debt crisis and the dangers we face. The longer this process continues the harsher the outcome will be.

The Financial Crisis Is a Moral Crisis

Many are now acknowledging that a financial crisis looms but few understand it’s, in reality, a moral crisis. It’s the moral crisis that has allowed our liberties to be undermined and permits the exponential growth of illegal government power. Without a clear understanding of the nature of the crisis it will be difficult to prevent a steady march toward tyranny and the poverty that will accompany it.

Ultimately, the people have to decide which form of government they want; option #1 or option #2. There is no other choice. Claiming there is a choice of a “little” tyranny is like describing pregnancy as a “touch of pregnancy.” It is a myth to believe that a mixture of free markets and government central economic planning is a worthy compromise. What we see today is a result of that type of thinking. And the results speak for themselves.

A Culture of Violence

American now suffers from a culture of violence. It’s easy to reject the initiation of violence against one’s neighbor but it’s ironic that the people arbitrarily and freely anoint government officials with monopoly power to initiate violence against the American people—practically at will.

Because it’s the government that initiates force, most people accept it as being legitimate. Those who exert the force have no sense of guilt. It is believed by too many that governments are morally justified in initiating force supposedly to “do good.” They incorrectly believe that this authority has come from the “consent of the people.” The minority, or victims of government violence never consented to suffer the abuse of government mandates, even when dictated by the majority. Victims of TSA excesses never consented to this abuse.

This attitude has given us a policy of initiating war to “do good,” as well. It is claimed that war, to prevent war for noble purposes, is justified. This is similar to what we were once told that: “destroying a village to save a village” was justified. It was said by a US Secretary of State that the loss of 500,000 Iraqis, mostly children, in the 1990s, as a result of American bombs and sanctions, was “worth it” to achieve the “good” we brought to the Iraqi people. And look at the mess that Iraq is in today.

Government use of force to mold social and economic behavior at home and abroad has justified individuals using force on their own terms. The fact that violence by government is seen as morally justified, is the reason why violence will increase when the big financial crisis hits and becomes a political crisis as well.

First, we recognize that individuals shouldn’t initiate violence, then we give the authority to government. Eventually, the immoral use of government violence, when things goes badly, will be used to justify an individual’s “right” to do the same thing. Neither the government nor individuals have the moral right to initiate violence against another yet we are moving toward the day when both will claim this authority. If this cycle is not reversed society will break down.

When needs are pressing, conditions deteriorate and rights become relative to the demands and the whims of the majority. It’s then not a great leap for individuals to take it upon themselves to use violence to get what they claim is theirs. As the economy deteriorates and the wealth discrepancies increase—as are already occurring— violence increases as those in need take it in their own hands to get what they believe is theirs. They will not wait for a government rescue program.

When government officials wield power over others to bail out the special interests, even with disastrous results to the average citizen, they feel no guilt for the harm they do. Those who take us into undeclared wars with many casualties resulting, never lose sleep over the death and destruction their bad decisions caused. They are convinced that what they do is morally justified, and the fact that many suffer just can’t be helped.

When the street criminals do the same thing, they too have no remorse, believing they are only taking what is rightfully theirs. All moral standards become relative. Whether it’s bailouts, privileges, government subsidies or benefits for some from inflating a currency, it’s all part of a process justified by a philosophy of forced redistribution of wealth. Violence, or a threat of such, is the instrument required and unfortunately is of little concern of most members of Congress.

Some argue it’s only a matter of “fairness” that those in need are cared for. There are two problems with this. First, the principle is used to provide a greater amount of benefits to the rich than the poor. Second, no one seems to be concerned about whether or not it’s fair to those who end up paying for the benefits. The costs are usually placed on the backs of the middle class and are hidden from the public eye. Too many people believe government handouts are free, like printing money out of thin air, and there is no cost. That deception is coming to an end. The bills are coming due and that’s what the economic slowdown is all about.

Sadly, we have become accustomed to living with the illegitimate use of force by government. It is the tool for telling the people how to live, what to eat and drink, what to read and how to spend their money.

To develop a truly free society, the issue of initiating force must be understood and rejected. Granting to government even a small amount of force is a dangerous concession.

Limiting Government Excesses vs. a Virtuous Moral People

Our Constitution, which was intended to limit government power and abuse, has failed. The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people. The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified.

Most politicians and pundits are aware of the problems we face but spend all their time in trying to reform government. The sad part is that the suggested reforms almost always lead to less freedom and the importance of a virtuous and moral people is either ignored, or not understood. The new reforms serve only to further undermine liberty. The compounding effect has given us this steady erosion of liberty and the massive expansion of debt. The real question is: if it is liberty we seek, should most of the emphasis be placed on government reform or trying to understand what “a virtuous and moral people” means and how to promote it. The Constitution has not prevented the people from demanding handouts for both rich and poor in their efforts to reform the government, while ignoring the principles of a free society. All branches of our government today are controlled by individuals who use their power to undermine liberty and enhance the welfare/warfare state-and frequently their own wealth and power.

If the people are unhappy with the government performance it must be recognized that government is merely a reflection of an immoral society that rejected a moral government of constitutional limitations of power and love of freedom.

If this is the problem all the tinkering with thousands of pages of new laws and regulations will do nothing to solve the problem.

It is self-evident that our freedoms have been severely limited and the apparent prosperity we still have, is nothing more than leftover wealth from a previous time. This fictitious wealth based on debt and benefits from a false trust in our currency and credit, will play havoc with our society when the bills come due. This means that the full consequence of our lost liberties is yet to be felt.

But that illusion is now ending. Reversing a downward spiral depends on accepting a new approach.

Expect the rapidly expanding homeschooling movement to play a significant role in the revolutionary reforms needed to build a free society with Constitutional protections. We cannot expect a Federal government controlled school system to provide the intellectual ammunition to combat the dangerous growth of government that threatens our liberties.

The internet will provide the alternative to the government/media complex that controls the news and most political propaganda. This is why it’s essential that the internet remains free of government regulation.

Many of our religious institutions and secular organizations support greater dependency on the state by supporting war, welfare and corporatism and ignore the need for a virtuous people.

I never believed that the world or our country could be made more free by politicians, if the people had no desire for freedom.

Under the current circumstances the most we can hope to achieve in the political process is to use it as a podium to reach the people to alert them of the nature of the crisis and the importance of their need to assume responsibility for themselves, if it is liberty that they truly seek. Without this, a constitutionally protected free society is impossible.

If this is true, our individual goal in life ought to be for us to seek virtue and excellence and recognize that self-esteem and happiness only comes from using one’s natural ability, in the most productive manner possible, according to one’s own talents.

Productivity and creativity are the true source of personal satisfaction. Freedom, and not dependency, provides the environment needed to achieve these goals. Government cannot do this for us; it only gets in the way. When the government gets involved, the goal becomes a bailout or a subsidy and these cannot provide a sense of personal achievement.

Achieving legislative power and political influence should not be our goal. Most of the change, if it is to come, will not come from the politicians, but rather from individuals, family, friends, intellectual leaders and our religious institutions. The solution can only come from rejecting the use of coercion, compulsion, government commands, and aggressive force, to mold social and economic behavior. Without accepting these restraints, inevitably the consensus will be to allow the government to mandate economic equality and obedience to the politicians who gain power and promote an environment that smothers the freedoms of everyone. It is then that the responsible individuals who seek excellence and self-esteem by being self-reliance and productive, become the true victims.


What are the greatest dangers that the American people face today and impede the goal of a free society? There are five.

1. The continuous attack on our civil liberties which threatens the rule of law and our ability to resist the onrush of tyranny.

2. Violent anti-Americanism that has engulfed the world. Because the phenomenon of “blow-back” is not understood or denied, our foreign policy is destined to keep us involved in many wars that we have no business being in. National bankruptcy and a greater threat to our national security will result.

3. The ease in which we go to war, without a declaration by Congress, but accepting international authority from the UN or NATO even for preemptive wars, otherwise known as aggression.

4. A financial political crisis as a consequence of excessive debt, unfunded liabilities, spending, bailouts, and gross discrepancy in wealth distribution going from the middle class to the rich. The danger of central economic planning, by the Federal Reserve must be understood.

5. World government taking over local and US sovereignty by getting involved in the issues of war, welfare, trade, banking, a world currency, taxes, property ownership, and private ownership of guns.

Happily, there is an answer for these very dangerous trends.

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone accepted the simple moral premise of rejecting all acts of aggression. The retort to such a suggestion is always: it’s too simplistic, too idealistic, impractical, na├»ve, utopian, dangerous, and unrealistic to strive for such an ideal.

The answer to that is that for thousands of years the acceptance of government force, to rule over the people, at the sacrifice of liberty, was considered moral and the only available option for achieving peace and prosperity.

What could be more utopian than that myth—considering the results especially looking at the state sponsored killing, by nearly every government during the 20th Century, estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. It’s time to reconsider this grant of authority to the state.

No good has ever come from granting monopoly power to the state to use aggression against the people to arbitrarily mold human behavior. Such power, when left unchecked, becomes the seed of an ugly tyranny. This method of governance has been adequately tested, and the results are in: reality dictates we try liberty.

The idealism of non-aggression and rejecting all offensive use of force should be tried. The idealism of government sanctioned violence has been abused throughout history and is the primary source of poverty and war. The theory of a society being based on individual freedom has been around for a long time. It’s time to take a bold step and actually permit it by advancing this cause, rather than taking a step backwards as some would like us to do.

Today the principle of habeas corpus, established when King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215, is under attack. There’s every reason to believe that a renewed effort with the use of the internet that we can instead advance the cause of liberty by spreading an uncensored message that will serve to rein in government authority and challenge the obsession with war and welfare.

What I’m talking about is a system of government guided by the moral principles of peace and tolerance.

The Founders were convinced that a free society could not exist without a moral people. Just writing rules won’t work if the people choose to ignore them. Today the rule of law written in the Constitution has little meaning for most Americans, especially those who work in Washington DC.

Benjamin Franklin claimed “only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” John Adams concurred: “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

A moral people must reject all violence in an effort to mold people’s beliefs or habits.

A society that boos or ridicules the Golden Rule is not a moral society. All great religions endorse the Golden Rule. The same moral standards that individuals are required to follow should apply to all government officials. They cannot be exempt.

The ultimate solution is not in the hands of the government.

The solution falls on each and every individual, with guidance from family, friends and community.

The #1 responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow. This is of greater importance than working on changing the government; that is secondary to promoting a virtuous society. If we can achieve this, then the government will change.

It doesn’t mean that political action or holding office has no value. At times it does nudge policy in the right direction. But what is true is that when seeking office is done for personal aggrandizement, money or power, it becomes useless if not harmful. When political action is taken for the right reasons it’s easy to understand why compromise should be avoided. It also becomes clear why progress is best achieved by working with coalitions, which bring people together, without anyone sacrificing his principles.

Political action, to be truly beneficial, must be directed toward changing the hearts and minds of the people, recognizing that it’s the virtue and morality of the people that allow liberty to flourish.

The Constitution or more laws per se, have no value if the people’s attitudes aren’t changed.

To achieve liberty and peace, two powerful human emotions have to be overcome. Number one is “envy” which leads to hate and class warfare. Number two is “intolerance” which leads to bigoted and judgemental policies. These emotions must be replaced with a much better understanding of love, compassion, tolerance and free market economics. Freedom, when understood, brings people together. When tried, freedom is popular.

The problem we have faced over the years has been that economic interventionists are swayed by envy, whereas social interventionists are swayed by intolerance of habits and lifestyles. The misunderstanding that tolerance is an endorsement of certain activities, motivates many to legislate moral standards which should only be set by individuals making their own choices. Both sides use force to deal with these misplaced emotions. Both are authoritarians. Neither endorses voluntarism. Both views ought to be rejected.

I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out “the plain truth of things.” The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY.

If you find this to be a worthwhile message, spread it throughout the land.