Friday, 23 November 2012

A Vindication of the Rights of the Beta Male


When you think you've read everything you need to read in the manosphere, every "slay dem bitch titties post", when you've swallowed every red pill, ruminated over every little cog and wheel and how the whole thing coalesces, you end up reading an astonishing, palatable post like this, that puts your faith back in the whole thing. It's a far cry from the Rockyesque triumph over adversity tale that is ubiquitous amidst the blogosphere here. On the contrary, it is a post that shows the dark, shitty, sad, underbelly of male celibacy. What makes the post all the more raw, is that people fallaciously assert that the sex deprived omega male ends up either in front of their computer playing Minecraft and eating salty, fatty crisps, completely obscured by clouds, or doing a James Watson or a Brevik and spraying bullets everywhere willy fucking nilly. They think in extremes, binary, all binary. They are not cognisant of the dark, dank quiet despair that comes with a life like this. Martin Amis called it power virginity. The feelings are such, that the cannot be spoken about, thus, they must be passed over into silence. It's not like the fucking movies is it? They fed us on little white lies, each more terrible and great than the last. There is one part of his post that really struck with me in particular:
I do my best to leave it in the past as these feelings will not help me move forward in life, or allow me to be happy. But the bitterness of having been put on that path that scarred me forever by a bunch of lying misguided nonsensical feminine/feminist talking points about men being more in touch with their feelings and women preferring ‘nice‘ qualities over brutish, decisive, dominant behavior.. well i don’t think it will ever fade with time.

I paid a heavy price for believing it.
An ancillary characteristic of manosphere writings, is the acknowledgement for constructive nihilism, that strive for Nietzsche's ubensmench. That you create your own values, your own morals, your eternal recurrence lol. But, societies do not function well with this dubious paradigm. We fucking need beta males. M3 in his past was the beta male archtype. Back three score years ago, he would have married a six, had the three kids say, contributed to society in a meaningful way, would have had a community. The third fucking planet. Not a bad life, it must be said. I always wonder, Nietszche, obsessed with Greek values and Homer, would have made of James Joyce's Ulysses, where Joyce literally took the values of Homer, the values of men, the way of men, and plugged them into the day to day goings on, a retelling of The Odyssey, but centred in early twentieth century Dublin? My point is that the beta male is to be celebrated, Leopald Bloom is to be celebrated, because that is society. The beta male exchanges work ideas, innovation, and productivity in exchange for women. This is the social contract, and it is brittle, weak. Tune in next time fuckos!

This is what it comes down to. This quiet despair which has no name, is creating a generation, my generation of permanently damaged men. This damage is never obvious, is subtle, often oblique, but often, almost always there. Hey, Johnny's asexual! I wonder why that is! Fucking Billy is listening to Arcade Fire and dressing like a transvestite's wet dream. He's got a fucking degree in Physics, and all he does is sit around playing Minecraft. Everything is ironic, and means nothing. Wiggers wearing bandannas and speaking like they be from the ghetto like. Brians feeling a bit down lately, here's Lexapro mate. That will sort you right out. On the precipe, there is always, hot, white anger. It comes in waves of falling down and breaking up. The loss of one's mind. One book that captures that vitoral well, is the book I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe. Flawed yes. Insightful, extremely. Slammed on release because none of the characters are involved in cultural marxism stereotypes, I wager. But anyway, I digress. One of the book's main characters, Adam, is a twenty year old virgin. He's a smart kid, but he has to work, delivering pizzas in a shitty minimum wage job, the victim of a dominating single mother. On one hand, he is rightfully angry. The likes of Jojo and degenerate Hoyt have access to respect, love, and pussy that Adam only ever dreams about, and are either serendipitous, or for Hoyt, ignore the rules, not play by them, and actually win out on life. But on the other hand, Adam is hard to sympathise with, because he's a piece of fucking shit. He's a jealous, narcissistic asshole who (even though his friends in the Millenials are fucking douches, like the Chinese feminist) is bitter towards the establishment, and is cowardly, milquetoast in the fact of conflict. A hundred years ago, societies had Leopald Bloom betas. Now they have bitter, angry beta nerds like Adam. But, we can see where this came from. Incelibacy not only creates damaged people, it creates people of truly questionable moral fibre, and abysmal character. The wrong beta male these days in the wrong place and you have 4 chan...

But, despite what cuntalicious the end of men writers tell you, it is beta men, who produce wealth and keep your society running. There needs to be a traditionalist manifesto in place. The nuclear family is the bedrock of civilisation and must be encouraged, because order>happiness, doesn't work the other way. Women need to be aware that their sexual value declines from about 25 onwards and a career is detrimental towards having a family. This is important. No one wants a situation where women are stoned in the streets for revealing a bit of cleavage, but they have to be aware of their own sexual value, and how their own spirituality is defined, for the most part, by the family itself, and not the pang in the heart of kitty cat empire and riding the carousel. Nothing lasts forever after all, the perpetual machine dinnae exist. The image of the family needs to be changed as well. The family is portrayed as dull, boring, oppressive, in the face of great adventurers and entrepreneurs. This needs to change. Boredom, everyday do tae doo needs to be cherished. Work needs to be changed, reformed as well. I have absolutely no problem being subjugated by a man of superior intellect. I have a problem when some pimply faced cunt from HR, forty iq points less than me gets me suspended from work because she overheard me saying to my friend, "betcha she's a fucking beast in bed." Yet, all the productivity of wealth, is ending up in the pockets of single mothers. This cannot last, and when the money dries up, the empowered woman will find herself legless. And will the Adams of this world cater for that? The ones who are damaged in the pussy pedestal way, will of course. The others, the ones who have crossed over to the dark side, will take much glee in their suffering. To conclude this point, a return to a patriarchy where both sexes have a comparative advantage should be the goal, not this men going their own way stuff. But that holds no advantages to the individual, so what happens now?

The Renaissance Man, the polymath.

Not that I'm advocating betadom, to clarify, far from it. The whole fucking thing is burning down, and I'm playing the fucking fiddle, fucking barry out on my end. I'm milking the system for what it is worth, and so should you. Betadom these days results in nothingness. Despair. No words/no thoughts. Being screwed, again and again. Imagine a foot, stamping down on the beta male sex drive, forever. As the pool of sexually attractive women evaporates due to obesity and as the few remaining number of women of good character drops precipitously due to EMPOWERMENT YEAH and being raised by damaged, maladroit parents, there will be a mad rush for the krill. You will need game, and, as the game is tough, you will need to become a comparative alpha, or you will rot. If you're like me, introverted nerd, you face a steeper learning curve, then so be it. Hypergamy is hypergamy. Don't be bitter. Civilisation might collapse sooner, but you're better off with a harem. Then you can take your share.

But moreso, this alt right sphere, these reactionary ideas, need to be taught, and need to be felt far and wide. They are growing in influence, but if the widespread, bland, left politics that dominate university campuses is still paramount, then we know that there is a long way to go. Knowing the dark side of human nature means we can alter the Leviathan to cater for this. Not this bastardised system we have right now, where we have a generation of sexually damaged young men. Inform people of these blogs. Game is the entrypoint, as I've talked about many a time before. The scars of rejection rarely heal. There is a lot of righteous anger heading out way. Sex is an essential human right and need, and pornography is merely an ersatz. You need love, touch or you'll shrivel and die. So bend the rules, take no shit and always stand your ground. You will express your points and you will not back down.

I wish you way more than luck. You're going to need it.


  1. Great post. This is my first time at the blog and won;t be the last. These guys you describe are actually good men and deserve respect. Bottom line. What needs to happen is an enforcement of naked patriarchy. Not adjusting with clever moves and secretly navigating the maze. Open male authority and a society which gives women to guys like this in order to spread their smartness genes into the future. Plain and simple. It should be open and brazen. Game is nice for now but it is still a subterfuge and subterfuge is always a weapon of the weak. The string openly dominate.

    "I have absolutely no problem being subjugated by a man of superior intellect."

    Exactly brother. I once had a problem with that, but the truth is I'm dumb and have to listen. It hurts at first but once you understand that civilization matters more than you, it is actually welcome and takes a burden off of the "cool guy" that I couldn't handle anyway.


    1. One of the things about going to university, is, not the people who shoudln't be there aside, you come across some extremely smart people, and you realize that some of these guys should be running the show, or would be better at it. Same for the manosphere as a whole actually.

      Cheers for the comment.

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