Thursday, 15 November 2012


N.B: This was a guestpost on The Neckbeard Chronicles a while back, but now that he's shutting down shop, I'm reposting it here.

A fork in the road...

The Game/MGTOW route, The MRM and the blue pill route. Where the hell do we go from here?

First.  The MRM is good in that it tells people about divorce, false rape, statistics, the incidence of domestic abuse, child custody nightmares, the law etc. All of this is incredibly useful and should be known by every man
today. In this way, the MRM are doing good work.

The MRM is bad in that it promotes the "woe is me" victim thing, that they are fucking pussies, something that the vast majority of men actually despise. They are not the people I want representing me. They don't represent part of my interests. Better to reign in hell, than to be ruled in heaven after all. The MRM is bad because it often uses shaming language to make a point (see Elam's comments on Roosh's blog). The MRM is bad because it assumes that the concept of a male's suffrage movement will actually take off, even though some people say otherwise. The MRM is bad because it in itself is Marxist, just like the Marxism of the feminists they hate so much. Equality for them, is both men and women being capable of the exact same things; rather than thinking of equality as being equal in front of the law, and allowing both sexes to be masculine and feminine respectively in their roles, the route that is most satisfying to the greatest number of people. There is something that the MRM's have to realize as well, which is critical to the whole thing, and this is the following: Doing is unequivocally better than arguing.

Game/MGTOW is good because it teaches men to be independent, to build themselves into decent people who they can respect, to become Renaissance Men, to not be sexually frustrated all the time, or at the very least, choose your own life, whatever that entails.

Game/MGTOW is bad because of the rage it causes. Nothing makes you more angry than realizing that you were wrong all this time. From eating well, to marriage and kids, all of it, poof! The path that is expected of you is a minefield full of dead words and divorce papers. Game, and staring into the abyss of nihilism, is something that is common at the beginning. You feel, angry, shite, raging against the machine! Perhaps if I was older, I'd put it to better use, but right now, university level, angry, healthy, that path goes out the fucking window. With Game/MGTOW, we have more Roosh/Roissy's out there, and at the other extreme, more Dave Futrelles. The result: detrimental for society, pandemonium, and a whole number of problems that were once unthinkable. Falling birth rates, plummeting economies, and of course, amusing yourself to death. 

The MRM is at a disadvantage because using Game/valuable Manosphere advice is observable. You can clearly see, for example, that holding all other variables constant, you are getting better with women when you use game. You're getting stronger in the gym, the iron doesn't lie and never will. You feel better because juicing is good for your health. You feel fresh and fly. You are becoming more skilled, more adroit.. It's just a game, after all. Say that to yourself. Just a game. When you are competent, there really is no turning back.

Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future, or when/of this Misandy Bubble is going to pop. What I do know, is that, as my little hobby of reading economics tells me, things are NOT good right now, and the more skills I have, the better I'll be able to weather the effects of that perfect storm, whether it is at a one night stand level, or making my darling bride to be sign a prenup. At this stage, people like Roissy and Roosh and Rollo and a host of manosphere bloggers are doing a far better job of that than the MRM are. To the MRM's, you don't think about ideologies when your job prospects are shit and you're screwing a fat chick. You get that stuff fucking sorted out, then you move onto the bigger fish.

Both sides should be working off each other, and all of us, man woman and child, are in this shit together. Instead we get one side calling the other one out for its shit, which is incredibly puerile in my opinion.

In conclusion? I like having skills and I like women. Until if and or when the MRM and the Game lads start coalescing and working off each other,* I'll be off, as Roissy calls it, going poolside.

*This was what In Mala Fide was building up to be, until Ferd deleted the whole thing. 

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