Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Neckbeard Chronicles Is Shutting Down

Damn shame tis. An excellent blog which inspired me to start Smithy. He raises a few interesting, salient points in his last post, something which I'll discuss at a later date. So, I've taken it on me to make a new blog archiving his posts, there being some great stuff there. Here is his last ever post.

"I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone here that I have entirely lost the drive to continue writing. I don't know what happened, but it happened around the time I made this post at the start of October. Following that I have mostly posted images of social justice warriors being lunatics, with the very occasional longer piece. Tim has been carrying the can for a long time, and I am grateful to him for that. But this can go on no longer.

This blog is dead.

I am going to close/delete it in a week's time, on Monday 19th November. Again, don't ask me what happened. I can't pinpoint what changed in my life. There was no sudden event or realization that killed my ability to keep writing. I just can't any more. I don't want to. Maybe it's the fact that all the successful people, everyone who has his shit together,
does not have anything more than the most superficial internet presence.

And that's the real difference between walking the path vs just talking about it. The internet isn't a substitute for real life. Bloggers are losers - every single one of us. That's why we have time to talk to imaginary people on the internet. It's because we're not talking to real people in real life. Don't deny it. We all have our moments of greatness, but if you've invested any portion of your life into
blogging, you're a social outcast just like me. It doesn't matter if you're a PUA embellishing his bangs or a troll milking lolcows for sweet lulz or just some guy who decided to trek across North America. If your first reaction is to share this with strangers on the internet, it's because your real social life is lacking. I'm not trying to be mean. Everything I'm saying applies just as much to me - in fact moreso, because I'm not even doing anything remotely cool or interesting.

I'm saying all this because, valuable as the wisdom of the manosphere is, it's going to do squat for you if you keep on sitting there, plugged in and reading articles about the latest bang or the latest feminist double standard or the The Latest Outrage or the latest outrage about The Latest Outrage. Once you've absorbed red pill wisdom, get out of there. You have no more use for the place. Go apply it to your actual, real life. Don't go running back to the blog to let everyone know how you did. Do shit in real life and then
deal with it in real life.

I think part of the appeal of living online is that hostiles are that much easier to cope with. Paradoxically, people are prone to be much nastier online, since they are anonymous. But you can be rid of them with a few clicks. You can't do that if someone criticizes you to your face in real life. And if you're so underprepared for real life confrontation, because you've spent your life saying "BANNED LOL" in response to opposition, then you're going to have a hard time when it happens.

This is the final red pill. Whatever further wisdom you will attain in your life will come from elsewhere. The manosphere has taught us the lessons we needed to hear. Now let's go apply it. Let's
disconnect. Let's not be the proverbial full grown adults sitting at the back of a class of second graders (/r/mensrights comes to mind. Guys like that still have a long way to go). We don't need to know about the next four hundred Roissy maxims or Roosh stories or W. F. Price observations. The message has already gotten through. Time to move on.

There are some great writers in the sphere. I will periodically check some sites still. But as far as writing goes, I'm done.

Nothing has gotten better since I started this blog. Things may even have gotten worse. I'm pissed off, full of pent up rage, seeing enemies everywhere, and drifting closer to sociopathy by the day. I hate, really
hate, social justice warriors with an intensity that is difficult to describe. I'm like I was when I began the blog, but less cynical and more outright angry. The devilish joie de vivre has become nihilistic ennui.

I didn't see things going this way. Not long ago, this was a blog on the rise and I was recruiting new writers, convinced this could be a big thing in the sphere. Now, I'm just plain giving up.

Oh, I've done this before, by the way. I've had several separate personae in the manosphere, all of which have generated attention, and my writing under different names continues to be linked to all over the place. I'll leave it up to you guys to speculate who else I am or have been. What has been a true source of amusement to me is that people who have hated and fought with my other usernames have become some of my greatest e-friends under the name Mojo.

Well, it's a trick I'm unlikely to pull again. I'm going for good this time. For what it's worth, I bear no grudges against anyone I have fought with, under any name. I leave in peace.

- Mojo

I'll have the archived blog set up around Thursday/Friday, and I'll stick it in the "people who write well" list.

Edit: Here it is. 


  1. Thanks bro, I discovered his blog less than a week ago so I couldnt read all what he wrote, it was really good and interesting. Hope you have the full archive.

  2. Hope you have the full archive too. Loved his blog.