Friday, 9 November 2012

The US Election and The Future of Ireland


To be honest, I don't really know where to start. Usually I like to tidy up, polish and spit with the old blog posts, but this one is going to be a bit different. It's basically going to be like a billboard, posting messages, ideas, whathaveyeson. It's going to be longer than the usual Smithy post, so crack open the beers and listen to some music. I recommend Burzum.

I was hoping that Mitt Romney would win the U.S election. Not because I'm a die hard, sycophants and all Republican, but because I'm fucking sick of hearing people put Barack Obama on their backs, the shoulders of giants, and proclaim him the new liberal messiah, the new Martin Luther King (and that man slept with 12 year old prostitutes and plagarized others for his PHD in university, hurrah), of sorts. Ireland has always been Democrat, always. Bizarrely enough, this can be juxtaposed with the salient point that Irish Americans had a predilection for voting Republican. But anyway, that's neither here nor there. In the Irish press's coverage of the election, we got to hear stories of (I'm not shitting you), black women who were ninety nine years old talking about how they loved Obama and would vote for him, having not voted for any president IN THEIR FUCKING LIFETIME. Single, overweight mothers on welfare telling yous Irish cunts how Obama saved her life. It's stifling, sick. Nothing to do with the election, just straight up emotional manipulation. It's this cartoonish, malodorous perception of the world where formicating liberal tards proclaim Obama as a great man that really gets me arseways though, and fucking Romney as Darth Vadar and Iran nukie red button blah blah. You tell them that Obama's environmental lobby is seeking to fuck up the only booming part in America, the oil fields. The fact that the unemployment rate figure is bullshit, and the labor force participation rate figure is bullshit. That Helicopter Bernake is a fucking baldie prick and all we have to do is go back to 1990 in Japan to see what he's trying tae doo is unequivocally wrong. Deleritous effects on the world economy. I despise Obama because he's nothing special, or he's an above average individual, and that's just it.. He's an absentee, easily manipulated, weak narcissistic man who is blessed with good looks, reasonable intelligence, and being the springboard for affirmative action. His book, Dreams, is one of the most narcissistic pieces of garbage ever written. Seriously,he rivals John Updike in the tit department. Barack Obama talk bout Barack Obama who have you met, that Barack Obama bloke was so fascinating and interesting, yeah you met Barack Obama right? Meanwhile, black income has actually fallen precipitously under his reign of twatiness, unemployment has risen, and black people continue to fucking vote for him, they feel entitled to a job. There was a recent survey recently in relation to drinking and clubbing from the Irish times.. I quote it, because it's funny. I quote it, because it's sad.

Something like 90 percent of Irish people who drink, think they drink too much.

Something like 80 percent of Irish people who drink, think the government should do more to stop them drinking.

Is this it? Are we THAT helpless?

Ireland changed? The bloody fuck!

Yeah, gimme gimme gimme shelter lads. Fucking a. Now, Romney, I have no opinion really of him. To piss off the liberal prats, and because the man is so amorphous, I was, perhaps slightly deluded in thinking so, might actually do some little good. But now, the black Mary Antoinette literally goes let them eat cake while I eat paleo, spending copious amounts of money on extraneous ostentation. I mean, the numbers are there. The statistics are there. Facebooks of "America should have socialism like Norway" derpa di derp. Can no one see what's actually going on? Ron Paul has gone on record saying we've gone too far. Well, yeah, we have. The U.S election was never going to be important. It was a black flag. It was, well for me, when the moment hit, that there will be NO coming back from this. No fucking way. This is a major kick in the bollocks for the Republicans as well. Expect the party's belief's to converge with the Democrats so the parties, even more so, are looking at each other in a dark, blurred mirror. Democracy=lowest common denominator.

So, there's some awful, nasty stuff coming our way. The US election has properly cemented the idea. People are that fucking retarded. Fuck.This is how it relates to Ireland. My uncle has the same degree as me, roysh. I was talking to him about the program, about the ideas, concepts we are pursuing. Then he laughed. I asked why.

"Francis, you're finessing yer degree end all, and you're only on fucken ____ When I was, uh, doing the degree, we did that stuff in second year! They are really dumbing down the degree aren't they?"

The education system here is a fucking mess. It's weird as well, I get the feeling that my uncle would, with the same level of education, was able to master and utilize his surroundings better than I'll ever be. Everyone should go to university! Everyone should read Mark Haddon, the aspie fag! Science and maths, we fall again and again in industrialised nations. People leaving school not knowing what an exponential function or rudimentary Newtonian physics. Fucking shame. We've nothing, absolutely nothing. Then, you've got the brain drain going on, but the plethora of third world immigrants will still stay around. A poorer, less educated society, more people on welfare. Grades will start to slip in school, and the elephant in the room, IQ, will be avoided. More dumbing down. More, WE NEED MORE FUCKING SPENDING. More "howyes" Finglas single mothers. No more Shakespeare in the classroom. The mortgage problem will also become a lot hairier. Right now, Irish Banks are making money off the fact that Irish bonds have such a high interest rate, and the ECB rate is so fucking low. Buying them bonds and all. So what happens when the Irish Bank balance sheets look a bit better? Well, those poor souls submerged in debt will face evictions and bootings ontae de road.

I can't believe no one has talked about this.

Things will get very, very egregious very very soon. Then I hear back from one of my cousins, who had to emigrate to Russia for a teaching English as a foreign language job. He talks about Russian chicks, and on the bus into university after his phonecall, I overhear two Chernobyl faced slappers talking about having had twelve dicks in a YEAR. Then, we're voting that vile children's referendum in. Because you must, think of the children. Aurini made the prediction that emphasis on the child will be placed in the future of the law. It's happening now mate, children's Read it. If you are reading to this, you have to find your safety net. Your Boomer parents will tell you everything will be fine. Believe them. They have a good track record!

Up until this point in time, I felt like Murphy in the loony bin. Maybe things could get better. The US election has reinforced in my mind that things will go very wrong very soon. The Misandry Bubble. The Obesity Bubble. The Education Bubble. For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. I hope to christ I'm wrong. But, as I'm hanging around O Shea's pub, with slovenly lassies cooing Obama, woo, there is nothing to do but gaze intos the bottom of dat Jack Daniels glass and stifle your true beliefs, your ideas, and slam that glass down, turn round, and flash that shit eating grin!

"Everything will be better now, roysh!"

Float on fuckos.

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