Saturday, 29 December 2012

Welcome to the Manosphere

What exactly are we?

Well, that's a tough question. We are men of all ages, as young as mid teens, as old as late fifties. We are economists, lawyers, hedge fund managers, musicians, physicists, travelers, laymen,engineers. We are American, British, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Persian. Some of use have slept with many a lassie, others are recovering, socially retarded virgin omegas trying to do better in life. Some of us are Christians, some of us are nihilists. Some of us want to be players, others want a monogamous relationship with one woman to start a family. Some of us are gay, but despite the name, there are women here as well who just want to do the best for their family. Some of us are sad at the decline of the west, others are milking it for all it is worth with cheshire cat grins. Some of us seek the truth. We believe that a rapacious world eaten up by the foulest of white lies will end in chaos and ruin. Some of us are disgusted by the Infinite Jests people are consumed by. Some of us are pissed off about the pussification of men and the empowered, "erumpent"woman masquerading as one of us. Some of us are appalled by the collapse of the nuclear family and look to our circle to see the repercussions of modern liberalism. Some of us are disgusted by the abolition of the free market, to be replaced by a malignant behemoth which digs its claws into economics, society, and drowns it all in boredom and superficial entertainment. Some of us read books, look for that time, that scent as one turns the page, where family was family and love was more than just a four letter word. Some of us want destruction and Project Mayhem. Others want change. We disagree on a lot of things, but there is one thing that is ubiquitous amongst the manosphere.

We believe that the West is sick. We believe that there is a conflagration coming, and that there is a lot of anger out there, and justified anger it is as well. We are the people that your liberal arts university professors, your feminists, your neoclassical economists, warned you against. We are all amongst you. We are your biggest enemy. We are both atavistic and anachronistic. We seek to escape those who wish to create context. We are rediscovering the truth as we run our hands through the dark, damp clay of traditionalism and rediscover what it is to be a man. We are getting bigger. You will attempt to ruin our reputation through movies and tv shows that will make fun of our values. You will fall flat on your arses doing so.

There will be a change in direction in this blog. The truth of the matter is staring us black in the face, the world is about to become a darker, danker, more malevolent place. Yet, we are not women. We are men. We are bulls, not part of the herd. This blog will be, alongside thoughts and critiques on the world at large, be dedicated to becoming skilled, becoming, to quote Al Fin, "dangerous children". This is not about chasing tail anymore. It's more than that. This is about being cliffhangers and finding a way to survive the fall. I'll be away for the next while, but in the meanwhile I hope I can see you on the other side soon enough. 

Friday, 28 December 2012

Why The Men's Rights Movements Should Be Avoided At All Cost (Part Three: The Limits of Language are The Limits of My World)

Welcome back.


In Part 1, we went over how Aristotelian logic was and how it worked and we summed up, albeit very roughly, Hegel's dialectic. In Part 2, we saw how Marx turned this on its head, how it applies to the MRM and how they will be used as useful idiots in the whole thing. Now, we'll see how this synthesis is actually carried out. The best way to meddle around with it, is through the use of language in order to shut down logical thought.

I think the word that epitomises this concept quite well, is the word racism. We'll use it as a starting point. Why then, if you so ask? Racism is, in my opinion, one of the sloppiest, poorest words in the English language en ce moment. It has no concrete definition, and as a result, people's use of the word changes all of the time according to the context of the argument.

Let's look at the following example:

Black people commit more crimes than white people: RACIST.

I hate black people: RACIST (a better term would be something like race hater, or something like that, rather than racist)

Now, if this was a liberal I was talking to, this would be their logic, their train of thought right?

So, what if we rephrased the question in the following way:

White people commit more mass shootings in schools than black people: NOT RACIST


See what the problem with a word like this? When we are not sure of a word's meaning, when we cannot explicitly express concepts in our vocabulary, you can spin an awful lot of bullshit, and you can shut down conversations that ask and enquire about affairs in a logical coherent fashion. Everyone's living in a lovely, subjective little world without truth, without foundation. Things fall apart. I was once called a racist for saying Obama was a shit president. Explain that one to me. Equality is another such word. Marriage. Love. Sexism. Is the concept Men's Rights not a word similar in vein? I'd say so like. Ask Paul Elam or whoever the hell, and you'll get different things right back at you. I believe that one should avoid these kind of words as much as possible, or at least if you are to use them, clearly define them. I know its a shocking example of my ignorance, but Liberalism 100 years ago, was not the same word it is now. Is this not frightening in a way? When you cannot comprehend history, because your vocabulary is entirely different to theirs...

Because Men's Right's Movement is such a word, an idea, it will be used in the exact same way, I guarantee you. It will be used by some person, some group with some agenda, to get into a position of power by using their definition of what Men's Rights actually are. It will be used to define men's rights, even though, and here's the sucker punch: they actually weren't men's rights in the past. The men's rights movement will not look at your 1950s America. They will look back at now, the sad saps.That is the ultimate evil of the whole thing. Men and women are clearly not equal. Men and women have different skills. Men are builders, women are nurturers. But now we are equal! Huzzah! The sad irony of the whole thing is that people like Paul Elam are involved in the same tactics. Take a look at the website and how they use the word "bigot". It's hilarious. Misandry is, in the comments section, clearly becoming one of those words as well. The Men's Rights Movement haven't a notion of what actually is going on. Is it possible to say, by engaging in these tactics, we now have mirrors up to feminism, in other words, both sides feel discriminated against each other, and increasingly become the same?

Men and women are equal because they are equally discriminated against. But then you have to go and define the word equality now! Feckarse industries.

That last bit was just a ramble. But my point is that we should come to bury them, not to praise them.

There are only two ways to approach this. One, is for a group to approach that have clear aims, not the left wing pasty faced group of obfuscating fuckwits the MRM has become. Hopefully, we don't have Project Mayhem in the meantime. Two, is to become great yourself. Krauser has a brilliant post on how to live during your twenties. I recommend you read it, while you are here.

I have a little bit more to say on this topic, but it needs a bit of reading and research, so bear with me for a bit. In conclusion, this used to be, for Franco anyways, plain old pussy baiting, but now, it just seems that, more and more to me, these guys are part of the stage 4 metawipemyholestasis disease. Their ideas of men and what being a man entails is utterly foreign to the vast majority of men these days. They are worse than so called blue pill takers, because they think they are plugged out of The Matrix. They think they have seen the light. They're eating shit and thinking it tastes like ice-cream.

Fuckbattery 4 life bros.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Why The Men's Rights Movements Should Be Avoided At All Cost (Part Two: What do Marx and Mens Rights Pussies Have In Common?)

Good afternoon comrade! Drink vodka and enjoy your lumpy bread!


Right, so back to business en aw. In the last post, we mulled over Hegel and his dialectic view of history. That truth is now relative, contrary to a cunt like Aristotle. This was a big one, a big cheese, and along side Charles Darwin and The Origin of the Species, the concept of Absolute Truth attributed to God, was being eroded away, again, no doubt exacerbated by the Enlightenment. People like David Hume. What a a sceptical fuckbat.

So Marx stumbled on Hegel's dialectic.

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways. The point, however, is to CHANGE it.”

Marx, being the rich kid loser, like all rich kid losers, wanted to change the world, and to do that, he would need a bit of help from Hegel. There are a few key differences here. First, Hegel was an idealist. He believed that in order for any thinking person to know an object, he had to possess the idea of it first. Marx meanwhile, was the opposite. He was a materialist. He believed that ideas originated from the material world. So, if you look at the previous example I used of the thesis/antithesis/synthesis example I used, you'll see it as an idealist dialectic. Marx thought it was built on material conditions and often, economic affairs. 

Marx's Dialectic 

Now, the most important part. Hegel thought that the antithesis arose naturally and stopped there. He thought history would continue onward and onwards into infinity. Marx said, "right, so if I want these fuckos taking the old self seriously, how can I change the world?"

First, you give history an endgame. Make it so that history will converge to a classless society run by the workers, the hard working proletariat. Second, you don't actually have to wait for the antithesis to arise naturally. You can make the fucking thing up to suit your own needs, irrespective of the natural law. You can make up the synthesis, how many steps ahead, and then, YOU, YOU make up your antithesis so that you get your synthesis. It's like a maths problem, only you work backwards and there's gangrene on the limb.

So to cement this idea, let's say you want your synthesis to be that the nuclear family is eroded.

Synthesis I want: Messed up nuclear family. (The family is a product of capitalism)
Antithesis I need to get it, that I need to make up: Crap writers like Simone De Beauvoir. Feminism. No fault divorce. Baby Boomer retards.
Thesis: Happy nuclear family.

Now, let's look at this from a Men's Right perspective.

Synthesis I want: Classless Society run by the government where men and women are equal and The State calls the shots. This is advocated by TEH EVENT. 
Antithesis I need to make up to get this: Giving both men and women equal control over the child. Pissy, wimpy, effeminate MRAs are fucking delighted with this.
Thesis: No fault divorce. Men pissed off. Nuclear family gone to the shitter.

What is TEH EVENT?

I'm going to use another example, using Ireland. Despite having one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, the whole country got a shock when a couple of months ago, an Indian woman called Savita Halappanawar died from being denied an abortion. Was this a sad tragedy? Yes it was. In the aftermath, there's been a mad old rush to allow abortion, and the inevitable swarm of pro lifers and pro abortion. From one sad death with a infinitesimal probability of ocurring. My point is, is that if the Men's Rights Bozos achieve their goal, then it will take ONE event, to make it an event of pure, sick horror. It will take some fucked up family with equal custody raping their kids or whatever, and then people are scared, demanding government intervention so that this TRAGEDY never happens again.


And I say to myself, what a wonderful world!


More to come in this series.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Why The Men's Rights Movements Should Be Avoided At All Cost (Part One: Hegel as a precursor to Marx)

A warning beforehand. This post is quite possibly, going to descend into a little bit of psuedo conspiracy tin foiled hat mindfuckquackery, so if you're adverse to this sort of thing, then fuck right off ken. Strange people thinking strange things at strange times en aw. It will save yous valuable seconds, at the very least, which so can be spent with all those funny youtube videos of cats farting. Rather, this post is going to involve an application of a bit of theory called Dialectical Materialism, in order to see where the men's rights movement is actually going, and how it's going to be used as the useful idiot, the silly monkey, the S3 if it actually fucking works out. It is my humble view, however original or unoriginal this may be, that the men's rights movement is a group that should be avoided at whatever cost, whether you are a feminist, or whether you are like me, a floating, meandering in the alt right reactionary sphere kind of fiend. If they fail, if they continue to be the sackless bags of vociferous shit that they already are, they make a hole of themselves and that is that.  Some basement dweling frog chokes on his vomit ranting on about the evils of the wimminz? Fine, I don't give a fuck. Franco is still the ledge sitting poolside after all. If they succeed however, then they will cause more damage and havoc and cacophony, and pain and sheer bloody fucken moorder than otherwise they would have. There are going to be a number of parts and ideas building up to the final point of this post. Some of this may seem completely arbitrary, but trust me, hold up shop for the time being. First, I'd like to divert you back to a couple of months ago. Ireland. A certain piece of legislation gets voted in in a children's referendum. I've talked about it before, but I'll just recap on some of the details however briefly:
Again, I'm not an expert on law or anything, but when the supreme court of the country comes along and puts their hands up and says "yeah, lads, your campaign was biased and manipulative. You didn't actually do anything to show the other side of the argument" There is something seriously fucking wrong with the state.

It's a nasty piece of legislation. The rights of the child were always in the Irish constitution. Now, we're allowing ten year olds to have their say (what fucking wee bairn can doo dat?), in order to erode the values of the family, and the fate of something that makes people's lives, falls intae the hands of university psychologists, wrinkly judges, and social workers. 

This new piece of legislation meant that the rights of the child were put above that of the adult. Who decides the rights of the child? Well, social workers, judges with the final say, psychologists, and a plethora of other people. The legislation also shockingly gives equal rights to single mother sluts and married couples. So it goes on and on. You get a few horrible twisted cases like the Roscommon Incest case (that was due to incompetence at a micro, community level, and the unadulterated, unpredictable evil of such a case) and some Catholic Church kiddy fiddling, despite the fact that Ireland is one of the safest countries in the EU and yet, we get this ridiculous, nasty legislation coming into play. So, with the rights of the child being the big one, what happens, if men and women are secondary and the child is the core, the key? Well, here is what happens. Divorce is no longer the clean cut (albeit vicious) procedure that it currently is. Rather, now that we're equal under the law, we have to have someone sort that out, how this equality gets spread out. You know what entity that will be?

The State.

Now, this is where the process of Dialectical Materialism comes into being. So what is it? It IS a bit boring sounding to be honest, and show me a Marxist who can write coherently, and I'll show you a sex fat chick. In reality though, it's a pretty nasty bit of stuff and not even remotely funny.  But to understand it, we needs a bit of background, we have to go trouncing back to this creepy, sick looking guy called Hegel pictured above. It is my opinion that you cannot properly comprehend Marxism without understanding Hegel. They go together like chocolate and sex.

So, to go back even further in time, we get in our super sexy chrome time machine to pick up all the skinny lassies, and we end up in Ancient Greece and chatting to Aristotle. Aristotelian logic goes something like this:

If we have proposition A, and A is correct, then it holds than proposition B cannot be correct.

Hegel comes along, and says, "that ain't the case bro! All truth is relative kid!" If we have an object, or an idea, that idea is going to be in an imperfect state of being. Change is a natural part of life. This is called the thesis. There might be something wrong with this thesis. Science is a good example in the Hegelian world view. So, the opposing argument then comes along. This is called the antithesis. This emerges naturally (the word naturally will be important when it comes to old Marxie boy, so remember it) from the thesis. These two then compromise, coalesce, and you have your synthesis. This is where we find truth. Not in A being right, therefore B being incorrect, but in the synthesis itself. But, the synthesis has its own flaws. According to Hegel, the ONLY (feel free to correct me philosopher majors, I'm a dilettante in this area) perfect being is death. But yeah, history moves like this. Not cyclical. More like a spiral. I'll give you an example there. This is a bit of an oversimplification, but to grasp the idea, this will do just fine.

Thesis: The Earth is the centre of the universe.

Antithesis: Copernicus comes along and figures out the Earth ain't the centre of the universe. Galileo and Newton finally putting the nails in that particular coffin.

Synthesis: The Earth is not the centre of the universe and rotates around the sun.

New Thesis: The Earth is not the centre of the universe and rotates around the sun. We accept Newtonian physics for the most part.

New Antithesis: But what about relativity? The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein comes into play.

New Synthesis: The Theory of Relativity is accepted and is used to do a lot of cool shit like put satellites in space and whatnot.

Due to the fact that most internet surfers have the attention span of a grapefruit, I will split this into three parts. Part 2 will concern Marx, that pathetic crusader, turning the dialectic on its head. Part 3 will discuss Karl Popper's views on Marx and Hegel, taken from his book The Open Society and Its Enemies Part 2.

The post after that will be a funny story about drunk girls. Hey, who loves ya cunts!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's Christmas Time In Hell

First, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone out there. Things might look dark now, these are as Dickens said, "the best of times and the worst of times", but hopefully, at least for a few days, we can lose the rag for a bit and have a bit of craic.

For anyone else out there, for those who view Christmas morosely, wanting to spit on and strangle those who bombard you with messages and symbols and low quality television programming about the family, the toasty fire, the drunken shit that family members say that they will never ever say again, the bottles of beer, the turkey, the presents, the smiles and waves, the scrooge who finds redemption, him of all the fucking cakeholes out there, yet coming from a broken family where a pair of disgruntled children (oh, sorry women and men!) nod to each other and push stilted small talk, cutting the kids in half and all, one of the bigger reasons for this weary, forlorn view and opinion of Christmas. For men like that, I'm not going to patronise you, and at this time of year, certain emotions and opinions can flare up. A chunk of my family won't be here this Christmas for example, forced to find work abroad, whereas the old cunts take advantage of Croke Park agreements and generous retirement packages. It's good being the fucking whipping boys of some aul wrinkly German bratwurst cunt, with the little teacher from Mayo with his fucking heffalump of a wife leading the charge, all of us doss fuckbats, demoralised, strung up. Jesus tittyfucking christ.


Men have hope, even in these uncertain, strange times. The fat, bald 40 year old virgin can still get in shape, dress better, find a family, start a business venture, get himself a gang of men, make up for his previous fuckups. Women, the 40 year old cat lady, her cunt laid under siege by alpha male battering rams, has no hope. We all know where her map will end. That is her life, and it is ending one second at a time. Women don't have that feature of abstraction that men have, that ability to take hold of something and examine, work on it meticulously. This is something to become cognisant of around the holidays. This is the time to genuflect, past times, past attitudes, how will the future roll out? I'd recommend that you do some good work this Christmas. Besides setting your own goals, donate some money to a charity. Some old toys to a children's shelter. I'm an atheist, but going to church and taking part in a tradition that your ancestors did is a comforting feeling. These things will ensure you feel less lonely, and others too. Community might be dying, but it should not be left rotting and lying in its own fecal matter. It should be fought for with all your strength and courage.

The Manosphere is addictive. It is addictive, not because it is racist, or condescending, or what have you. It is addictive because for the first time, we see truth, we know now. Our hope is not constructed on a foundation of sand. We know facts. We want answers, because no one else thought that providing them would be a good idea. Timorous kids, rapicious liberalism, reckless faggotry. Our hope means something.

So merry Christmas you slags, and I'll see you bastards in a bit for more Franco funnies.

P.S, for anyone in Dublin, Ann Summers is having a sale, so if you're having trouble thinking of pressies for the lassie, I highly recommend it. Unless she's fat.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Manifesto

A man's got to do what a man's got to do.
Young men today are weak, without direction, vertiginous slaves to entertainment, quixotic, vicarious fuckbattery and petty distractions. To be erumpent, to triumph, lightness of being requires great skill, great dexterity, character and well roundedness of person. I am not happy with myself, as of right now. But, self loathing is often a powerful feeling, and we have this reseau of knowledge, the internet, Christmas 2012 to draw from. There is a lack of real guidance, real, practical, useful advice for men. Your boomer parents were wrong. They will guide you down the darker bifurcation into a cold dry place, but ultimately, nothing ever grows. There is no such thing as atheism. You will worship what you will worship. The iron doesn't lie. Time doesn't lie. Hypergamy certainly doesn't like. A tight ass, getting your hole, to the 35 year old single mother, the wall doesn't lie. For myself, I propose a manifesto, a set of rules to live by, a set of goals to strive for. Without goals, without a project, a man is nothing.


1: I shall eat a clean paleo diet. Meat, veggies, eggs, nuts. I shall juice.

2: I shall go to the gym five days a week. I will aim to get big, and as strong as possible. I shall bulk up, by saving up money for weight gain supplements. I will not gorge on sloppy carbohydrates and sugar. I will get a good's night sleep as much as possible.

3: I shall cut out all frivolous entertainment. No videogames, less tv, less mindless surfing on the net. I shall read books on science, history, psychology, economics. I will try and become as learned and as wise as possible.

4: I shall try and earn enough money to get by, ie what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls "fuck you money". You are independent and no wee cunt is your boss and friend. I will make bets in the financial markets on risk free assets and small amounts of money on riskier assets with a convex payoff. I will exploit possible future trends to the best of my ability.

5: I am aware of the halo effect, and I will react to it. I will be impeccably groomed. I will shave my head. I will use whitener and moisturiser. I will learn to get some fashion sense.

6: When I become someone to be proud of, I will not be arrogant about it and I will try and provide advice to others if they ask for it. Haters will be abandoned. I will die for my friends. I will have my own gang.

7: I will master the cold, austere world of mathematics and I will become competent at an instrument.

8: Decent loving feminine women will be treated accordingly. I love good women, not poor ones. Poor ones will be discarded.

9: I will visit other places. I will see other countries. I will see human nature in all its beauty, and in all its ugliness.

10: I will write a book at some point in time. 

11: I will not piss away my money on things I don't need. Remember, you are not your TV set, your table, your Ikea furniture set.

12: Drugs like alcohol, weed, mdma,  I will use them to enhance my life. I will not use them in excess, and I will not become slaves to them.

13: I will apply red pill information to my own life. Not to be one of those fucking cakeholes who reads Roissy, claims to understand women, then spanks de fanny and fucks off to de bed.

15: I will reread this manifesto over and over again, whenever I feel like I'm going to cave.

Lads, this blog has been getting more and more views recently, and the comments have been fucking vanilla on the steak as well.

A great bunch of lads!

So listen man, whats uh, your story? How's it all going to play out with you? Do you even have a plan?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Why The Bloody Fuck You Should Start A Blog As Soon As Possible

Five months, five bloody months. Fucking bejaesus. It's been a strange aul ride alrite like, with many a twist and a turn, made ever the more obfuscating by the increasing complexity of day to day existence, something your primitive little monkey brain wasn't designed for. So, coming close to the point where Begbie donned his blogging pants, there are a few thoughts that have been occupying the old cramium.

You should absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, start a blog.

Frost has a number of excellent posts on why you should do this. Forcing you to better yourself by reading more, that's a good one yep! The idea, however likely or unlikely, that you have have actually helped someone, that as well is spiritually satiating, makes a cunt feel all gooey and warm inside. Oh, and obviously there's the fact you can act sententiously, because all bloggers are narcissists to some degree, and here, writing in 010101010101010101010 land, no daft cunt can go about stopping you. No YER EVIL FRANCO stuff. Just you, and your brain. This works the other way as well of course. When you get an angry email from an asexual twat for a of yours, It makes life good again, the roses, they smell so fresh!

So, first of all you should read Frost's posts on starting a blog. But, there's another few reasons that I'll throw in there. This post is the equivalent of a pull and tug session in terms of length. Don't worry, when wee Francis hits xmas and HOLIDAY, there's going to be some more detailed shite goin your way. This is a corollary post, to Frost.

First, if you blog, you are helping people. Even if you are as illiterate as Colm Toibin, even if your best post is something like "fat girls are smelly plop" you are helping people and the world around. Why? Day to day existence drives a wee cunt mad. Everyday, crass, degenerate entertainment. Pie in the sky liberalism. I express my ideas carefully. But to be submerged in a pool of bullcrap drives somebody like me up the bender. So, to read a new blogger, who is a smart cunt and thinks some little bit along the lines I do, or whatever, is helping in keeping my sanity, my shit together. In the madhouse, when you're Ralph on the island and everyone's a fucking pig, the internet gives much solace. Next reason up for discussion, we have your nonlinear Black Swans. About seven, eight months ago, In Mala Fide got the attention of the Southern Law Poverty Centre. Roosh V has pissed off entire countries for fucks sake. What a man! Ledge! Who expected that? Bold and Determined singlehandidly made an arse of the internet's biggest collection of gaunt faced sows, the fucking barry legend that he is. This is not about pissing off people, or at least not as much as you think. Although having fatty fatty toadboys (Dave Futrelle) squirm in their seats, is fun as well. This is about the fact that blog posts and blogs get linked by random people, people you won't expect. Gary Wilson of yourbrainonporn links to my blog, which is get. More people figuring this shit out. More people, getting off the gravy train. Going back to Bold and Determined for a second, I guarantee you a number of people are actually getting their shit together as a result of that fat fucking cunt's posting on Jizabel. More people, discovering websites like this, with their shit together makes more wolves, more sigmas, more paladins. Enough people think like this, and then perhaps, we can fight this New Darkness, this hyper rationalism. You want to know how you do it?

This is what you do. Don't look to someone else. Make a success of yourself. When you're the success, the nerd, the dweeb, the NAWALT laddie has to face the writing on the wall. You've done some outstanding work good sirs. This is the one of the ways change might come about. But writing a blog always helps.

Hah, I'm fucking bitching, we're all fucked.

Jokes on you. 

You know how I know we're all fannied?

I've shot a pile of bastards, am an evil cunt and women think I'm a ride!
Irish crime show Love/Hate. Go to and read all the comments on how "hot" Darren is. Ah, for the love of beta and wine. Good show though. Blue hoodies are popular all over again.

You might as well start a blog though.

Postscript: Some useful tips to get you on your way. 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Few Thoughts On The Connecticut School Shooting


There's a trend here. Beta male rage doing the rounds again?

Was Lanza a well adjusted kid? Or was he of above average intelligence, socially invisible, shy, and an introverted nerd? Yep. The kid was on the honors roll in high school for fucks sake. 

Family messed up due to divorce? Absolutely.

And yet, we'll have more anti gun control whingeing. We will have another subsequent effort from the Obama administration to exert their bullshit opinions onto others. Guns are shit. But guns and gun laws don't kill people, the fuckers using them do. I mean, we should just brush under the carpet, the fact that restrictive gun laws and high murder rates have a high negative correlation (obvious disclaimer, I'm not saying that gun restriction causes murders), and the fact that if we look at a country like Switzerland where every tom dick harry cunt owns a firearm, but, they have, holy fucking shite 40000, less gun deaths per capita than somewhere like Ireland, where the gun laws are highly restrictive. Not to mention that if you look at death by guns in Switzerland, the vast majority of deaths come from suicide, not murders. Like I said, healthy happy people don't abuse guns. Sick, twisted people, products of a sick twisted society do.

So, just another few things. First, events like these cannot be predicted. They are Black Swans in the truest sense, although negative Black Swans are often much less surprising,  than positive Black Swans. With youth unemployment as high as it is, with hypergamy being what it is, with obfuscating leftie Boomer mentality pirulating every aspect of society, all exacerbated by a mental condition, that is what makes people just give up. The foot on the face of the beta male. Work on that. This wasn't a suicide either, this was an act of desperation, an act seen though the lens of a horrible, crushing future. Second, murders like this don't occur when someone "snaps". They are usually meticulously planned, months and months in advance. Lanza was long gone before yesterday, long gone. Was something going on here with the mother we don't know about as well?

But finally, and here's the most interesting part. Mass murders haven't actually been increasing over the past 35 or so years. They have remained constant. The most violent incident like this happened in 1927, with 45 deaths attributed to bombing. I guess when media coverage is constant, bombarding you with images of distraught parents and ambulances, you end up manifesting all these scenarios in your mind, when in reality you're more likely to choke, probability wise, on a chicken bone.

Either ways, whatever the hell happened, this is a sad, shocking tragedy and I wish the families of the victims way more than luck.