Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Few Thoughts On The Connecticut School Shooting


There's a trend here. Beta male rage doing the rounds again?

Was Lanza a well adjusted kid? Or was he of above average intelligence, socially invisible, shy, and an introverted nerd? Yep. The kid was on the honors roll in high school for fucks sake. 

Family messed up due to divorce? Absolutely.

And yet, we'll have more anti gun control whingeing. We will have another subsequent effort from the Obama administration to exert their bullshit opinions onto others. Guns are shit. But guns and gun laws don't kill people, the fuckers using them do. I mean, we should just brush under the carpet, the fact that restrictive gun laws and high murder rates have a high negative correlation (obvious disclaimer, I'm not saying that gun restriction causes murders), and the fact that if we look at a country like Switzerland where every tom dick harry cunt owns a firearm, but, they have, holy fucking shite 40000, less gun deaths per capita than somewhere like Ireland, where the gun laws are highly restrictive. Not to mention that if you look at death by guns in Switzerland, the vast majority of deaths come from suicide, not murders. Like I said, healthy happy people don't abuse guns. Sick, twisted people, products of a sick twisted society do.

So, just another few things. First, events like these cannot be predicted. They are Black Swans in the truest sense, although negative Black Swans are often much less surprising,  than positive Black Swans. With youth unemployment as high as it is, with hypergamy being what it is, with obfuscating leftie Boomer mentality pirulating every aspect of society, all exacerbated by a mental condition, that is what makes people just give up. The foot on the face of the beta male. Work on that. This wasn't a suicide either, this was an act of desperation, an act seen though the lens of a horrible, crushing future. Second, murders like this don't occur when someone "snaps". They are usually meticulously planned, months and months in advance. Lanza was long gone before yesterday, long gone. Was something going on here with the mother we don't know about as well?

But finally, and here's the most interesting part. Mass murders haven't actually been increasing over the past 35 or so years. They have remained constant. The most violent incident like this happened in 1927, with 45 deaths attributed to bombing. I guess when media coverage is constant, bombarding you with images of distraught parents and ambulances, you end up manifesting all these scenarios in your mind, when in reality you're more likely to choke, probability wise, on a chicken bone.

Either ways, whatever the hell happened, this is a sad, shocking tragedy and I wish the families of the victims way more than luck.


  1. This is a better description than anything we will see in the media (if you still pay attention to the media).

    Thanks for the link.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and no problem. It was a good post, so it was worth linking to.