Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Manifesto

A man's got to do what a man's got to do.
Young men today are weak, without direction, vertiginous slaves to entertainment, quixotic, vicarious fuckbattery and petty distractions. To be erumpent, to triumph, lightness of being requires great skill, great dexterity, character and well roundedness of person. I am not happy with myself, as of right now. But, self loathing is often a powerful feeling, and we have this reseau of knowledge, the internet, Christmas 2012 to draw from. There is a lack of real guidance, real, practical, useful advice for men. Your boomer parents were wrong. They will guide you down the darker bifurcation into a cold dry place, but ultimately, nothing ever grows. There is no such thing as atheism. You will worship what you will worship. The iron doesn't lie. Time doesn't lie. Hypergamy certainly doesn't like. A tight ass, getting your hole, to the 35 year old single mother, the wall doesn't lie. For myself, I propose a manifesto, a set of rules to live by, a set of goals to strive for. Without goals, without a project, a man is nothing.


1: I shall eat a clean paleo diet. Meat, veggies, eggs, nuts. I shall juice.

2: I shall go to the gym five days a week. I will aim to get big, and as strong as possible. I shall bulk up, by saving up money for weight gain supplements. I will not gorge on sloppy carbohydrates and sugar. I will get a good's night sleep as much as possible.

3: I shall cut out all frivolous entertainment. No videogames, less tv, less mindless surfing on the net. I shall read books on science, history, psychology, economics. I will try and become as learned and as wise as possible.

4: I shall try and earn enough money to get by, ie what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls "fuck you money". You are independent and no wee cunt is your boss and friend. I will make bets in the financial markets on risk free assets and small amounts of money on riskier assets with a convex payoff. I will exploit possible future trends to the best of my ability.

5: I am aware of the halo effect, and I will react to it. I will be impeccably groomed. I will shave my head. I will use whitener and moisturiser. I will learn to get some fashion sense.

6: When I become someone to be proud of, I will not be arrogant about it and I will try and provide advice to others if they ask for it. Haters will be abandoned. I will die for my friends. I will have my own gang.

7: I will master the cold, austere world of mathematics and I will become competent at an instrument.

8: Decent loving feminine women will be treated accordingly. I love good women, not poor ones. Poor ones will be discarded.

9: I will visit other places. I will see other countries. I will see human nature in all its beauty, and in all its ugliness.

10: I will write a book at some point in time. 

11: I will not piss away my money on things I don't need. Remember, you are not your TV set, your table, your Ikea furniture set.

12: Drugs like alcohol, weed, mdma,  I will use them to enhance my life. I will not use them in excess, and I will not become slaves to them.

13: I will apply red pill information to my own life. Not to be one of those fucking cakeholes who reads Roissy, claims to understand women, then spanks de fanny and fucks off to de bed.

15: I will reread this manifesto over and over again, whenever I feel like I'm going to cave.

Lads, this blog has been getting more and more views recently, and the comments have been fucking vanilla on the steak as well.

A great bunch of lads!

So listen man, whats uh, your story? How's it all going to play out with you? Do you even have a plan?


  1. Great post. Just what I needed to read after the shitty week I've been having

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Hope the shite gets a good turn what with Christmas and Santa rounds the bend!

  2. Not sure how I stumbled across this blog, but the name drew me in. As a college student, the opening line here couldn't have resonated more strongly within me. I see it at school, and I saw it within myself until I made some big life changes in the past couple of years. The guys I'm growing up with, save for a select few, simply have no drive; no overarching ambition or goals; no self-scrutiny.

    Good luck with your goals; I've set a few of my own including shedding my hesitance to really start writing. We ultimately measure up to the standards we set for ourselves, and with lofty goals comes the necessity of sheer hard work.

  3. "We ultimately measure up to the standards we set for ourselves, and with lofty goals comes the necessity of sheer hard work."

    Bingo. I think goals should be unrealistic in a sense, or at the very least highly ambitious, because they keep you in the game. They keep you going at it.

    Cheers for that, and liking the old blog you've up as well.

  4. Thanks, man. I'm a chronically sick man (chronic diseases), but I am going to man up and follow these guidelines.

    I've developed a spiritual self, a self-consciousness and to a degree - a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for this.

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