Monday, 17 December 2012

Why The Bloody Fuck You Should Start A Blog As Soon As Possible

Five months, five bloody months. Fucking bejaesus. It's been a strange aul ride alrite like, with many a twist and a turn, made ever the more obfuscating by the increasing complexity of day to day existence, something your primitive little monkey brain wasn't designed for. So, coming close to the point where Begbie donned his blogging pants, there are a few thoughts that have been occupying the old cramium.

You should absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, start a blog.

Frost has a number of excellent posts on why you should do this. Forcing you to better yourself by reading more, that's a good one yep! The idea, however likely or unlikely, that you have have actually helped someone, that as well is spiritually satiating, makes a cunt feel all gooey and warm inside. Oh, and obviously there's the fact you can act sententiously, because all bloggers are narcissists to some degree, and here, writing in 010101010101010101010 land, no daft cunt can go about stopping you. No YER EVIL FRANCO stuff. Just you, and your brain. This works the other way as well of course. When you get an angry email from an asexual twat for a of yours, It makes life good again, the roses, they smell so fresh!

So, first of all you should read Frost's posts on starting a blog. But, there's another few reasons that I'll throw in there. This post is the equivalent of a pull and tug session in terms of length. Don't worry, when wee Francis hits xmas and HOLIDAY, there's going to be some more detailed shite goin your way. This is a corollary post, to Frost.

First, if you blog, you are helping people. Even if you are as illiterate as Colm Toibin, even if your best post is something like "fat girls are smelly plop" you are helping people and the world around. Why? Day to day existence drives a wee cunt mad. Everyday, crass, degenerate entertainment. Pie in the sky liberalism. I express my ideas carefully. But to be submerged in a pool of bullcrap drives somebody like me up the bender. So, to read a new blogger, who is a smart cunt and thinks some little bit along the lines I do, or whatever, is helping in keeping my sanity, my shit together. In the madhouse, when you're Ralph on the island and everyone's a fucking pig, the internet gives much solace. Next reason up for discussion, we have your nonlinear Black Swans. About seven, eight months ago, In Mala Fide got the attention of the Southern Law Poverty Centre. Roosh V has pissed off entire countries for fucks sake. What a man! Ledge! Who expected that? Bold and Determined singlehandidly made an arse of the internet's biggest collection of gaunt faced sows, the fucking barry legend that he is. This is not about pissing off people, or at least not as much as you think. Although having fatty fatty toadboys (Dave Futrelle) squirm in their seats, is fun as well. This is about the fact that blog posts and blogs get linked by random people, people you won't expect. Gary Wilson of yourbrainonporn links to my blog, which is get. More people figuring this shit out. More people, getting off the gravy train. Going back to Bold and Determined for a second, I guarantee you a number of people are actually getting their shit together as a result of that fat fucking cunt's posting on Jizabel. More people, discovering websites like this, with their shit together makes more wolves, more sigmas, more paladins. Enough people think like this, and then perhaps, we can fight this New Darkness, this hyper rationalism. You want to know how you do it?

This is what you do. Don't look to someone else. Make a success of yourself. When you're the success, the nerd, the dweeb, the NAWALT laddie has to face the writing on the wall. You've done some outstanding work good sirs. This is the one of the ways change might come about. But writing a blog always helps.

Hah, I'm fucking bitching, we're all fucked.

Jokes on you. 

You know how I know we're all fannied?

I've shot a pile of bastards, am an evil cunt and women think I'm a ride!
Irish crime show Love/Hate. Go to and read all the comments on how "hot" Darren is. Ah, for the love of beta and wine. Good show though. Blue hoodies are popular all over again.

You might as well start a blog though.

Postscript: Some useful tips to get you on your way. 


  1. yep, bold and determined, ace blog alright, it's like being manhandled by a nasty drill sergeant into a deep icy lake and given a solid kicking up the arse for good measure. whenever i feel the old self-pity creeping up on me or i sense a whiny attack bubbling up, i read bold and determined to get me back on track sharpish.

    1. He's like the really cool uncle I never had. It's thanks to him I gave up porn (after reading his post on it). If he's ever in Dublin, he's more than entitled to a pint methinks.