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Why The Men's Rights Movements Should Be Avoided At All Cost (Part Three: The Limits of Language are The Limits of My World)

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In Part 1, we went over how Aristotelian logic was and how it worked and we summed up, albeit very roughly, Hegel's dialectic. In Part 2, we saw how Marx turned this on its head, how it applies to the MRM and how they will be used as useful idiots in the whole thing. Now, we'll see how this synthesis is actually carried out. The best way to meddle around with it, is through the use of language in order to shut down logical thought.

I think the word that epitomises this concept quite well, is the word racism. We'll use it as a starting point. Why then, if you so ask? Racism is, in my opinion, one of the sloppiest, poorest words in the English language en ce moment. It has no concrete definition, and as a result, people's use of the word changes all of the time according to the context of the argument.

Let's look at the following example:

Black people commit more crimes than white people: RACIST.

I hate black people: RACIST (a better term would be something like race hater, or something like that, rather than racist)

Now, if this was a liberal I was talking to, this would be their logic, their train of thought right?

So, what if we rephrased the question in the following way:

White people commit more mass shootings in schools than black people: NOT RACIST


See what the problem with a word like this? When we are not sure of a word's meaning, when we cannot explicitly express concepts in our vocabulary, you can spin an awful lot of bullshit, and you can shut down conversations that ask and enquire about affairs in a logical coherent fashion. Everyone's living in a lovely, subjective little world without truth, without foundation. Things fall apart. I was once called a racist for saying Obama was a shit president. Explain that one to me. Equality is another such word. Marriage. Love. Sexism. Is the concept Men's Rights not a word similar in vein? I'd say so like. Ask Paul Elam or whoever the hell, and you'll get different things right back at you. I believe that one should avoid these kind of words as much as possible, or at least if you are to use them, clearly define them. I know its a shocking example of my ignorance, but Liberalism 100 years ago, was not the same word it is now. Is this not frightening in a way? When you cannot comprehend history, because your vocabulary is entirely different to theirs...

Because Men's Right's Movement is such a word, an idea, it will be used in the exact same way, I guarantee you. It will be used by some person, some group with some agenda, to get into a position of power by using their definition of what Men's Rights actually are. It will be used to define men's rights, even though, and here's the sucker punch: they actually weren't men's rights in the past. The men's rights movement will not look at your 1950s America. They will look back at now, the sad saps.That is the ultimate evil of the whole thing. Men and women are clearly not equal. Men and women have different skills. Men are builders, women are nurturers. But now we are equal! Huzzah! The sad irony of the whole thing is that people like Paul Elam are involved in the same tactics. Take a look at the website and how they use the word "bigot". It's hilarious. Misandry is, in the comments section, clearly becoming one of those words as well. The Men's Rights Movement haven't a notion of what actually is going on. Is it possible to say, by engaging in these tactics, we now have mirrors up to feminism, in other words, both sides feel discriminated against each other, and increasingly become the same?

Men and women are equal because they are equally discriminated against. But then you have to go and define the word equality now! Feckarse industries.

That last bit was just a ramble. But my point is that we should come to bury them, not to praise them.

There are only two ways to approach this. One, is for a group to approach that have clear aims, not the left wing pasty faced group of obfuscating fuckwits the MRM has become. Hopefully, we don't have Project Mayhem in the meantime. Two, is to become great yourself. Krauser has a brilliant post on how to live during your twenties. I recommend you read it, while you are here.

I have a little bit more to say on this topic, but it needs a bit of reading and research, so bear with me for a bit. In conclusion, this used to be, for Franco anyways, plain old pussy baiting, but now, it just seems that, more and more to me, these guys are part of the stage 4 metawipemyholestasis disease. Their ideas of men and what being a man entails is utterly foreign to the vast majority of men these days. They are worse than so called blue pill takers, because they think they are plugged out of The Matrix. They think they have seen the light. They're eating shit and thinking it tastes like ice-cream.

Fuckbattery 4 life bros.

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