Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Generation of Entitled Twats

Up, up and away! Over the past 50 years American students have increasingly grown confident not only socially but also about their own writing and intellect skills and their confidence in leadership ability

Turns out my generation is an entitled group of entitled twats. Nothing particularly surprising here.

Now, in all fairness like, I will throw in a couple of minor rebuttals here. Sort of an..."Well we're not all twats, but most of us are", finger faddled defense more than anything, but even so. First, we are an extremely poorly educated conglomerate, both in terms of practical skills and in terms of intellectual, more abstruse concepts, and as of such, it wasn't us that designed the education system. Six years of secondary school in Ireland, and I'm still racking the old brain in trying to figure out what the bloody fuck I actually learned, that was of any value to me whatsover. Maths aside, I could have skipped ahead from 12 to 18 and I would have been all the better for it. All that time pissed away...Bliss! Literature time for example? Let's study To Kill a Mockingbird, the feelgood hit of the summer! Most of it was piss and hot air. Direct a young man to the manosphere and he will learn more in six months than six years studying for the Leaving Cert.

Second, even though we are narcissists, we have, unlike previous generations been raised entirely by women, both the fairer sex and the effeminate beta provider with nary a modicum of masculinity in him, and, of course, we have been raised by some of the most hilariously incompetent, wasteful, march through the institutions with a incomprehensible barrage of half truths, group of arseholes ever to grace God's green Earth. We have been raised by a group of people who believed that the inchoate ramblings of piece of shit Holden Caulfield constituted a higher spectrum of art. I mean, that's a real fannyfuck if there ever was one. Have pity on those who like The Catcher and the Rye more than Shakespeare the Willie. Having said that, you can rage and scream and foam at the mouth all you want, put your hands over your eyes ears and face, but reality always triumphs, something always seeps through, and but so, only a child blames his parents for everything that has gone wrong in his life and keeps bringing it up. Were your parents arseholes? Fine. What you gonna do now then, you recalcitrant fuck? You gonna grow your hair long and listen to dat Grateful Dead Shit? A final caveat. My parents are Boomer generation and they're great people. It's just that when I see the rest of yous, acting like puerile brats...

Third, our generation has to contend with a environment that acts as a permafrost in relation to values, personality and strength that constitutes a true character, a true man. When people are on Facebook, posting pictures and stories based on that ONE side of the coin, when you've got lists of people with 300 friends (Dunbar's number states you simply CANNOT have this many people as buddies), we do not have to deal with that dark side of the id as people erect fake personalities that show this one kind of feeling. You are the star actor in your sad shitty little romp.The dumbing down of degrees, the little squirt of dopamine that one gets from gunning down a patrol unit in Black Ops II, gives one a feeling of achievement and dare I say it, entitlement. Read Homer or Wittgenstein or the whole of Infinite Jest you fuckos.That's an achievement. To fully the comprehend the lessons and ideas of such men, is indeed to apply them as well, is done in order to make sure you don't jettison your soft, doughy body off the nearest cliff.

Having said all of that, there is a great epidemic coming. Narcissists need their supply, their hit, so to speak. That's what the Occupy Pussies are in essence. Once the shoddy foundation of liberalism tears itself apart under its own weight, things won't be pretty. The future will be faced with cowardly optimism, rather than the strength and courage needed to fix the mess the boomers caused.  Whether we'll be actually able to do it, is another thing.

This is one of the reasons why I am also more attracted to Eastern European women in general, than the typical Irish lassie. They have it from their parents first hand, the giant communist supermarkets with empty shelf after empty shelf, queueing for the fucking wonky bread truck when it finally finishes loading. But all you asexual leftists who never date chicks and who support Marx never hear about pressies and Santa! Santa doesn't like communists. He gives their kids bananas and apples. Fucking kids getting oranges for Christmas! These lassies, they really know there is no such thing as a free lunch and have a sort of cautious, level headedness about them. Whereas the Irish lassie just be a girl who wants to have fu-hu-hu-hu-en! That's all she really wa-hahawnts! Cause if she don't, John McQuaid will come for her and force her to make em a cup of Barrys! 


  1. This graph keeps popping up and part of me deeply wants to get angry and indignant about it, but I mean let's be honest I would definitely be one of the entitled assholes who rates himself higher than his peers in most areas. It's some kind of weird Catch-22 where I'm either an underachieving pushover or I'm perpetuating this awful narcissistic reality. I bet the researchers are laughing into coffee mugs at me as I type.

  2. Haha, I'm probably the same.

    Having said that, there's certainly a fine line between a healthy bit of confidence and full blown narcissism.

  3. I'm not a narcissist, I'm self indulgent!

    1. It's not my fault, it's everyone elses! Sure, what the bloody fuck can go wrong with me?

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