Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Human Biodiversity is Catnip for Spazos

The Rawness (or T) has recently had a series of articles on the HBD sphere that have kicked up a sandstorm of controversy in its wake. He presents a hypothesis on guilt and shame, guilt being the emotion that can lead to narcissism and the person who falls into this category takes on a fixed mindset, those who believe in the mindset are called entity theorists. He uses the example of children in school to illustrate this point. The wee bairns who are told they are smart, are more adverse to work and think that by working, it won't be because they they are smart they did it, it is because they put in the work and they are not so smart after all. The kids who make their high IQ, intelligence therefore are entity based, so in order not to hurt their ego, they build up this wall (great album btw) and put themselves in the "superior white" category, and plot themselves against the binary "dumb blacks who are really violent and shit" group.

I don't really like talking about HBD in reality, truth be told. Somebody in meatspace blathers on and I usually turn off and stare at the ass of the hot lass in the class. The topic itself is kind of insulting for one thing. What's the point of going on and on about blacks getting lower IQ scores for one thing, like an Aspergery fuck, especially if you have black friends yourself? There isn't any, as no one wants to be in such a group. It's not productive, you've got a good friendship that can be tampered with, there is literally no upside to the thing. Second, it should be blatantly obvious to every bloody fucking person on the planet. Races are different, no shite sherlock. HBD in a lot of cases strikes me as a bunch of socially retarded shits arguing in meticulous detail why the sky is blue, and why dere be a sun in the sky and dude, I know there is a fucking sun in the sky. At least with The Manosphere, even though it attracts some fringey retards, the vast majority of people just want to do better with themselves. Stop acting so sententiously about it. If a race scores less on an IQ test with a g factor, then fair enough. They're objectively not as smart. That is reality. That is truth. Fine. I accept that. What is your point exactly? Don't go on and on about it mate. I agree with Robert Lindsey's approach to Human Biodiversity for example, which I'll link here. We have lives to live, dontcha knows. Get on with it. Make money, get married, screw women or men, just get on with it. Third, there is this unlikeable, genetic, biological deterministic component to the whole thing, ie, you are reduced, demographics are reduced to this tiny little number. Now I know, for a statistical model that is simple enough to apply OLS, and the model is consistent and approaches infinity en aw, but even still. No man or woman is a mere number. HBDs or idiot fucks on Stormfront apply this ugly, morose formula to people, and a man's character, his own environment, his bravery and personality, his temperament and his personality, is watered down to being able to do an IQ test, or some differential equations. Fuck that. Let's ignore the fact that prior to the 70s in America, black crime and poverty was falling at an exponential rate. But they're just an inferior race, according to HBD right?

Fourth, we must remember that the world is quite complicated, and blame should not be ubiquitous, and HBD does this by putting Caucasians on a higher plane. Blacks in America committing the vast majority of the crime? If it is true, it is true. A genetic component to this disproportionate amount of crime? Almost certainly. However, it was white guys like fucking Paul Krugman and The Cathedral (to use some words from Moldbug) who acted like swinging apocryphal arseholes and ran the economy into the ground with all this Keynesian bullcrap. It was white guys who made socialism such a horrible, ugly thing. You could go on and on and on till the fucken cows come home. I'm not a self loathing white or anything, but christ on a bike, there is more going on here in life than just, derpady derp, blacks and hispanics are dumber than whites. Fifth, it can be used to mask your own shortcomings as a human being. I didn't get the job because of affirmative action. This can be true, but turning in on yourself and seeing yourself as this victim of a broken society (the NOBLE white), is not exactly the most helpful of things. We live in a broken society. So whats uh, yous gonna do now ken?

This should be taken with a grain of salt en aw. HBD is useful because egalitarianism is just as detrimental in its own way. To say there is no difference between sex and races is complete horseshit, and programs like affirmative action are just as bad, a product of an egalitarian mindset which almost certainly be stamped out. For every Ryu type who dreams of the city on the hill where dere be no Mark Twaineness going on, putting all these fellas backs to they walls, there is the extreme bearded trendy lefty, who believes anything white is to be shamed, because we're all Django enslaving pieces of shit, who wants to stick square pegs in circular holes. Both views are to be avoided as much as possible.

Having said that, Ricky seems to be lumping everyone under the same heading here. I can't find disagreement in the extreme cases, but he really is going after low picking fruit here. There is a huge amount of evidence to suggest that HBD is completely legit, or at least in the ballpark in a lot of cases, and for all his going on about lies in statistics (also one hundred percent true) he fails to present any such evidence of such a thing. Where are Ricky's comments on the sample with only 50 people, or a model which contains multicollinearity? Is he saying here that all models are lies? A bad hypothesis, type 1 and type 2 errors and all that. There's a big difference between saying, this is not true and this model tells me something, but there is an omitted variable or whatever the fuck. The Derbmaster and Steve Sailer don't seem like race hating scumbags to me. They seem like guys interested in the truth, whatever that might entail. The truth is still the truth, whether you like it or not.

There are many evils in the world. Being aware of our differences is an important component of this, but not to sound like a utopian shit, turning on each other isnae gonna do a damn thing. Take from that what yous will. Better toos get jiggy withsit I says. I might delve intae this shit at a later date. Color me interested.

Also: Read this if you get the chance. It's the defining post on the topic in my opinion. 


  1. "You could go on and on and on till the fucken cows come home. I'm not a self loathing white or anything, but christ on a bike, there is more going on here in life than just, derpady derp, blacks and hispanics are dumber than whites."

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head with this post. I pretty much agree with the main tenets of HBD (people are different, race is a genetic marker and serves a marker for other genetic-related behaviors, etc.), but the question for me is: so what? Sure, blacks and browns may be more directly violent than whites, but whites have done a much better job of perpetrating mass indirect violence (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.) It takes real genius to be a mass murderer on that sort of scale. So what if blacks or browns are less intelligent or more predisposed to certain types of crimes? Whites tend to be just as evil. Character is more important than intelligence, and no race has cornered the market on character. Really, character can only be evaluated on the individual level anyway, so arguing about macro differences is mostly pointless since most people of all races tend to be evil or amoral.

    1. You pretty much summed up there what it took an entire post for me to do.

      My main point is that (a) character and being a good person is worth far more than intelligence, and (b) there is a lot more going on here. Take Iran for instance. I think the average IQ there is 85 or so, yet they have made astonishing progress and achievements in space exploration for example. I have a few qualms with The Bell Curve book, but Ireland's IQ (apparently one of the lowest in Europe), yet we were able to (until circa 2002) create a strong, prosperous healthy society. These hardcore narcissistic HBDs that The Rawness talks about need toos get out of the gaf and get themselves a bit of fresh air methinks.