Sunday, 6 January 2013

Muscles and The Male Rationalization Hamster

As far as I see it, even though the gluttonous, rotund hamster that steers the controls of the mind of the modern day lassie is far bigger, gargantuan to that of the male counterpart, there is still a hamster, nay, a fucken gerbil like, that has arisen in the lad's mind as of late, after long remaining dormant in Mount fucken Doom. Unfortunately, it seems to pirulate the Manosphere as much as real life. All you have to do is take a look at some of the Roosh V forum comments to see this.

They say "muscles dinnae matter to the wee cunt!". They are completely deluded.

Let us take a couple of examples from de book of Begbie. I have a cousin roysh who is a personal trainer over in the States. Kids trying taes make it in the NFL, other clients that want to get fit, that kind of thing. Now, despite being the same height as me, this guy is fucking jacked. Fair fucks to the lad, something like that takes an enormous amount of effort, but he did it, the ledge. Jump forward a bit of time to some shitarse club in Temple Bar, and we're queuing for pints of the black stuff. As I'm innocuously chatting away, two lassies approach us. One of them invades our space, grabs my cousin's bicep and purrs "I just had to try it out!". This guys in the essence of Tong at this point, these lassies are falling over themselves. I'm flabbergasted. They're all over him. Like lassies to a fucking Sex and the City DVD marathon. Unfreakingbelievable.

Then there's myself, aul Franco en aw. I'm not even remotely strong, but let me put it this way. When you eat a paleo diet and nae veer off of it for barely a sec, get your basic 20 pound beginners gains from your squats and your bench, and cut out the puffity puff shite, you find yourself skinny as shit, but lean. That Tyler Durden Fight Club look that men talk about, is really fucking easy to achieve in actuality. When you're the lean athletic lad, and everyone around you is about to enter the realm of slovenly upkeep, then yous are the bit of hotstuff that clearly stands out. You can be intrinsically, genetically mediocre, but in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is always king. I wonder how this will manifest itself in people over the duration of the next decade. I predict that steroid use will unequivocally become more widespread amongst the populace. The sad thing is, I can see a scenario where the big boned lassie becomes more and more of a common thing. Imagine that. Arnold Schwarzeneggers dating fucken great voracious shebeasts, lassies so big that you don't exactly have to be Captain Ahab to land such a creature. The sexual market will degenerate into an extremisten dystopia. And that is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. If we even get that far.

Not that there's anything wrong with a man trying to improve his place in the sexual marketplace. But, there is one thing that bothers me about all of this in particular, and it sounds a little bit contradictory, but hear me out. Yesterday I was in the gym, and this jacked fella is standing in front of the mirror right, and he's there doing the whole Arnold pose thing. Right there! In the middle of all these people! Doing the fucking bicep wiggles and I'm thinking, this be outright womanly behavior like. I would have thought after all that fucken lifting weights is worth it because it slows down aging, because it is fun, because the pump is almost unparalleled, because it is an incredible achievement to be able to lift heavy, because no cheeky cunt is going to mess with a guy with a bit of muscle on him. Men attract women though status, power and game. Women attract men through their own beauty. If you're lifting weights solely to attract women, then you wont, fucken make it. I'm going to steal a great comment I found on Return of Kings, from a commenter called Dagonet:

The first one has to do with inner game. If your primary reason for working out is to look hot, then you are a woman. A bitch. Because that’s what bitches do. Women live and die by their looks and so only a woman (or highly feminized male) does that. If you workout to impress women, then your inner game is weak and you are already fucked in the field—this mindset is rampant and explains a fair amount of the failure you see out there. Workout because men have always exerted their strength of will over objects through space. Workout to improve your health. Workout because you insist on becoming a fierce and physically vital human being in an age of trans-fats, fattitude, and dull, sedentary cubicle jobs. Whatever your reasons, don’t make it about bitches.

And the second issue is just a failure to adjust to a new state of affairs. When you bulk up and become physically imposing, you have got to make changes in the way you spit Game. My Game consists mostly of inner game/frame control and physical escalation. And a fair amount of comfort building when needed. I mostly just try to play defense and not make mistakes. Being good-looking and physically imposing means girls are less inclined to shit test or challange me—I go months without needing to neg serious prospects and I get away with ignoring most shit tests that do actually come my way. You’re basically shooting for what Roosh once called “horny, nice guy” game. When you’re buff, women are already primed to believe that you’re alpha and a player…so zig where they zag. Contrast is king. No amount of bench presses can overcome weak inner game or a failure to react and adjust to your situation. Trust me it’s not the muscles that are tripping guys up.

I agree, excellent post good sir, and furthermore I'll add two more things to this.

First, it's quite possible that you'll get greater gains from all of this if you're an extremely introverted person like myself where you're less likely to be a crowd pleaser. Get other people talking, ask open ended questions, less shit tests, zip bang, more things to do, more time freed upto move onto. Second, this a complete hypothesis which might be arseways, but even though all lassies like muscle, it just seems to me that the more masculine a chick is, the more she'll go for the whole big fucker look. The feminine Polish number is not going to be as impressed as the "one of the guys" (tm) kind of lassie. Which is the kind of lassie you want, but the salient point is still there. Muscles matter and will always matter in attracting lassies, but you want to do it for confidence, for inner game, for actually being someone who isn't a complete sack of shit.

The best present from a father to son. A copy of pre 2009 Roissy archives and a gym membership. He'll thank you when he's older. Or a hooker for his 15th birthday. That might work as well. But that's for another post.


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