Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nice Guys on Ok Cupid

There's been a bit of pandemonium breaking out with all this nice guy crap as of late. Hugo S being the sackless stoneless bag of shit as always, saying that nice guys aren't entitled to sex and how we should mock, berate them. David Futrelle also got on this nice guy bandwagon, highlights including lines like "Some of them are actual or potential date rapists, convinced that women that they’re “nice” to owe them sex" and "that these angry, ranting, hapless-yet-entitled “nice guys” are indeed as “nice” as advertised, much less convince any rational human being to have sex with them."

Now, here's the thing. We can talk and discuss and debunk these guys, and argue until we're red in the face from doing so, and show up the many holes in their thinking, and go on about the fact that we can show up some vile OK Cupid profiles from women in equal measure, and Ian Ironwood and Free Northerner have done a great job at explaining all of this. The thing I'm interested in, is that, to put it simply, it doesn't really matter, what Hugo and the Fatty Fatty Toad Boy Michael Moore stunt double think. It doesn't matter what you or I think. If you choose to ignore natural law, reality, it will hurt you, it will catch you out, and it will make you its shower bitch. If you're a woman, and you reach 30 without conjugal relations in the bag, you will be fucked. Enjoy your cats ladies. If you make fun of nice guy beta males who, with a trip to an alternative reality, would be content, mentally sound providers married to svelte lassies and being productive economically, then there's trouble only around the bleedin corner. One man in the wrong place, can wreck utter bloody mayhem. And but so, you doss cunts are going to diss him out of it? It doesn't matter if you call him a potential rapist, Futrelle. It doesn't matter if you say that these nice guys, they're ok to make fun of Hugo, as they march into the ninth circle clutching an AR-15.

The Nice Guy is born into a lower middle class family. Reasonably intelligent guy. His father is an effete man working a monkey cubicle job, married to an empowered woman. He goes to school, and then he's picked on. Spineless, weak, possibly overweight. He ends up in university, and he's glad to be there, watching all those American Pie movies and thinking he's in a whorehouse. But no. He gets nothing. The fiend cannae get his 40 winks at night because he has to hear a lassie's cunt being pounded through the walls, by the roommate who is the university's head honcho track and field runner. But he's been lied to about other things too.

Get a degree in whatever you feel like. Do what you enjoy.

No jobs with a Sociology Degree. I didn't really learn anything. I'm not being an entitled fuck, but I thought, degree=half decent job. I've just wasted four years of my life.

You have to straighten up and work for a living son. Get over it.

That wasn't part of the agreement. 

Life is hard son.

So I'm working in a fast food place. Now what?

Get married.

I'm getting fat. What do I do?

Eat healthy nutritious grains and take up jogging.

How do I attract women?

Just be nice to them.

Yesterday, I was holding this woman in my arms and she told me that  she was going to cut her hair short.

Thats women for yous! Ho ho ho!

She wants to take half my shit. But I did everything right. I did everything she wanted. I didn't hit her, beat her, abuse her. 

Oh well, what can you do? That's women for yous! Ho ho ho!
Finally, to Futrelle and Hugo. There is another reason you should be worried. The simple matter is that, both of you are useless. What do you produce that is of value? Can you fix someone's plumbing? Can you comprehend covariance matrices? Can you produce something of value? The answer is no. You can't. You are both freeriders. You are living off the feminist state and the twisted ideologies that have spawned in its wake. Nice guys exist in every shape and form, but you want to know a place where the cunts are sticking up out of the ground like weeds? University campuses. You know what they study? STEM shit. The guys that make your pharmaceuticals, sat through calculus class after calculus class, the guys that are statisticians, the accountants, these guys, who are often the most crippled with women, ALLOW you to write poorly written articles (moreso in Futrelle's case admittedly) and live off the hard work of others. To quote The Simpsons "if this was any other country in the world, you would have starved to death by now." Can you see where this productive ability is being diverted as well? One of the smartest, brightest motherfuckers I know spends seven hours a day plugged into Mindcraft. He's given up women he told me. They're just not worth it.



The rise in 4chan, obsessive videogame playing and porn use, herbivore men, all of it has a base in being told all these things and finding out that they're wrong. It doesn't matter if you make fun of these guys or not. You guys need young productive men. Old fuckos, boomers mainly,  need their fucken heart attack medicine. Nice guys corrode the economic productive capacity of a country. While you cunts ignore that and reap the rewards, I'll be booking a plane to Ukraine, oh yes! 

Homework assignment for the gentlemen. It is your assignment to crush, mock, ridicule and act like a complete arsehole towards these people. Fuck it, photoshop pictures of Futrelle engaged with cats in the back seats of Italian cars. 

Feminist hamster: Well I'm a panquadrotupletbisexual deconstructionist. That's ok with me!


  1. "We can talk and discuss and debunk these guys, and argue until we're red in the face from doing so, and show up the many holes in their thinking,"

    Given the rambling, inane, incoherent bullshit that I just read, I really rather doubt that.

    And if you're going to rely on insults, you should really work on getting better insults.

    1. Get back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich bitch.

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