Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Future of Game: Part One

Roosh V, writing for his new blog Return of Kings, puts forward an interesting hypothesis about the future of game. He thinks that the Manosphere will start to pirulate mainstream media, and that feminism has reached its endgame, its inflection point so to speak.

Well, if the telly is anything to go by en aw, game culture has penetrated western society to quite a degree already. Not exactly household name material, but even so. How do I know ken? Let's take a look at a clip from one of TV's most popular comedies.

There it is folks. Game on you crazy diamond cunts. 

What can we conclude from a scene like this? First, for all his apparent smarts, Howard has an abysmal understanding of what the bloody fuck a neg actually is, and just ends up crassly insulting Penny, missing the point of a neg and what its use actually entails. Second, he uses it on a girl (Penny, one of TV's most despicable characters), that not only friendzoned him way back when, but would love nothing more than to see this nerdy little Jewish guy being crushed by a construction site wrecking ball. This is a gross incomprehension of game. And yet, you will see more programs, more shows, more comedy like this.

If Roosh is correct that the Manosphere will break into the mainstream, you can expect to see the following in the near future: a plethora of tv shows and movies which either completely misinterpet game, essentially by sad sacks of delta boi shite, the vapid formicating r selected "Rabbit People" or will jack up the aul creepometer up to fucking infinity. An arthouse movie starring feminist crusty cunty Ryan Gosling as a pua serial killer. A comedy show about an incompetent dating coach who finds love with a hot lassie who is a seven. An episode of South Park where Randy Marsh repeats something ad nauseum about some brah shit he be into like, and then we, because we're fucking retards, have Kyle B literally spell the episode's message out. You see I learned something today. It's that women respond to decent men who are not fuckbats and thar being an asshole won't get you anywhere in life. Dude.

Going down to South Park to see a once great show now shit.

Friendy femcunts everywhere, hamster spins without reflection!

Kenny dies in this episode because he negs a girl and she stabs him with a pen.

The shame, the shame, of being in the game. 

So there's this. But there is another handful of issues that one must put under the aul microscope. First, is sheer bloody willpower. Game is a toolbox, but it takes time to master, tower above it with a hot lassie in one hand and a drink in the other. Krauser, a man I highly respect, said in one of his blogposts that it takes two years, non stop work to get good at the game, in the way that many men can only dream about as they read Tucker Max books and get fat eating de fucken nom nom pudding. For the average man who isn't an introverted twat, who isn't in shape, who doesn't have a good job, (the antithesis of Krauser so it seems) it will take even longer. Now, here's my question to you. Does the average person have the willpower, not even to be a master PUA, but to get the basic concepts down, stuff like body language, mimicking Alpha behaviour, the testosterone up etc? Mangan recently posted a fascinating post on food addiction, which you can read here. In it, he documents (among other things) how a study of cancer patients being put on a ketogenic diet, did not, for the life of them, want to give up sugary foods. Facing potential death in the face, and after all the trials and tribulations you have gone through, you just FUCKEN couldn't give up that pop tart could you? Jaesus. Sugar or death, bread and circuses.

Next point of view. The belief perseverance fallacy. Average frustrated chumps holding their dicks at the bar, see the wee rascal getting his hole, and instead of trying to emulate the lad, they go down the Paul Krugman route, the whole fucken wah wah way, he's a muscular sausage man, or whatever, and I'm the nice guy. She's just confused.

She's going through a rough time.

He's a douche like.

I'm going home to wank.

So, now of course we have the following equation.

Game being slammed in the media+belief perseverance fallacy+shitty willy nilly fucking willpower=the lessons of game are not going to sink into that thick skull of yours properly. 

The reductionist approach is often the best tae git a point across. We'll expand on this equation in the next, utterly spasmodic, yet irritatingly sententious druken fumes nay fucken everywhere post. 


  1. You're right, of course. As it goes mainstream it is going to be made to look pathetic. Game as the tool I mean. I've seen it referenced a couple of times now and it has been by the most geeky guy on the show looking very try hard and creepy, as you said.

    However, along with this, do you think that masculinity will make a comeback, almost by accident? Mad Men type masculinity (I have only seen a couple of episode and it seems Don Draper was made into the bad guy, unsurprisingly) but strong male leads who are very masculine without being assholes?

    I'll admit, maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part or maybe it's because I have been watching John Wayne for the past two days, but I think there's a chance that while Game might be parodied, masculinity will be coming back strong.

    1. I've seen most of Mad Men, and yeah, it's a bit tough. Don starts out as a good but flawed guy, but by Season 5, his character is nowhere near as likeable. Bar Jack Baeur from 24 and the main character from The Walking Dead, the cop whose name has gone out of my head, I can't really think of a decent, flawed, likeable Alpha rolely model sort of John Wayne type type in recent tv. A good example is James Bond. Look at Sean Connery Bond and compare him to how Bond interacts with others in Skyfall for example.

      To be honest, I'm not sure. I really don't know. There's other things at play. I think masculinity will come back more, if shit hits the fan and we have to resort back to traditional roles. That's one of the reasons zombie shows are so popular imo. Zombie movies/shows see a return to traditionalism, eg The Walking Dead, the men are the hunters and the women are the nurturers, the cooks etc.

  2. The IFSC aint so bad for the lassies at lunch time LOL, oh the devilment ill get up too. Oh a more serious matter, i guess it takes to change the mental maps and be aware of the FI and all the influential factors two years, two years to turn a pudgy accountant into a solid frame of a man. Who's got the dedication people whoooooo.. Conficious said " he who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually right"

    ps penny is a hoe 6.5 at best.

    1. Lol, Penny is a slut who is a 6.5. One thing I like about the show is that if Leonard actually got his shit together, you could imaging doing much better for himself, at least compared to the others.

      Yeah, when Krauser meant two years, he meant it without the whole getting to grips phase. He meant going out there and failing and trying again and failing and whatnot.

      IFSC? Is dat de fucken finance place in D2?

    2. the financial services centre beside connolly station. That is the hardest part, once the ego-bolstering stops and the hard graft begins expect to get shot down from 65+ % of approaches.

  3. It is quite funny though that women bacome attracted to pudgy accountants when there 30+ LOL (we know better). Will the surfer dude in Bali not marry you up OH DEAR..

    1. Alpha fucks and beta bucks. These lassies are full of issues. Even the nicer ones. Crazy. I recommend Benjamin Franklin's essay on older women. It's absolutely fantastic. They are so grateful!

    2. epic will have a read when i get a few spare minutes

  4. my short, pale, bald, bespectacles, mediocre looking ass pulls 7 and eigths with ease. i'm proof game works.

    stay up.

    1. Exactly. But pulling 7s and 8s with all of that at 40 is clearly incredibly impressive and requires willpower, personality, and a few other things aside, you need to be on the top of the pile tae do that. If Mangan is posting studies on cancer patients who won't give up sugar even though it might save their life, then is there much hope of the average guy, forget pulling 7/8's but actually applying game to have a decent relationship with a decent lass?

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