Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Single Biggest Problem With The Baby Boomers

Young men know jack shit, and with youthful exuberance comes many a problem. We are irreverent, iconoclastic, recalcitrant, bursting at the seams with capacious, spilling over the rim of the cup energy. The ass of the lassie, the whole fucken "I've been up since Friday with no sleep", the arrogance and hope of the whole thing. Like I said, I'm 22, and I'm inexperienced to say the least. I am fully and willing to admit that my elders and people with life experience should be respected as such. Ever wonder why some of the finest, most palpable writers were so old when they wrote their masterpieces? The Origin of the Species at 52. The Brothers Karamazov, the finest work of fiction ever written at 60 years old. All of it life experience. All of it, the insides and patterns of what goes on and the logical fallacies and the quirks and idiosyncrasies of people, you dinnae get that locked up in a fucken South County Dublin coke party with two lassies licking each others ears. I am in high respect of age, and while in someways, I am not looking forward to it, in other ways, I am looking forward to my 30s especially, with fucken relish.

With age comes wisdom. With sagacity comes guidance to the impulsiveness of youth.  But, there is a problem. What if your elders, the people in charge, don't know a bloody fucking thing about anything? That just about every goddamn thing under the sun was just completely fucken batshit...

I always thought that there was some binary shit here in relation to old and young. Sort of like a simple algebraic expression. That in order, roughly speaking, vivacity of youth=wisdom of older people=society with its fucken shit together. Then arguably the worst, most puerile generation in history comes along and decides to rock the old boat and fills the old noggin with a plethora of silly stupid knowledge, and the second part of the equation is fudged. Good practical advice for a young man, like taking care of his body, screening out bad women, making his way in the world, has been replaced by transparent and fuzzy thinking, and has permeated institutions, people's mindsets, it's like smoke in your goddamn clothes. So, broken equation and society goes haywire.

But there's another part of it, and it's nothing more than pure fucken avarice. Reading through old books, old ideas, the so called Greatest Generation, there was this attitude of "we have to make the world a better place for our children and that's that" which has been subsequently replaced by this hedonic, quite existentialistic, "enjoy life, because when it is gone, it is gone! Life is one big butt party! Bury me nude!" So with an attitude like that, and with declining fertility, they expect US to fit the bill when they cash in on their 401s and Viagra vending machines? For their fucking party?

Hehehehehehe. That, is the epitome of immaturity my friends. The selfishness. Fuckbats.

I'm torn here. On one hand I am racing to the bottom and I am enjoying it, oh very much so. On the other hand, what is happening around us is so utterly silly and twatty and outright hilarious, the thing will need a big fucking red reset button and I don't know if I really care anymore to help to pick up the pieces. Yous all asked for it. Yous all voted for the EUSSR. I sure didn't. You made your bed, now lie in it. This is merely karma, and nature. Nature always wins. Always.

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