Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why The Men's Rights Movements Should Be Avoided At All Cost (Part Four: A Voice For Men/Jezebel. What's The Difference? With a Few Words From Aurini as Well)

I could go on about this topic till the cows come home. Exhausting, idiotic, melancholic, hilarious if there wasn't so much at stake. The whole thing, all it is is a sad shitshow, where both sides battle it out like puerile brats. It's pathetic, ugly. These people, on A Voice for Men, this vile ashram, they are not men. They are dishonest, rapacious faggots. Now, I use faggot in that pathetic, slimy, womanly manboy who is the cause of many grandfathers spinning around in their gravesides. MRAs are faggots. If they work their way in, they will be used and manipulated, because there is nothing like the whiff of sloppy language, and a the new movie starring Seth Rogan movement which is predominantly liberal, in its prerogative, as I've discussed recently.

The problem I'm concerned is how A Voice for Men are presenting themselves. Propaganda is not necessarily a bad thing en aw. Not to mention of course that, I would have also thought that the goal of something like the MRA should be to rectifiy certain fannyups in our society. It is not right that men are to be subjugated by a state of an apocryphal nature. It is not right that men are getting the hard end of the stick when it comes to divorce. It is not right that you can be a honest kind decent person and get raped for it. It is not right Etc, et  fucken cetera. There is much to be angry about, and I sympathize
with you. Anger is healthy because it can lead to action. Rage is just pressing that big fucking red button and setting everything ablaze.


Take a look at the following page. Now, this post is partly inspired by Aurini's video on the topic. Go watch it if you haven't. But the hilarious thing was the comments in the YouTube section. These, creatures. These cretins. These shadows on the wall of Plato's cave. The Voice for Men comment section in the meantime is the icing on the cake. Some of this is genuine misogyny, the true concrete meaning of the word. Not the player, the Bryonic hero who reconises the flaws and the fallible nature of the lassie. Not the man who dislikes the party slut, the decadent whore who dances with the devil and enjoys the company of the worthy woman. No, this is hate. The hapless gamma with his pants around his ankles. This is slander. They bitch on and on about the inequalities, hoping this would expiate the process but they don't realize the crux of the matter and they never will.

Men are disposable. And A Voice For Men, despite knowing this, will never own up to this indisputable fact. They will use it to shame wrongly, rather than to bring society back to something stable, something which can de bloody shite function some bit half arsed.

There, twas said and it was smelly. Ever since the annals of time, cavemen, Neanderthal/Cro Mag/Melonhead epoch (if you fish over that side of the boat) we have had men, taking great leaps across that chasm. Some of them made it, some fell into the toothy ravine and never came out. The victims in wars, the ones who would give their lives for their women and children (the Titanic) and the salient, indisputable fact that our ancestors descended from 80 percent of women, bearing de bairn of 40 percent of men. Men are disposable. You sir, are descended from a long line of Alphas. Myself, slimy, cute Franco can trace the family tree back more 200 years. They stayed, during the Irish Famine. I don't know, who, how or why, but they fucking did it. Fucking a lads. Your ancestors have probably done something, survived some horrible event as well. because they HAD TO. That is why you are here. They wanted the world to be a better place. And that is what they did. So we repay them by masturbating to videoporn? By being the Boomer cunt who crassly tells you "I can't take it with me when I'm gone!" What sort of descendents are these? Look on my works, ye mighty and despair! A Voice for Men's fact page presents the same thing. A whole list of things. Men are the victims of war. They have lower life expectancies. They are raped more in prisons. Ok. That part is fine. The Gilgamesh hamster that can only reside in the cranium of a feminist that is built like Pierce Brosnan's stereo can rationalize that away. But the MRA pussies bitch about this.

They are missing a point, the heffalump in the rum.

Men have, and always will be disposable. In a more just, traditionalist society, these simple facts of life, the bigger variance,  the fatter tails the poor fuckers walking the thin line of the Gaussian Bell Curve,  this has always been the case. You cannot, bitch about how you have to change this. To do so, would require an alteration, an impossible invention of men that would be so horrible, so sickening it doth not bear thinking about.

You want to bitch about women and men not knowing and not appreciating this? Ok.

You want to whine and moan about this fact about how men and women should be equal?

Then you are simply just as bad as the femcunts sitting on their flabby arses in front of their laptops, singing in the rain of desole!

Men have always been disposable. There is nothing you can do about this. This is inherent to men, and what makes men not women. There are many a lost soul floating around this land of the dead, not all of them arseway pikey cunts, but that is what it is. Man is who he is. When the shit hits the fan (and it will) you will be the first to be called up to lead women, and the first to die. What can you do? Nothing. You get on with it. You fix it. What can you do about it? Any of it. Well, consider this scenario. You hear a shot fired outside. The happy man dons his cap and gets his coat to go for a walk.

What do you do? Do you sink? Or do you swim? The MRA are not men. They're masquerading as pussies. They're carictures of a sick, dumb idea that began to grow and prosper when a bearded, lazy arse prick named Karl Marx put his pen to paper. There is no more time for moaning. Sorry chump.


  1. This blog is the biggest waste of time on the net. Go fuck off.

    1. So an MRA pussy decided to make his way down here did he? Are your feelings hurt? Are you going to cry?

    2. No, Jezebell is the biggest waste of time/space. And you are just a whiner. Do something about it, bitch.

  2. Your article poses good points about the lack of results of the MRAs, which can be traced back to the source of most of our problems as men: Lack of action. But the disposability of men is something that is only partially true. If you look around everything worthy and unworthy has been made by men. Women are vital for survival, but without men, there is no civilization. As simple as that. NO CIVILIZATION, NO NOTHING. You put an example of honourable behaviour of men of yore in the Titanic, however the TITANIC is the greatest example how idiotic English speaking peoples can be.

    How idiotic does one need to be in order to sacrifice children and men for strange women (If you read the history you would know that more women than children were saved. Children who travelled alone in many cases were left to their deaths in those icy cold waters to make space for the ladies (>75% women survived versus <50% of all children and <20% of all men)). If there were justice in those times, the crew members that saw to it would have hanged and quartered for the death of innocent children and men who in many cases were fathers.

    And I put children before men because personally those are the only one individuals that don´t need to be part of my family so I can sacrifice my life for them. Moreover the "disponsability of men approach" is at the root of the shitty situation your country and is today (feminism and all its forms) and the reason the cancer spewed by your grandfathers and mothers is spreading globally.

    1. Yeah, I think in retrospect I didn't explain this very well.

      You are absolutely correct in saying without men, there is no civilization. The cost of that is that men have always been more exposed to risk, expendable. Men have been the ones who died in wars, jobs etc. I'm not saying that's ok, it's just the truth.

      Instead of people being aware of this fact, we have all this male slander bullshit. Not to mention that the MRA are using THESE OBJECTIVE FACTS, not stuff like no fault divorce, as a way of advocating men's rights, that pisses me off, because it has absolutely nothing to do with sexism or whatever liberal buzzword you want to use.

      But you are correct. It's more: you should respect men because we've had to take the short end of the stick in a lot of things in life, rather than the "I need a man like a fish needs a bicycle horsecrap."

  3. There's some serious fucking up bullshit happening at AVfM. They're hooking in thousands of manginas through their bitches like GWW and TyphoidBlue. These pussies who need a woman to tell them what's up; teet suckers. So they listen to a few hours of shit coming out of these women's mouths and suddenly think they've grown a pair of balls and now they're activists for men's rights; warriors! Sorry, boys - it takes more than that to grow a pair of what your mommies cut off before you hit puberty.

    AVfM is a PR movement, not a rights movement. The design is to hit the mainstream so that a few of those faggots and bitches wind up on CNN or MSNBC or some shit so they can become more popular and blah blah blah like that's going to change anything.

    If anything is going to alter male disposability it's going to be the introduction of the male pill in combination with the end of marriage. Everything else is bullshit. Cover your ass, gents.


      The comment section is a bowl of wank. GWW seems to be an intelligent good writer, but reading the comments here, you think she's the next coming of Christ.

      The MRA will sell out their cause for the faintest whiff of pussy.

  4. HMMMMM! i'm torn on this one. i've come under fire form PUA's and MRA's. i walk a grey area.

    i have ZERO intent on getting married, so i get the MRA perspective. BUT.....i also fuck strippers, so the MRA's consider me a PUA.

    i think both sides need to see the validity of the other and not judge them for their choices.

    stay up.

    1. It's completely gray.

      I'd back the MRA if they weren't such effeminate pussies.

      As for PUA? It works for some people, doesn't work for others. Roosh, from reading some of his blogposts, doesn't seem that content, or happy (whatever happiness actually means) in his own life. If these guys are bitter for yous fucking strippers, they're probably bitter, hapless gammas, to use Vox's terminology.