Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Edenism and The New Anthropology: The Fall of the Thal and The Rise of the Cro Mag

If yous have been floating around the manosphere for the past while en a bit, yous may have, serendipity calling en aw, came across Vault Co and Koanic Soul. Being in de red pill wonderland, it is of course, quite fortuitous to discuss topics that are taboo in polite discourse, whether it be HBD, economics, or the temperament of the lassie after de buttsex. If you think you've read some crazy shit already, well this Edenism/New Anthropology stuff will drive you up the wall and completely fucken bananas altogether. The bare bone idea is as follows: Human beings are made up of different hybrids, and this hybrids have different facial characteristics. By looking at the depth of a lad or lassies eye sockets, or by looking at the shape of the skull, both the front and the back, one can have a feel, a grasp, some good intuition, a decent proxy of that person's personality. Historically speaking therefore, according to all of this Edenism hullabuloo there are mainly, (we'll leave out Starchildren for the time being), three types of human beings.

First, you have the Neanderthals, gentle honest introverted types, made for small groups, are k selected and lived in a matriarchal society. You have the Melonheads, fuckers with massive craniums who were believed to have a civilization that was almost the parallel of ours in someways. Those bible stories, Gilgamesh en aw? Supposedly slightly warped, distorted tellings of actual history. Finally, there are the Cro Mag types. These are the masses, the degenerates, the r selected types, apparently bred to exterminate the Neanderthals. But, when this be done and the fuckos head on their way, they find out that, holy fucking shit, these Neanderthal women are rides, and as a result, we have rape, and then somehow, later along the line, they take down de Melonheads and thus, we, humanity, are descendents of this bish bosch of dna.

Crazy fucking shite right? Absolutely. No proof? Apart from some weird skulls found around the world, not much to go by yeah. So, why is it that I find Edenism so fucking interesting?

This is going to sound weird, but it feels right. It makes sense in an intrinsic sort of way, even though it doesn't mean squat, in the real world.

I need to break this down a bit more.

There have always been some things, my reactions to human beings that have always confused me, and Edenism, whereas it might not explain it completely, it feels like it is saying something very important. It feels like it makes sense. For example, I'm at a bar. There are three women of around equal looks, wearing the same kind of clothes, makeup, whathaveyou. Nothing really stands out one from the other, my rationalizing brain tells me this. But why is it, despite the fact that we've got three lassies in front of me, I am really drawn, and have a strong desire towards one lassie in particular? Why is it that some plainer girls stand out more to me and make me hornier than objectively hotter girls on first sight? Why is it that with a certain kind of person, I can get on like a house on fire, talk for hours on end, have a bloody great time in the pub with, and for other types, struggle to talk about what the bloody fuck I did for my weekend, and come across as a social cripple? Why is it that an awful lot of people just end up randomly opening up to me about really personal things, (how many people have had a man talking about being abused as a kid, after only knowing said person for an hour?) and will act quite cold after? This is irrespective of skin color and of race for me, this seems to be irrespective of looks (in the good looking sense, but this applies more to men than women), of hygiene and appearance, even to a certain extent, gender as well, and nay cunt cannot discount age as well. The best relationships I've had with the fairer sex, have been with lassies with Neanderthal traits, come to think of it. Bookworms, some forms of depression always there, highly intelligent, both incredibly feminine and not at the same time, it's hard to explain. The other important component of this is that, and this is the main reason why I think it is worth looking into is that, even though I am appalling at reading people's faces (in meatspace, I find it really hard to understand sarcasm for example), and have to sit down at it and take my time, there is a definite correlation going on here, even if it is the correlation not causation shite and whatnot. So, if I flick through my facebook page and look at all the introverted, socially inept people I know, and if I look at people around me doing de STEM shite, there is no doubt, an extremely strong correlation between Thal traits, and skull type and personality. Even if this stuff is complete and utter horseshit, it is a very effective way of getting into someone's head, making a first impression and getting a handle on their personality, at least in my experience. If there's someone in a pub or a lecture with Neanderthal traits, I can often strike up a good conversation with them, and more often than not, we can get along reasonably well. Cutting out all de fluff ken. Dat be what you do.

Just be careful with this shite, my hearty recommendation. In the Edensphere, some of de Vault Co comments, I've seen a bit of a tendency for people to go, "oh evil fucken Cro Mags dipshit fucking Thals over" blah blah fucken victimization, can't do anything because I'm a Thal, purple monkey dishwasher, which is of course ludicrous. Franco himself is a TT with a big fucken occipital bun on the back, and up until a couple a years ago, was quite socially dysfunctional, kind of Aspergery OCD cunty beebee, a regular fucken member of The Big Bang Theory, wheras now, thanks to reading shite like Dale C, Simon Cohen's face stuff and just general experience, has been promoted to the normal but slightly odd kind of lad for most people. It's hard, but you can do it, improve on it some little bit. Humans do respond to similar social cues, both men and women. They can be learned and they can be improved on. This is what bothers me about nerds. I don't even remotely mind them, like them a lot, but it's this, wahhh the lassie won't look at me stuff, which is fucking crap, obviously. I was never Sheldon Cooper, but it is there definitely and will probably never goes away. Basically what I'm saying is, don't use this kind of stuff as an excuse for what you really want to do. Dr Illusion has a post up recently on a condition he has. He seems to be doing fine for himself, and he's got a really tough starting point. So again, what be your excuse ye cunt?

Slightly rambly post, but an interesting topic and worth a few posts in the future.


  1. I find the whole thing endlessly fascinating. I've always been into anthropology, but political correctness killed it in the mid to late 70s. There are a ton of books written in the 70s that refute a lot of the stories that scientists now deem Conventional Wisdom.

    One of these CWs is that humans walked across the Bering Strait to populate America (an explanation by the Pope in 1512 for the Native Americans Columbus brought back). There is a book "America B.C." by Barry Fell that looks at language & asserts that America was on an ocean going trade route as early as 3500BC. He found ancient petroglyphs with Celtic, Phoenician, Libyan & even Egyptian writing - some petroglyphs had two or three different languages saying the same thing. So, basically Fell was saying that America was populated from around the world & they came by boat.

    Another interesting read is "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral mind" that explains how we went from an animal mind until something major shocked us into consciousness. It specifically states that Jaymes thinks the Native Americans were still in their bicameral mind until they were shocked into consciousness by the Spanish, etc.

    There are tons of these books & almost all of them were written in 1976. Robert Ardrey & African Genesis is pretty good & there are others (I have a huge stack of them by my bed), but I can't really think of the titles right now.

    It just makes me wonder how much we might know if we hadn't been inflicted with political correctness. Sad, really.

    TempestTcup - (can't figure out how to comment properly :) )

    1. The only thing I know about anthropology is that Steven J Gould fella being a dishonest bastard with the skulls. These recommendations look great, a lot of interesting stuff. Sound.

      I just ordered a copy of Bicameral mind off of Amazon.

    2. There are also several books by Stan Gooch, a psychologist and author, that had theories of the culture of the Neanderthals, and how that culture still forms an undercurrent in todays world society. The duality in our mindsets and cluster A/B temperaments etc.
      He rather died in obscurity in 2010, just as the genetic evidence behind his theory was beginning to be recognised.

    3. More great recommendations, cheers mate.

      It's interesting to see how the Neanderthals=dumb brutes, concept is being debunked more and more as time goes on.

  2. Thanks for the linkage on your sidebar, dude.

    I don't know that much about Edenism compared to the folks who've been in here for a long time, just got introduced to the subject a week ago, but this shit is fascinating.

    It's like you've been wering blinders for the whole of your life and suddenly someone comes up and tears them off you, and you have an explanation for why the world is as messed-up as it is.

    1. Yeah, I found you through that Aurini video and dug the blog.

      I took at your post and it was interesting I found, some of the similarities we have. Like the Dad wondering why the fuck we're not playing outside all the time, or talking to your average person boring, but a small group of people, who i know well, literally hours wed be talking.

      I think I'm a TT, but even then, I'm not 100 percent. That back, front thing might hold quite important like. If nothing else, it is entertaining reading. Have you joined the neanderhall?

  3. I've wondered my whole life why I was so damned different from everyone else. I always heaed this blank slate bullshit and knew it was a crock of shit from the beginning. I was reading and doing math by the age of 3, helping my older brother with his homework at 4. I slept through school, got expelled for possesion of narcotics, still aced everything and graduated at 17 with a full scholarship. Blank slate thinging is insane. Some of us have vastly different genetic make-ups that make us superior or inferior in different areas. I have absolutely no artistic talent. I couldn't play an instrument to save my life. I can't draw, paint or dance. I'm inferior in all those areas. But when it comes to English, Science, Math and problem solving, I'm a beast. I fit the Thal mold perfectly. I cannot even communicate with most people. I know what they are going to say before they say it, they only discuss asinine things, and I cannot find common ground. We are damn well different at a genetic level.

    1. That's extremely impressive, I'd wager your IQ is at least 2sds bove the norm? Matt Forney has a theory that all the bloggers in the manosphere are MT's, but I think the two of us are a little bit different. I'm not the best face reader, but Edenism would say you'd be a TT like myself.

      Lol, I'm similar to yous. I did nothing in terms of de schoolwork and I did quite well regardless and in the degree as well I'm doing. Edenism might be complete shit, but as a way of evaluating people's personality based on skull type, and in terms of questions I've always wondered about, it kind of makes sense.

    2. My IQ was 174 last time I was tested, which was in college. I'm an old man now (26) so I'm sure I've killed some brain cells with alcohol.

  4. Ohhhhh, it's a manosphere psuedo-science thing. Damn, how did I get from an Ender's Game review to this?

    Your post is pretty concise, so thanks for the explanation. From what I understand now, it's basically beta-alpha relations, but more geeky.

    The hilarious bit in my one-page google search was seeing a roleplaying forum use these MTMMTTMTM guidelines as a template on how to bang a fictional woman.