Sunday, 17 February 2013

Inner Game

The Soul is Not a Bloody Fucken Smithy, as we're so fond of saying in this corner of the web. Subconscious, revolving emotional trash, your reptilian brain tells you, fires you up, system one allows you to make split second decisions and all those things lurking underneath. Maybe it just be me, but, in relation to approaching life in general, inner game is king, queen and jack o de pack. Now, I be far from an egalitarian, and things such as looks, intelligence, willpower are enormously important and pivotal in relation to a happy, salubrious life. But, the big one, the head honcho is inner game. You have to nail this fucker and do this as quickly as possible. Otherwise you are nothing than an emotional manchild, forever in limbo, forever lost at sea.

By Inner Game, I'm extending the word, the term to include how comfortable in your skin you are. This extends out to many a spectrum of your life. Every goddamn thing. From raising a family, to chasing lassies, to your relationships with oher people, you must have your shit together and then some. So, we must beggar the question, what exactky are the kind of things am I talking about here? We're talking failings, your failings, feelings, we're talking traumatic events, bad luck, and anything emotionally crippling. You need to make peace with yourself, accept yourself and take that plunge. This sounds like a lot of pseudo hippy wank, and admittedly it is one of this things that escapes the cocoon of language, and perhaps we're not helping in writing this way. I guess the classic example that a lot of people would be familiar with is a man coming out of de closet, admitting to himself that he is homosexual. This is you, what you are, and perhaps it isn't ideal, but it is not a separate segment of you, it is not a separate part of you which you dont want to confront, in otherwords you are not Bob the homosexual. You are Bob, and as far as your personality goes, you are a man, who is many things, and your personality incorporates this, rather than keeps it separate and tied up in a little black box somewhere.

You were an omega failure in your childhood? Make peace with it. Your parents were puerile narcissists? Accept it, even embrace it and forgive them for what they did to you. Hopefully I'm expressing this properly and reasonably articulately. Most of us have demons, our souls aren't entirely clean and more than likely never will be, and of course, jaded cynicism can creep in as life drifts on by. Do I know how to go about this entirely?

Not really no. Read psychology maybe? Novels? Notice the ugliness of others in yourself? It is of course, no surprise that consumerism, manipulation, even seduction according to Robert Greene, thrives on the insecure lad or lassie. The cunt who has his shit together will always be able to circumvent any threat to his authority or ego and thus, will not be easily manipulated. Picture the lassie head over heels in love with a man. She is impossible to seduce. He completes her, he makes her feel good about herself, dominace makes a woman feel complete. Shit can be so much simpler for the lassie sometimes. Possibly visit a psychologist ken? Gamma males are notorious for this kind of crippling emotional baggage are they not? Even Vox Day, a man of considerable intellect and wisdom, has shown a plethora of gamma male traits in relation to this McRapey shit flinging stuff. So I don't know. Suffer onwards lads.

Sigma, not giving a fuck, is ideal, but en revanche, nay cunt wants to be the Aspergery fucktard. Sit down, work on your inner game, get rid of your insecurities to the best of your ability, however embarassing they are. No judgement from me ken, just so as long as you are on the road to redemption. This post steps outside language because it is quite strenous to depict what I'm actually thinking and saying here. This is the field left for metaphors, authors and the meticulous construction of the prose and the sentence, which only a few men can claim to have.

Your suffering is perfect, don't forget that.


  1. Becoming a high value man, or at least working towards being a high value man but yet still chasing low grade skanks, a false dichotomy perhaps... I digress. Seen it manies a times. Working out, studying hard, eating healthy and crawling around some scummy nightclub wondering where (reverse cliche) "where are all the good girls are gone"

    "he makes her feel good about herself, dominace makes a woman feel complete" nice line

    1. Think every cunt has been there.

      But Inner Game is fucking vital because all those things don't mean jack if you've got those demons. For example, Roosh posted this video of a guy going up to muscleheads and asking them do they work out, and telling them they are too skinny/too fat etc. What did these guys do? They fucking flipped out and almost attacked the guy. Insecure as hell. Weak inner game, no amount of muscles can overcome that kind of thing.

  2. What do you mean by inner game? New to the manosphere am I. Found your writing and am interested.