Saturday, 23 February 2013

Leftist Bullies

A fine couple of days for free speech on de internet. Matt Forney, writer at, and, kicked up a fierce racket with an article he wrote on rape. The article was clearly satirical, over the top, funny, but with a number of important points to it, shit some people were way too fucking dumb to see. First, rapes are grossly over exaggerated in public discourse. Posters of one in four being put up in Irish campuses. This sort of statistical nastiness, its point to propel an undeserving cohort into a position of unwarranted power. Anyone who has read Steven Pinker's new book on violence will know that rapes occur at around 50 in 100000 women. Think about that. That is still a shocking figure, and rape is a vile cruel barbaric act no doubt, but, when you put out numbers like one in four, you make out every male out there to be a brute, a piece of lassie abusing shit, family obliterating scumbucket stuff well and truly. This metamorphoses into a sort of masculine guilt, that we are all fucken rapists en aw, even though, literally according to these numbers, 99.9 percent arnae going toos be doing that thing. Second, false rape claims are wrong, a serious and heinous crime, because they make a mockery of the actual victims, and make it harder for them to recover from such an event in the long run, alongside destroying a man's reputation.

But that's all timmy tangent stuff. The point is is that Matt Forney issued an apology today for his post, and proceeded to take the rape article down down. Taking a look at the RooshV forum (I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't there), it turns out Forney made an enemy out of fucken Anonymous, of all the cunts to do that like, personal details were dug up and rightly so, Forney decided that dragging his family into the gaping jaws of imperious political correctness, polished off by Anonymous of all the fiends, wasnae fucken worth it in the end.

Next, we have Zack Nold. College kid, English major, writing for his university paper. Kid seems sharp, fresh. Is this somebody who actually sees what is going on, or is he one of us, someone who stumbled upon the alt right, secretly, looking to cause a little bit of chaos and sheer bloody moorder? Well anyway, the article "Feminism Hurts Modern Day Relationships" is well, what exactly the bloody fuck it says on the tin. Of course, instead of people addressing his point, the comment section is stuffed with slags, insults, and ad hominums. He's got fucking stones this lad. It's really fucken funny when you think about it. He's part of the triangle shit right, and he's fucking telling them that they have an isosceles instead of a right angle. Zack might get into serious trouble for this. Shit me a brick, even that fat piece of shit Lindy West has written an article about it, with sentences in capital letters because she wants to fucking show you HOW ANGRY SHE IS.  Step off the pathway and you're an outsider ken.

Zach, honey, from one English major to another, it's important that you actually read the books. The great literature in which you're about to have your degree is full of narratives of oppression and facilitated empathy and invitations to challenge your own ingrained notions of how the world works. Just try. 

Lol. You know, if Lord Byron was alive today, I have no doubt he would be writing on The Manosphere. What makes this paragraph the more disturbing, more palatable is that it is clear to see that the great works are being used to distort thought. Orwell was worried about throwing a big pile of books in the fire. Postmodernism has found a better weapon. It gets the books with the most accurate depictions of men and women to exist, and changes our interpretation of them so our interpretation of people changes as well. We don't see great men, we see privileged men. Your dick will thank you by not signing up for English Literature nonsense ken.

That be the thing,roysh. Forney writes a satirical argue and gets Anonymous on his ass. Zach raises a few good questions and is one of the most hated men on campus now. But that's ok, that's all in the name of tolerance, amirite folks? And as the world gets more shot to pieces, more tolerance is injected in, to seal the vacuum of leftist love nice and tight. Major respect to Forney and Zach btw. The only thing I fear is that there is worse to come, canary in the mine kind of stuff. What about cunts like Aurini, Roosh, Clarey? This side o the interwebs might get shit nasty sooner then we all think. Or not ken. Thank de good lord for cans of Dutch and Lucky Strike cigarettes.


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    1. Usually I delete spam, but this is absolutely fucken brilliant so it stay like.

  2. "...and rape is a vile cruel barbaric act no doubt"

    It's yet another sign of the times that anyone who writes an article about rape that has any tone other than hysterical paranoia and hyperbole has to include a disclaimer such as the one above - just in case there was any doubt in anyone's mind that the person writing the article might actually condone rape, and particularly enjoy partaking in a spot of it on a wet Sunday afternoon in the absence of any other diversions. I mean how fucking ridiculous, that we must state for the record that we don't agree with rape. Surely that should be the default position that we at least credit someone with, even if they don't explicitly state to the contrary - it shouldn't be necessary.

    I understand fully why you included that caveat, it just makes me sigh with impotent resignation that the state of moden culture is such that it was necessary.

    1. It comes from this one in four thing. If women are subject to rape by every fourth man, you have to fucking state that you yourself don't condone rape, because remember, 25 percent of women fall victim, so there be a lot of men and a lot of rape out there! The second shitty part of it is that men, especially in liberal Cathedral circles, believe like to say that they're not rapists, thinking the rest are, and the whole thing is a smug, pompous circle.

      When in reality 99.9 percent of women will never be in that situation. The whole issue of sloppy language goes into this as well. Notice that the word rape is becoming more and more vague? This is very problematic and likely to get worse.

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