Friday, 8 February 2013

Let It All Burn

We did good like. Spectacular. The kind of match that makes one stare mouth opened flabbergasted at what the bloody giant fuck yous just saw. We sure showed the Welsh who were boss in de rugby. The abderian sitting in the back with his pint splashing over the table. A pickerpocker of Welsh supporters, donned caps and beer guts, being convivial and chummy to their Irish compadres. A great sense of camaraderie was in the air. Lads slapping each other on the back and imbibed beardies coming onto lassies with the weakest of game, trying to impress her with the obligatory, how much of a sententious cunt George Hook is.

And I felt absolutely nothing for any of it.

We in the manosphere know things are not going particularly brilliant right now.  Now, we don't know when EXACTLY any of this shit is exactly going to hit the fan, and how it will play out exactly. But, as Nassim Taleb has said before, a negative Black Swan is certainly more umm...predictable (the wrong word I know) than a positive one. Multiculturalism, Nihilism, Liberalism, The Misandry Bubble, a spider web of cagamosi, Porn and Fastfood supernormal stimuli, Neo-Keynesian (to be fair to Keynes, he was wrong, but the Keynesian economics that has arisen today is a different beast altogether than from his original vision) fucken bullshit, take your fucken pick, all are quite likely tae go poppity pop in the next while. When I was coming back from the pub thereafter, I passed through the park and see a young single mutha with de wee bairn, bout six years old, curly hair with a can of dutch gold in his hand, knocking dat shite back. Enjoy the decline. Yup. 

Where do we go from here, seriously? Is any of this worth fighting for?

There seems to be, for simplicities sake, two opposing forces in correlation to this. A Captain Capitalism type just says "Enjoy The Decline" and walks away with his hands up. Somebody like graaaaaagh meanwhile, seems to think that Western Civilization is worth protecting, worth striving for, fighting for. Myself? I don't really know. It's a real Ubensmensh thing isn't it? To fight for something that is already dead. It's dead and we're dancing on its fucking grave.

Which brings me to de next piece of the puzzle. The Cathedral. Moldbug's cathedral (translation, the biggest universities), is the one that directs and fills the powers dat be, the priests as well? You see them gallivanting on their high horses preaching the wonders of Bernanke and de 2 percent inflation rate. Ah, like the sweet lassie with the hamster at the end of the universe, ah just fell ontae the 1000 cocks, they will rationalize any little thing away, poor things. Drink, be well and be merry. If you haven't read Unqualified Reservations, then do so now, then get back here. Moldbug's answer is to adopt a passivist attitude, and build an antiuniversity. Once you do this, the antiuniversity gradually replaces the old one, becomes the new Cathedral, and then something can be done. There is nothing illegal or pretentious about this. The antiuniversity is basically building a temple of knowledge, its foundations the purest of verisimilitude and cardinal, biological truths, if pretty lies need to perish, then so be it. Now, I am an unfortunate member of one of Ireland's most powerful Cathedrals. The antiuniversity simply does not exist here. It is dead. Language is powerful exactly because it brings something into reality. It is technology. It is, to quote Wittgenstein "the limits of my world". There is no chance of the antiuniversity here. My antiuniversity, in words, translates into this vague, ambiguous electioneering of big words like hope and change and more equality (never equality between a group of people, just more equality) and more and more erosion of ideas, dimorphic, carrying on the wretched, shit filled kitbag that de Boomer cunts handed to us, the increasingly sloppy use of language exacerbating proceedings even more. We Irish were always fantastic at this antiuniversity crap. Go back to 1886 and the birth of the GAA. In such a short amount of time, we managed to revive, invigorate, save the culture, make people think about what it actually was to be Irish, what it fucken MEANT to be Irish and with a few thousand people, brought the whole fucken British Empire to its knees. Hell hath no fury like a true Irishman.

Our language is dying. Few people give a fuck about this. Neither do I, even though I think I should and feel bad for doing so. They'll pretend to, trying to sound profound and loike, not totally a fuken bimbo roysh at their fancy, fucken French restaurants and then returning home to their ostentatious residences, their formerly pulchritudinous trophy wives drinking themselves tae death and appearing on de TV3 reality shows with de knickers in a twist. To follow on from this, the further out you go from the Cathedral, the more these people seem to be (potentially) at least sympathetic with the antiuniversity. Problem is, is that these cunts look to de shining light of The Cathedral for advice. The effects are deleterious. Imagine a snake eating its own tail, and that is the ballpark you're in.

Now, lets look at the people that are about to file into the Cathedral, single file all like hut fucken hut. This blogger's name is Robert Nielson. He's my age, and what I'd like to call a Cathedral darling. He's smart, he's a good writer, but like all proselyted, liberal young men, he's, well unfocused and has a completely useless degree. He rattles on about the evils of atheism and the evil of the Bible, making a mountain out of a molehill in many a case. Silly shit. Atheism dinnae matter when youth unemployment is so high, when people are dying of HIV in other countries, do they ken? I'm not holding up Robbie because I dislike him. I'm holding him up because with his awards, his essays, he is the epitome of what exactly the bloody fuck the Cathedral are after. People like him find themselves in places of power, and we grimace, because the more things change, the more they stay the same, as dat old saying goes. More disenfranchised youth. Attack the cancer by allowing the tumor to grow stronger and stronger. How can we convert people to the antiuniversity?

Simple. Hijack art and culture. We need good writers, good authors, good musicians, good philosophers. You, sir. You need to write. But don't grow too weary and lackadaisical in de process. I think, the more and more day to day shit I see, I will be leaving Ireland soon, as Mark E Smith said, there is no culture. No point whinging. It's not worth saving. Enjoy it. I dinnae need much moolah either like. A bit of hustling on the side will get me where I wanna go as well.

Canada? Australia? Eastern Europe? According to my cousin who works there, Putin is doing a good job, the people like him and Russia is getting it together some little bit. Japan? Back to my Scotland? Either way, we are staring into the abyss and all one needs is nice. Big.



  1. Francis, you are quickly becoming on of my favorite reads and it's not just your appropriate commentary, I really like your Irish colloquialisms. Damn, why can't we all appreciate these differences among each other the way I do with my fellow compadres here on the spheres? There's a new world coming as you well know and it's going to be guys like us who are going to have to pick up the pieces.

    1. Absolutely. Different skin color, different religion, different sexual orientation, who the fuck cares? The only thing I know is that there is a lot of evil out there, and it will have to be faced, sooner or later.

      Sound out Bill, your blog has been on my reading list for a long while, so it's cool to hear that from yous.

  2. I cannot for the life of me see why I got referenced here or even how you came across me. Apparently, I am the source of the country's problems, but I'm not entirely sure how. Contrary to the impression you gave, I actually do discuss economics and unemployment. Nor am I stooge of the establishment, in fact I am very critical of it.

    (Correction: I have never discussed the "evils of atheism" nor do I have a degree, useless or otherwise)

    You may think my blog is full of "silly shit" but I won't share my thoughts of yours. Instead I will take it as a compliment that you see me as one day being in a position of power and a good writer.

    1. I'll clarify a few things here. Evil atheism was supposed to be evil religion. My point was that atheism, and Christianity being misogynist, homophobic etc, is not an important issue, not even remotely, compared to something like youth unemployment for example. It's borderline pointless.

      I meant to say studying. But your degree, sorry mate, is worthless. Politics is a load of crap. Economics is a lot better, and you do learn a bit of maths and stats in it, but it's not Chemical Engineering, it doesn't give you a concrete skill that employers desire, etc.

      As for your criticism of the establishment, the thing is, everyone running the establishment holds the same beliefs that you have. Every single one of them. And that's how you run the show, by being one of them. That essay you got that reward for, wouldn't have happened if it was any bit politically incorrect (but true and well argued) for example.

      Having said that, cheers for the level headed comment anyways.

  3. Western Civilization will survive as long as individuals carry on the traditions, knowledge and mindset and pass it on to future generations. Western Civilization survived through a few books smuggled out of the Dark Ages into the Arab world and then back into the West after all.

    1. True, but we don't want a new Dark Age, do we?

  4. Well said. The world always needs better art and culture, and those who can create should do their best to saturate the world with good art.

    1. This is exactly why we need alt righters to write novels, compose music, etc. This is exactly how you hijack the narrative.