Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Sow That Eats Her Own Farrow

 Anglo Irish Bank branch
Just a quick few words on the recent emergency liquidation bill for Anglo.

First, it seems that Austrian School economics is once again triumphant. Iceland lets its casino banks collapse, take the punches and what do you know? They seem to be doing reasonably well! They are growing again! But of course, inflation is normal and it isn't fucken theft, right?

This is absolutely freaking hilarious, the whole thing a complete shitstorm. A gangster bank like Anglo comes along and says "uhh we have a liquidity problem, help us out with a bit of moolah lads" and the Government, with a egregious bank guarantee (Brian Cowen faxed the details of the bank guarantee from his local pub in Offaly) and then shite, of course always stinks and we have an insolvency problem.  Then, five years later, we need more liquidity and that socialist hobbiton spastic Michael D Higgins signs it in and we've got the taxpayer, the average Irish person, weighed down with billions and billions of debt. What sort of sellout decides to fuck Millenial Irish over with such a large amount of debt and an older population, hmm? And you wonder why we're fucking off? Maybe it is because of the impaired amygdala of the Boomer, that doesnae care because the wee cunts wanna be buried in de fucken nip, that simply doesn't care, but ho ho ho, they're in for a good time soon and deservedly so. I won't be around to pay de taxes, don't you see ken? Queues of desperate boomers queuing up for witchdoctors...ahh...brings a smile to my face. Enda Kenny's remarks on the whole debacle: 

"This closes a sad and tragic chapter in our economic history," said Mr Kenny at an emergency session of Ireland's parliament that went on until 3am this morning. 

Translation: The debt has been worked into long term bonds and we're gonna be paying money to a pile of German cunts for de next decade or so, only less and we might not even be able to make those payments.  Take it ye fucken creeps. 

We didn't see this happen. Huh. The Irish situation was classic Austrian business cycle theory. Lower interest rates thanks to central bank intervention (exacerbated by the lower yields on bonds, seen oddly enough as risk free) meant banks like Anglo Irish could borrow and lend willy fucking nilly and make a killing in the process. The Celtic Tiger proper stopped in the late nineties/early noughties and was subsequently inflated by a housing boom. We all got rich selling houses and ghost estates to each other.

The only option is to pull de plug. Tell them we're not paying. Default, put our hands up in the air, cut taxes and cut spending. Will this hurt? Yes, sure the bloody fuck it will, it will hurt a lot. But it's better this way, than a subsequent decline caused by greedy Baby Boomers and liberalized spazos, who came into power circa the turn of the Millennium. People like Collins and Griffith would be appalled at what dey be seeing right now. Whereas someone like Joyce would be saying "same shit different time now lets all get plastered in O Donovans ken..."

But that won't happen, and things will get worse. Kenny is a spineless git who has a fat wife who runs de show. No one else in the Dail has the balls to do that either if they were to get intae power. Sinn Fein? Socialist. The People Before Profit? The same. Labor, Fianna Fail? Gotta be yanking my chain here bro.

Ireland is finished. We're getting fatter, unhappier, divorce has gone up something like 150 percent in the past decade, so that's more fucked up, feminized men who won't get married, our education system is becoming more and more dumbed down, the government is getting bigger and bigger, passing silly legislation that deals with not allowing people to smoke in their own fecken cars for christs sake, and the whole thing, the whole culture is becoming Americanized. Irish? Nah! Wee fucken lassies talken like KALIFORNICATION.

Tell me lads, whats Poland like? Is it a good place to live?

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