Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Women Need Men More Than Men Need Women

Bookstores. The smell of freshly printed paper in the new releases section in H Figgis in Dawson Street on a mild Dublin afternoon. Romance fiction, self help claptrap, the ROCK, ledge, cliched Man Booker Prize novels about gay African babies. The decline of culture. Etc, et fucken cetera. . This is the kind of shite that learned, well read Guardian reading chumps read. Shit sells well. You know why awful books like To Kill A Mockingbird are considered classics? It is because they are emotionally manipulative. You feel good about yourself because you are good. Because you are a good person because you LIKE Atticus Finch. The Boomers turned fiction into feelings porn, but without the wisdom of Shakespeare of Cervantes to bolster the work. Shame. But then one book in particular stands out to me, as I proceed to scan the shelves for a good read. A book by this ugly heffalump feminist type called Hanna Rosin titled quite bluntly, The End of Men. No doubt the book is a silly, misandrist text chocked full of logically fallacious arguments and gross misinterpretations of simple statistics that would make a 101 this is what a fucken T stat is university freshman sick in his cup, but it got the old noggin whirring at the very least. The book won. I got a copy of Casanova's biography instead.

Hanna Rosin is completely wrong, obviously, poor lass is hanging in the wire dontcha know. If anything, we are seeing the end of the lassie, and while that is certainly a stretch, it isnae a completely bonkers thing toos say, such is the nature of men and the nature of women.

Being the narcissistic twat, I'm going to use myself as an example to document my point. First, we can take a look at the jobs and skills men have, especially when compared to women. There are more engineers, more economists, more statisticians, more welders, more plumbers out there on the men side than the lassie side. This is simple, objective truth. Get asking around with the lassies you know? The ones that are my age are looking pretty, daycare, nursing (nursing is an exception though, it is a useful degree) and a whole manner of stifling HR occupations. We're gonna need that engineering cunt to rebuild that bridge. Economy gets worse, he's still going to be ok. But dat HR fatcat....ehhhhhh. Fook off with yes. Sans a big war and the left side of the tail men, we'll get the job dontcha knows, you won't. Of course the lassie could just marry a beta provider when she is young and do what has been done in nearly every single civil society since humans came about, but that won't happen. For the good ones, well no. That alpha, oh I dunno, he was so passionate and aloof, it just fucken happened!

Men need women and women need men. But this is becoming increasingly less so. We don't like fatties, sorry, we really don't, and a lot of us dinnae want to bear the socially ostracized cross that comes from fucking little miss piggy up the smeller. We're eating shit fucken food and our testosterone is way too low, far lower than our Grandfathers, so we can't be bothered to chase you and pursue you. Oh well. Porn will fool our brains and give us that nice squirt of dopamine, so there's that. We also have dem sexbots soon to be rattling out of the warehouse in the next while. We're scared/wise enough not to get married to yous because we don't want our children ruined through divorce, and we have, my generation, grown up in broken households. We don't want, to go, through that pain, ever ever again. So screw the kids. This means, fuck all is required to live, pecuniary wise. With minimum wage money, I can live like a king. Captain Capitalism said he can live off 17-18000 dollars a year. With no children, no responsibilities, a STEM degree will see you with more money than sense. Even now, I can go out twice a week, I can eat healthily and I can read/watch/download anything on any topic I want. If I want a project, better myself, I can get advice online and carve my own path. Men, even in their worst, have their hobbies, their projects, their abstractions to distract us. Women don't have this, never ever had this to the same degree. Their hobby is people, social etiquette, the family, gossip, and that is eroded more and more day by day. There might be something lacking in a man's life, such as love or relationships that aren't superficial, and it isn't ideal, but he can certainly bear it in de way that de lassie can't.

Moreso. because every wee thing under the sun is now relative, there is no shame to any of this anymore. We don't care when The Boomers harangue on about the declining economy, even though it is their fault, we don't care about having to be told to man up and marry them bitches. The left shame shaming itself. With that barrier removed, Francis Begbie is going to be earning just enough to live like Aaron Cleary say, but all that remaining economic surplus that comes from overtime, etc? Gone. Poof. I don't need the cash. Seriously people. You can live like a fucking king for such a small amount of money. Just don't get into debt, don't buy that Ikea furniture set, don't buy a piece of capital like a house. Don't be fucken stupid, and you'll be more than ok.

There is almost like fucken Shakespearean dramatic irony shite like. Why? Because women want this and much more, they want their cake and tae fucken gorge on it, but won't say it out loud, much to the detriment of society as a whole. The reason shows like The Walking Dead are so popular is because they establish gender roles, ie men as builders/protectors and women as nurturers. The Danger? Well, everyone likes a little bit of danger ken. A sign of the decline is the lack of a taste for de danger and lunacy. We used to have the free market to engage in this, but not anymore. Still, there are other ways to act dangerously.

There are a few outcomes I see for the lassie. First, they can get real jobs with real skills in real occupations. This way, they can live without men when the thing collapses. Possible, but unlikely. Besides, most jobs that a lassie can do (bar shit like hedge fund managers and taking care of children) a man can do just as well, if not better. Second, they do what they've done for thousands of years and get with a beta provider. But, this will not work. The thirty year old accountant with a big nose and an even bigger apartment is gone out the window at this stage.

The third option is the darkest, the most destructive, and the most hilarious, hilarious in that one of the most beautiful examples of irony imaginable is that feminism will prove so self destructive that it will rapidly decrease women's freedom to an extent never seen before. The answer to this is that alphas build up a harem, betas are left holding their dicks, and but so we revert back to a sort of state of nature polluted with a bit of superstimuli and everything burns up in a great r selected conflagration. The average lassie compared to me. I'll be fine ken don't be worried about me, she be the one in trouble. End of men my arse. Who will take care of mrs cat lady? Honest question.

But Rosin's fucken response would just be like:  wow, just wow.

Bitch should just shut up and make me a sandwich, preferably with pickles innit.


  1. Excellent post sir and more truth than any feminist can handle without her (or his) head exploding. That last sentence was classic.

    1. A good looking lassie will be ok. A tired, worn out cock carousal lassie will not be wanted, and possibly find herself working in pretty awful jobs, all thanks to de feminism. They will be the ones in the most trouble.

      Lol, cheers, I wish I could take credit for it, but it was something a guy I know said jokingly to his lassie and all that.