Thursday, 21 March 2013

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Sit yourself down ken, cause I have a bit of news for yous. Ye gots it? Shit hot, shit! Baggie of white widow which you earned, hmm, using en abusing, yes, yous cranial capacity and, your mathematical prowess to earn, hmm, yes, touche and then, the kvetch gambrious cunt that you are, has gone, fucked right off, and purchased a myriad of goods, tesco discount shopping, whether it be hydrolosis made maltodextrin packets of dem tesco souple, salty highly processed packets of vinegar organic lol fancy pants crisps, room for one more cat. The rollie paper is out. The machine is hooked up to the sounds of My Bloody Valentine's new album on loop ken, and the kettle is boiling. with the containers of Pot Noodle filled to the brim. Cans of dutch, the drink of the devil, fucken jagermeister you know as, just in case because when the buzz wears off, a cunt cries out for more stimulus and reality starts too show its ugly mug again, and fuck me sideways, it isn't remotely pretty when that happens. The lad, what a lad, has hooked up the box and Fifa fucking 13 is loading up and things are a tad bit hazy right now. I think, scratch the old noggin. I'm in this naupy, parleficent kind of humor, everything is in this happy, misty capacious bubble. I float and the lad beside me is playing as Rooney. Kickout. Pheep. Fucken gets the keeper to kick the ball into his own goal and holy shit bud, it be giggles all around because digital, haha, Rooney looks like a twat and it be time to deposit your giggles and your brains (at the door) and come out with the fact that this guy is leaving, shit me a brick, he's leaving already. Australia ken. Smiles and giggles, cakes and shakes for now though.

When we speak of the modern man, the last man, we think of what came before us and will come after. It's not the Greeks it's the Chinese he's aefter! Every cunt has had his problems, but in the modern epoch, we have a new problem, a very dangerous problem quite frankly, both spiritually and economically and socially, but it is one that people would rather just brush underneath the carpet and just ignore it, something in vain to a really bad smell.

Entertainment. It is the mind killer. Bread and circuses. What used to be a swirling void that needs a good foundation in order to work well has been replaced by superficial, cheap, disgusting entertainment. And but so, it might sound ridiculous to say the following, but here goes, this is what happens at this little corner of the manosphere. One of modern man's biggest challenges is to fight, and overcome the petty distractions of entertainment. There is so much that is extraneous, pointless, ugly, but see, here is the thing, it bogs you down. Spiritually salubrious undertakings equate to suffering and effort. The complete opposite? Modern entertainment. The curiosity of climbing the highest mountains, the brainfuckery of trying to comprehend Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, the satisfaction and rewards one derives from this is siphoned though to video games, pornography and empty media. Your brain registers one part, the part of completion. When you jerk off to porn, you brain is still registering what is going on. When you complete a video game, the task, the drive to survive, thrive and conquer is satisfied. But the suffering that goes with it, the superman, does not exist. Thus, we are often left feeling empty and directionless and sad. 

To be someone that is worth shit, whether it is being an ubensmensch or to give yourself up to thy lord and God, one must not be dragged down by entertainment. I am guilty of this as anyone, but priorities must be realized. A player is rejected by many many women. A weightlifter goes through pain as he tries to make that final squat. To suffer is to conquer, to escape entertainment's ying, but not yang grasp puts, you ahead of many a cunt.

You eat paleo, not junkfood or soda or any of that processed garbage. You read tough philosophical texts and you challenge your ego, you realize you aint the fucken precocious brainbox you once were, rather than the man booker prize drivel that makes you feel good about yourself cause you're not a racist cunt. Go on then, read Margaret Atwood you twat. See, only people who read the NYbetaTimes read that shite, so you must be hot stuff. You do a STEM subject and you plough through the maths while every other cunt is out drinking. You don't settle for a mediocre lassie. You go for the hottest one in the room and game her like a fucking Bryon. This is what entertainment is stopping you from doing. And the internet is the same way. Never in human history have we been capable of so much, yet at the same time at such a high risk of just getting lost in the little details. Like, dude, so and so was one inch off in his deadlift yet he's deadlifting 600 pounds! Dude! DUDE!

Many people preach, but don't practice. I'm not one of these people, soon. I will practice. Entertainment verses Franco. See it be trues and said here: I will fucken win ken, sure as the pretty girl is pretty and the world is just a nice big ride. Just a ride ken. Just a ride.


  1. You know, I gotta wonder if there's some wavelength going all around the world connecting us manosphere folks. First Aurini talks about pain being not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, then you come out about the importance of pain, and then Koanic makes a video about suffering and faith...

    Great minds think alike, ya?

    Anyways, great article, although I'm sure those guys who spent hours of their life grinding away at some video game certainly think they've suffered enough pain, their fingers must be aching!

    1. Ah man, there's plenty of lads who spend all that fucking time trying toos beat Halo on the hardest setting en aw.

      I haven't see those two videos yet, but I think it is just a common observation if anything amongst these lads. Any sort of attempt to avoid pointless, petty entertainment is a priority for any man with two brain cells to rub together.

      Hey, as far as I see it, porn addled lads+obesity=more easy pussy for Franco so it be all good en aw.

  2. Life is struggle. To ignore the struggle is to ignore life.

    1. One hundred percent true.

      Entertainment is a paradox. It is a struggle in itself, not to become consumed by it, but without it, the struggle is closer to the service. Nice post ken.

  3. "You eat paleo, not junkfood or soda or any of that processed garbage."

    Do you consider simply refraining from eating junkfood, soda or processed garbage to be "eating paleo"?

    1. Nah. Paleo diet, I think can be almost dogmatic, in terms of eating. Paleos good because it gives you a map on how to eat healthy, cutting through the bullshit, but once in a while is not going to hurt anyone, just don't be stupid. Most of my diet is meat, veg (particularly green), eggs, some nuts and high fat dairy like cheese. I eat junk food once every fortnight if that at this stage.

    2. Unless someone is hunting and gathering, they are not anywhere near "paleo" eating.

      I've been all over these internet parts and here's what people consider "paleo". Pushing their grocery cart up to the delicatessen in the local conventional (not even organic) grocery store and buying a slab of animal flesh that was fed on genetically modified corn and soy.

      Some paleo that!