Sunday, 31 March 2013

Another Awesome Mark Minter Comment

Again, people have toos go ahead and ask the question: How the hell does this guy not have a blog? Re-posted from Dalrock.

If you start pouring into those statistics about who is getting what degree and you start breaking it down by ethnic group, if you really get deep into the numbers, what you see is feminist cheerleading.
Ok, A light bulb joke. I am going to abbreviate it for the sake of the discussion.
How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb.

One to change the bulb,

One to shame men for creating a world that needs light bulbs

One to demean men for creating light bulbs that need changing.
And one to claim that women are now outlightbulbing men.

There is a 4% difference between white men and white women in the number of bachelors degrees awarded. All the rest of this is minority women, Hispanic and black women. And yes, the majority of the degrees that men earn are more marketable and often a masters degree in those fields is not worth the loss in income that a man would have to sustain by staying in school. And the reality of being a man, a young man, is you better get your ass to work because you don’t have a Vagina. 

And I going to say this. Having a vagina is good thing that definitely yields cash and prizes. Solomon II did a calculation and based on what he was spending on the women in his life, $1400 by a conservative estimate, which included things like him factoring out his half of a dinner check, or his movie ticket, and didn’t consider things like having a more expensive car because of women, more expensive house, than he would have had if he had not desired a social life with women. And he calculated that it basically added up to about a $100,000 injection directly into the lives of women by the time they are 30. 

So when you are cute coed at the height of you SMV, the poverty of college life is lot more bearable if you actually don’t have to bear it. And like the Romeo Void song says “A girl in trouble is a temporary thing” because when you whine and cry, someone steps in the fix that car when it breaks, find money for your books when they have to be bought, even feed you when you go hungry.
But for young men, they could fucking die and nobody cares. Once when I was college, I ate cornbread mix and water to shut my stomach down from hunger pains while I lived in shit single room in a crap cooperative because it was all I could afford. And I had the GI Bill. A typical boy doesn’t even have that. And every semester it was a struggle to get college paid for and find the money to buy books and I was own my fucking own. With no Vagina. 

Consider even earlier than college. So EPL mom tosses out beta dad. But she has young children so doesn’t really think of pairing up again. But then when the kids get to be, say 12-14 years old, then she looks at the clock on the wall and says “Fuck, I’m 36, I better get me some gettin’ before I run out of time”. So she finds her a man and then brings him into her life. I had this happen to my kids. I had a daughter who was quite attractive and a son. Guess what? Stepdad knows he better get along with the daughter or he is out, actually he wants to get along with her because she’s cute. But the boy, my wife tells him he better suck it up and get along with the new man. And she pushes him aside to make room for the new man. And of everyone involved, the boy was the one that got shit on. My ex takes out a second mortgage and builds out the basement into a hotel suite for the daughter, the boy has to share his room with the man’s son. And they fucking fought, like fist fights. My kid beat the shit of the other kid because he is sick of being pushed around by everyone. So what happens, he is the villain, but only because he won. So they drag his ass of to therapy. 

So imagine this happening all over to all kinds of boys, where the “new” man pushes the boy out of the way. And then when it is college time, if it is that cute little step daughter and she needs money for this or that, then, lo and behold, it gets found. But when it is the son, fuck him. When the cute step daughter comes home for the summer, it all happy happy happy. But the son, fuck him.
So this adds up. One boy here, one boy there and you get that discrepancy, the vagina gap.
And there are some assumptions that women jump to. Women out earn young men until 28 but then that gap closes. So feminists all leap to conclusion that it falls off because women then are distracted by child rearing and “women chores”.

How about women have a vagina? How about young women have preferential status compared to young men but there is an SMV intersection at 28? So once that SMV advantage falls off then men start to pull ahead. The power of the pussy stops having its draw, stops giving access and advantage that is supreme over even ability. How about that men actually give a shit more at work then women do and the nature of men is it takes until 28 for them to fully developed as men, as thinkers, as doers, and up until 28 they are apprentices, more or less. How about the fact that by 28, the nature of the work is that you have to be paid for doing something other than being cute. How about the fact that men enter hard, dangerous, or complicated jobs and it takes until 28 to become competent at those jobs. 

But no, women all jump to the conclusion that there is some institutional bias just by looking at a number, when every evo pysch principle says that men are disposed to compete and women are not, and when 28 comes around, those men are hitting 4th gear on that big block engine. That small block might rev faster and get the jump until 1500 yards, but when that big block get into 4th, then baby that race is over. 

You know what. On Jezebel today Lindy West has this rant about hating men and men make it self fulfilling prophecy. She goes through all these points about friction between men and women, particularly MRA claims. So she says “I’m Sorry That You Are in Pain, But Please Stop Taking It Out on Women”. Mostly she address MRA whines like it is the whole manosphere, those “misandry issues” are the thing that has men so pissed off. She is obviously is confused and misses that men are pissed off on a very personal level over the personal relationships they have with women, the actions of women in those relationships, the disgust men are having towards women in their conduct of their personal lives, and the new paths, the new ways of living that men are deciding to adopt instead of “what was”. 

But I take great pleasure that she is writing that article that “men are taking it out on women”. That means that our message is getting through and it is getting through on worldwide basis. That means the men are getting in their faces, standing up, being obstinate to the point Lindy West from Jezebel is having to write this article instead of another “bash men, attack men” article.Take this story. It was quite the web topic a few days. A website in Singapore has some “fairy tales” that appear to chide women in being aware of their limited fertility. They are cartoons like Snow White, Cinderella, etc. Here is an excerpt from the Huff Post.
The Singaporean Fairytale website features 15 updated fairy tales along with facts about fertility, marriage and pregnancy. And more than one of the fairy tales seems to shame women for waiting to or choosing not to have children. The story of The Golden Goose explicitly ties women’s value to their fertility. It reads:

The Golden Goose was prized for her eggs / That shone light in brilliant gold / But there soon came a time she could make them no more / For her egg-making device was rusty and old.
Other stories offer similar messages: The Fairy Godmother is mocked for being “a maiden some suspect past forty” with “ten cats” and no suitors — the horror! — and Alice (formerly of Wonderland) is “wild and reckless.” A pop-up bubble warns readers that “the extended adolescence of twentysomethings today has a biological cost for women.”

So all the women’s publications all leaped right on this as this site chiding women in their responsibilities of fertility, sexism, yadayadayada. And the site was indirectly funded by the Singapore government but only in that the media training program in a college is funded. There was no desire on the government to have a site with fertility message created. But the women all jumped all over this this as a message from the government because Singapore has the same issues, same low birthrate, same drop off in marriage as the west. 

And it went right over the head of women. 

What this was some college boys from Singapore sticking women with manosphere “digs”, “insults”. Messing with women. Basically using the message on the Dalrock blog as a means “poke” and “insult” women for their behavior and actions. “Alice” had on “YOLO” shirt and was driving a convertible from the passenger seat with her foot on the steering wheel, basically those students way of saying she was carousel rider. A 4o year old with cats is what happens to carousel riders. And every one of fairy tales had a Manosphere dig in it. 

And it went right over those women’s head as they screamed about the sexist message in the fables.
What they missed is that some boys, some 20 year old Asian boys, in Singapore, English speakers that read English websites, manosphere sites, are spitting back the Manosphere message, the Dalrock message, in the face of women.

Gentlemen, we are starting to win.


  1. So THIS was why I hadn't heard a peep of it in the local media. The project wasn't funded by the government, not directly. Instead it was just a bunch of kids like me in media school messing around with the feminists.

    Still doesn't change how ridiculous it is that we have to be shown panda porn, though.

    Seems like even my alternate lines on inquiry have been infiltrated by the fembots.

    1. Panda Porn? What the fuck?

      To think, that a bunch of teenagers did all of that is incredible isn't it. Kinda inspiring tbh, think of what we can do in that case. A bit of chaos and fun ken. Annoy the shite out of The Cathedral.

      I actually got offered a class in Equality Studies shite lol. Perhaps I should have taken it for the lolz.

    2. Ah, it's a reference to how Chinese zoos show pandas porn in order to encourage them to fuck. The Singaporean government is essentially doing the same thing.

      Yeah, it is. As we are, we're already a huge PITA, now to turn it up a notch. Might not be enough to save civilisation, but should get a few more folks on the ark.

      Heh, maybe you oughta, thought they'd probably kick you out first thing.

  2. Wait, I can do better.

    How many feminist does is take to change a lightbulb? doesn't matter. Feminist can't change anything. bahaha..

    1. Ah now, that's not fair.

      Jezebel and Feministing and Manboobz are full of high quality, informative journalism that we clearly need.